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  1. Hi, It would be so useful if the toolbelt could be updated to show higher levels of damage on tools visually, I'm sure I'm not the only person who has lost or nearly lost precious tools this way! I realise you can see damage when you hover your mouse over, but it would be much easier if when a certain amount of damage was sustained a red/amber colour outline or background was given to the toolbelt icon like it is in the character sheet/inventory windows. Thanks, Solins
  2. well.... I now have a favourite pickaxe! amazing casts, turned my item rare and turnaround was extremely fast! I can't wait to go and start using it, thank you @virusMD couldn't recommend enough, will be back for more
  3. Hi, Port of Tarsis has been active for 8 months now, we've built our main buildings, shaped most of the land to how we want it, built a ship or three, set up our crops and farm and started a bulk goods trade! so when I'm not busy digging clay, making bricks etc I've started to focus on decorating an area of the deed at a time, and I thought I would share them on here as I complete them, I hope you enjoy Solin's Veg Garden In the real world I enjoy pottering about in my garden, Wurm is no different so when I was designing my farmhouse I wanted the garden to have a "working" kitchen garden, like my real life veg box with all the salad bits in, also planters are a new feature for me so I was looking forward to using them and seeing what looks I could create, here's what I came up with: Entrance to the veg patch: Tomato's! I tried to use the planter and trellis combo for plants that would normally climb up and need securing, the planter racks fitting between was -chef's kiss- This combo continues around the wall for the cucumber & pea plants I've tried to fill the between spots with as many decorations as I could fit without it being too crowded as any working garden uses ALL THE SPACE available At the centre of the veg patch you can find my potting up table, it has all the things I might need, pots, sprouts, twine, garden stakes and ofc... my two right handed garden gloves next to my potting table I have my compost bin ready for turning and filling up my planters View from the south area, this is where my last two planters are, always lettuce in these two Last screenshot, I added some lanterns for night time, who doesn't like a garden with twinkle-ish lights?
  4. There seems to be a sunrise / sunset theme at the moment, I got this one yesterday? it might have been the day before, love the Wurm skies This one was last night, I love the Autumn colours and the fog!
  5. was going to recommend Rising World too, if you prefer a medieval environment though there is a player run server here that's worth looking at: Ohhh this is a necro post.... why?! It was asked 4 years ago
  6. stunning picture Zethreal, *makes mental note to go to the beach soon*
  7. I'm not sure I agree with this, I can see your points but equally I don't think they represent every player in Wurm. I have played for many years now, I did have alts back on Epic but only when I had the time and money to do so, I was a completionist, I enjoyed being able to do my own enchants and little sermon circles etc it didn't stop me from trading with other players on things I didn't yet have the skills to do myself. However now I'm on Freedom, I'm just playing my main character, I don't have the time to sink into alts but I do sell bulk services and normally end up spending a portion of that silver earned around various markets, I know others who have multiple alts - they still trade goods, visit markets etc. Look at how busy the trade channel and section of the forums are, I don't think alts are causing issues, just giving players more options. As for new people joining Wurm, I think you have to accept Wurm is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Back on Epic there was some streamer joined and had about 50 of his followers join him and they built a deed and .... I don't know if they actually did anything else, but it fizzled out, I don't think any of them still play, or kept playing more than a couple of months.. if that. Priest restrictions are good, like Etherdrifter said it's like an extra layer of premium giving people more options and choices about how they want to play their game. If priests was easier the rest of the game wouldn't be able to keep up with them - can you imagine 40 Merlins raining down fireballs and ice pillars while swinging a huge sword through a Rift event? in all seriousness though, personally, I have no issue in paying silver to people who are willing to put the time and effort and coin into making shiny things, and I'm sure I'm not alone. So many players have put so much time, effort and money into their alts and are happy enough with Wurm life that they choose to continue to do so, I don't think any major changes would be fair on any of them. In Conclusion: Wurm = Marmite, don't blame alts.
  8. would love to see this added in to game, Just to build on the thought. It could work as a type of floor to add a chimney extension, (requiring a forge/oven/open fireplace/chimney extension to be secured underneath) similar to the spiral stair cases, it was common practice to have more than one fireplace connected to a flue so you could choose to build either a solid chimney or you could extend it to another opening with different materials, for a second floor oven, fireplace etc if they could be turned etc, could even provide players with options to build the chimneys on the outside of the buildings for even more design options, which I realise is a bit... of an ask! but if you don't ask you'll never know right?!
  9. I'm so glad she liked it, it was fun to put together ................I might come back for a slice of cake though
  10. I'd like to see this in game too, I would use large barrels more if we had a better way to store them, at the moment I just use them as decoration in the harbour
  11. Thank you for all the great ideas! I will be using some of these around my deed for sure After seeing your post about the flower pots on a small bedside table in windows I started working on trying to make a window box for flowers, this is what I came up with: Items Used: x3 Flowerpots x4 Small Buckets x1 Wooden Altar View from inside:
  12. I'd like to see a journal in game, similar to the archaeology journal, where you could make records of different fish caught, maybe with more fishing skill you can record more information, like bait used, water depth/type, time of day, total of that type of fish caught etc. It would be a nice record for the fishers, in game reference for specific fish caught, but also a nice decoration item and another good use of books/paper!
  13. +1 from me, would love to see progress on the larger items, like ships, colossus, etc
  14. Congrats you have won Please send me a pm to arrange collection or delivery.
  15. Bump! 2 Days 21 Hours left on Auction... Just in case he wasn't already the coolest Ram at Port of Tarsis... he has taught himself to moonwalk, let's hope he doesn't turn into a smooth criminal