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  1. Gobbler Level Rewards Tonight's backup and restart includes code to place rewards into the player's inventory for each Gobbler level achieved. Players who already have some levels may collect their rewards, they will be placed near deed tokens. A Rod of transmutation will be earned for every level (except level zero). Caves may be improved with utmost deposits of all the minerals, excepting iron. Tar and peat tokens work on the central corner of four packed dirts. The timer is 30 seconds which allows time to stop if their is any doubt about the placement. The rewards are: Level 1 Tar token, Valentines pottery Level 2 Peat token, Sprout pack Level 3 Q99 Backpack Level 4 Q99 Tile oven Level 5 4 Q99 steel drill bits Level 6 Fantastic strange bone Level 1, 2, 3, ..., n will each earn a rod of transmutation. Other rewards may be developed at a later date. Best wishes from Pam.
  2. Metal Matters The Gobbler has become more distinguishing about metals. It now makes feed requests of metal items made of (any) metal or alternatively, metal items made of (a specific metal type). Only items made of the correct metal type will be accepted. This has the effect of needing to find deposits of most, if not all of the metal types, and as early as is practicable, for overall improved Gobbler scores, adding to the challenge. At this stage the old scores remain in place, for example a large anvil of gold would be scored as if it were made of a less expensive metal with less mining required such as copper metal. We anticipate the new scores will be ready quite soon. Best wishes from Pam.
  3. Luck Matters There are some situations where luck matters. Four failures in a row to make a plank when it is supposed to succeed half of the time is not one of them. That situation will be unlikely to induce too much annoyance. However, when ten percent material is lost on each failure, bad luck and extreme bad luck quickly become an issue. Each of the four drill bits for the clay dredge require 25 kg of steel. Each failure means 2.5 kg of steel is lost. On the Open Gobbler server where steel making is a challenge, using foraged iron and spell cast trees to obtain logs, some bad luck is one thing. Extreme bad luck is quite another thing. After preparation, training blacksmithing to improve the chances of success, including improving the large anvil, the numbers in the crafting window suggest that with low quality steel the chances to make a drill bit may be near 40%. That is not high, but at least it is twice as high as the actual amount of successes will be, if extreme bad luck occurs. Each ten fails means a whole drill bit has been lost into the ether. The Gobbler game is all about decision making, such as whether to build a clay dredge as early as possible, because the automated clay supply will be considered to be worth the effort. It is not about making extra materials to compensate for extreme bad luck. We cannot solve all the problems with the random numbers generator. However, in this particular instance we can bypass it. Changes have been made so that zero material is lost when making steel drill bits. Two other activities have been found to be subject to bad, and extreme bad luck. They are foraging for specific sprouts, and finding treasure chests with furs. There is not a lot we can do about sprouts, there is a chance per forage to get one, and then on top of that, a one in 25 chance to get a specific sprout type. Our solution for this form of extreme bad luck will be to make full high quality sprouts sets available as a reward for achieving Gobbler level two. This may, or may not arrive at a similar time as does foraging skill 30, which is more than enough foraging to have, frustratingly, not found the full set. With the 5/5 skill gain and timers settings on the Open Gobbler server, obtaining sleep bonus by building and logging off in a bed is quite likely to be an early Gobbler game goal for most players. Thanks to Koala's adventures we do not need to imagine locating many, many treasure chests and still not getting three furs to make a bed, because this is not going to happen to anyone else. This form of extreme bad luck is quite unnecessary and has been addressed by making one fur likely in two out of each three chests located. Another change to treasure chests is that whilst some chests will have up to five hides, every chest will contain at least one hide. Best wishes from Pam.
  4. Gobbler Wand Remote Banking Coins do not have to be deposited directly into bank accounts at a village token now. Activate the Gobbler wand and then right click the coins to be placed in the bank account to bring up the menu. Click "deposit to bank". There will be a message about the amount deposited and the new balance. Remote Banking using Gobbler Wand Foraging Baskets Foraging baskets allow storage of any items that can be found by foraging or botanising. Some examples of multiple source items are cotton, berries and basils. The baskets will still store these items if they were obtained by harvesting crops, bushes or planters. The baskets are a portable container, weighing 2.5 kg empty. The amount of items stored depends on volume. They will be particularly useful for cottons, holding about 90, and for berries holding 100. There are three colours of foraging baskets, depending if woad (Blue), pea pod (Green) or raspberry (Red) was used to build them along with with 5 wemp fibres. They may be dropped on the ground and as well as being decorative, will assist players to reduce early camp chaos. The baskets are non-improvable, repairable and on the Gobbler's feed list. Blue, Green and Red Foraging Baskets
