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  1. Arboretum Guard towers can now be planted by activating a sprout or hops seedling, harvestable after 20 minutes by right-clicking on the tower and selecting the "Harvest" menu option ‒ whether in their usual season or not! To reflect this change in function, the tower has been renamed to "arboretum". The guards have been changed to "guardeners", and the amount harvested is multiplied by the number of guardeners associated with the arboretum. Don't have a sprout? You can instruct the guardeners to plant something of their choice instead!
  2. Meditation limits removed The need to move 10 tiles between meditations for skill gain has been removed. The days between advancing in rank within a path have also been removed. You still need to correctly answer questions on special tiles. Meditation actions are now shortened using the server action time setting (10x faster). The 30 minute/3 hour wait on skill gains was already removed.
  3. Movement Enhancements Move around with much more weight, including when riding animals. Base movement rates for running and riding have also been increased.
  4. Treasure maps Merry Christmas! Treasure maps can now be found when digging, mining, and investigating. Follow the maps to a treasure chest filled with unusual goodies.
  5. Faster religion timers Praying, spell casting, sacrificing, and favor gain are now all affected by the 10x action timer setting. Favor now ticks every second, with roughly double sized ticks.
  6. As a general rule, Java source generated by decompiling class files is not the same as the original source code used to produce the class files. In this instance: virtually all Java compilers automatically inline final constants, removing the references to the class field names. This is particularly annoying when decompling Wurm Unlimited classes and seeing only numeric literals for item template and action numbers instead of the symbolic constant names. I suppose we can be thankful that many meaningful symbols are present in the class files at all. As an additional warning, every Java decompiler has bugs and incorrectly decompiles some parts of Wurm's code. Be mindful of this when studying decompiled code for modding.
  7. Frenetia server mod: Shallow fishing for specials Special fish tiles now work even in fairly shallow water (26+ dirts deep)
  8. Server mod Instead of branding animals with a hot iron, use a square of cloth to tie a ribbon marking them as being part of your village.
  9. New mod on Frenetia: Gobbler's Banquet - One-tile surface mining Surface mining no longer requires all surrounding tiles to be rock. You may stand on any rock tile, nearest the corner you wish to mine down. If you experience any problems with this change, please let us know.
  10. Frenetia: Gobbler's Banquet mods and server settings This server is modified from standard Wurm Unlimited: Non-combat: players and creatures cannot attack each other Fully grown crops do not rot No drowning, regain stamina slowly while treading water No priest restrictions No limit on prayers for faith gain All white light spells available to any white light gods Care for drastically many more creatures Much decreased chance of cave collapse Greatly increased coins from foraging and botanizing Reduced skill requirement for large crates Valrei missions do not require slaying animals Much reduced decay on everything but eggs and corpses Guard towers do not require fight skill to repair Starting items include pelt and better toolbelt ... and others will be added during the Banquet Server settings No deed upkeep Standard deed costs to establish 10x skill gain rate 10x action speed 20 minute per stage crop growth Characteristics start at 35 0% aggressive creatures Slow tree spread (1/100 odds) Facilities available in the 5 GM towns Merchants sell furs, hides, and bladders - others added later as required Banquet table (delicious julbord) Meat freely available - help yourself! Non-citizens have all permissions except attack or sacrifice animals, pass gates, or destroy fences
  11. The maximum number of creatures cared for goes up 2.5 per skill point, so up to 250 at 99 skill. The link to the map is https://little-possums.net/?page_id=15.