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  1. LOL :3 - I got nothing to say on my behalf. It seemed right at the time...
  2. ----------PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND---------- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Are you a Runescape fan? Well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of Asgarnia , Mithalin , Kandarin, and more! Kings will be appointed to the different lands of Gielinor once built. We reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched or Akkarinn ingame to find out more or leave a reply here (to message us in game type in chat /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- or /tell akkarinn---message here---). Food , Water , Shelter and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. CURRENT POPULATION : 12 and growing NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! One on one training and help will be provided ---people of professions needed --- Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Farmers Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) -2 positions left- Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) -1 position left- Butchers Leather workers Explorers ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  3. I'm from Guthansthewretched's village and will be making a new forum post to recruit for our village which I'll be monitoring. This thread is no longer monitored so if you see this and want to join, please pm either Guthansthewretched or Akkarinn in game. Type in chat /tell Guthansthewretched ENTER MESSAGE HERE or /tell Akkarinn ENTER MESSAGE HERE
  4. Hi guys, my name in game is Akkarinn, I made it with two n's because the name Akkarin was taken. I am looking to find the owner of that account, if you know them please let me know or get them to contact me. Thanks.