  5. Start Date for "The Gobbler's First Tasting" We have set the launch of the Gobbler Game to Saturday 2 July 2022 at 16:00 UTC. This will be Sunday the third of July 2022, at 2 am, Eastern Australian time. There will be three servers with Gobbler Game code, each with different difficulty of Gobbler feed lists, facilities, resources and conditions. All servers are non-combat. The Frenetia server has grown in beauty over the three continuous years it has been running. Here you will find established forests, rolling mountains, many potential camp areas and five established GM villages each with merchants and many community facilities built by player and GM Freesia. There are dedicated public deeds for utmost mines of each ore type. There is a dedicated deed for all the 138 pottery tile colours, with pathways, bridges, and 25 arboretums and clay dredges which may be used by all. The skill gain and action timers are set to be quite fast at 10/10. Players may quickly skill up, suiting new players and persons with limited play hours. Coin drops are quite frequent and large deeds without upkeep are posssible. This server has the least difficulty of the Gobbler feed lists. The Arboretum server is attached to the Frenetia server on one edge. Here there are very few forests, and less waterways. There is one GM village located at approximately the centre of the map. It has a bank and feasting table. There are no merchants or other community facilities. This server has a moderate difficulty Gobbler feed list. Players start on the Frenetia server. Two way travel and trading between the Frenetia and Arboretum servers is posssible via swimming (no drowning) or by boat. Inter-server transport and trades of resources may occur. Players may choose to make Gobbler feeds on both servers, using either, or both Gobbler feed lists. Players may choose to ignore the Gobbler's requests and play in sandbox conditions. It is important to note that both the Frenetia and Arboretum servers will remain continuous, with all the player's skills, inventory, deeds, deed buildings and terraforming being kept. This will suit many players who may enjoy the competition of the Gobbler Game Tastings without having to start again each year. What will change is that the servers' Gobbler winners will be declared each July and all the players will start again in the next Gobbler's Tasting with Zero score and levels. A player may choose to have their previous best tasting level to be displayed as a title. Here is an example. Player one reaches level 6 in their first Gobbler's Tasting, their title is a level 6 player. In some following Gobbler's Tasting they reach level 12, so they are now entitled to be known as a level 12 player. Player two reaches level 11 in their first Gobbler's Tasting, their title is a level 11 player. In some following Gobbler's Tasting they reach level 5. They are still entitled to be known as a level 11 player. In this way it is possible for each player to monitor their own progress. It also enables newer players to make more accurate relative comparisons with other players, when they see previous best levels on the rankings table. The third server, the "Open Gobbler Server" provides the most challenging Gobbler feed list. The server conditions are difficult. Products such as nails score high amounts of points because there are no iron ore veins. Treasure chests provide some animal products items, as well as a few deceased creatures. There are no trees. Players need to grow them naturally, or use a statuette. Clay is only located at two places, the white and black lights. Deeds require upkeep. The skill gain and action timers are set to 5/5. Players cannot use their Frenetia characters on the Open Gobbler server, they need to start a new one. Each July an Open Gobbler winner will be announced and the Open Gobbler server will be reset. Characters need to start again with no skills, belongings or terraforming. New maps may be introduced so that new map knowlege will become a part of the experience. We are testing the Gobbler Game code on the "Test Open Gobbler Server" until June 30 2022. Everyone is welcome to visit. Best wishes from Pam and Tam. Gobbler Game coming soon
  6. News In tonight's update the transmutation function which turns terrain into and from clay will be disabled on the Test Open Gobbler server to reflect the difficult conditions of the Open Gobbler Server. There will be no change to the Frenetia and Arboretum servers. The other transmutation liquids will function on all three servers, allowing players a choice to locate peat and tar in their camps. There is now a choice to use copper or iron in the transmutation liquid recipe to create tar. The clay dredge misbehaviour has been fixed on the Test Open Gobbler Server. This fix will be attended to on the Frenetia and Arboretum servers in July when the two steams of code we have now will be merged again. Snacks may now be collected one per Steam account, per server, per server restart (usually daily). Best wishes from Pam.
  7. Cooking Scores update. The Gobbler feed list now consists only of requests that have their correct scores coded. This includes most cooking recipes. It turns out that The Gobbler has not learnt to be a gourmet diner as yet. Where there is a choice of ingredients to make a recipe, always try to choose the cheapest option, because that is what the points given are based upon. An example of this is "Stew". The Gobbler is non-specific, it requests "Stew". Any type of the many stew recipes, such as meat, fish or vegetable stew may be fed. However, the score will be the points based upon the cheapest ingredient of all the stews, which is vegetable. "Cake" is another example. Some of the many cake types are carrot, chocolate and plain sponge. The Gobbler likes any cake it is fed, and gives the least amount of points, as if it were fed plain sponge cake. In the future it is hoped that the cooking recipes requests may be expressed as any, or specifics so it would read like most other items in the form of Stew (any) or Stew (meat), stew (fish) or stew (vegetable). This has been placed on the wish-list. Best wishes from Pam.
  8. Tile Oven The tile oven is difficult to build, ideally masonry 70 skill would be desirable. This is because it is the most valuable tool in the Gobbler game. Pottery tiles are on the Gobbler's feed list about 10% of the time. After it is built, small amounts of tiles may be fired with shovel dug clay whilst players are preparing for automated clay production using the incredibly expensive, incredibly wonderful clay dredge. Here is what I have found out about how to build the tile oven on the 5/5 Open Gobbler test server as a solo player with it being my highest priority. It took a bit over 48 play hours to build it. It is a good idea to use sleep bonus to assist increase masonry skill, even if there is a need to interrupt the building of the arborteum to locate treasure chests, with their sleep bonus powders and other goodies. I had no luck getting furs for a bed, but one may hope. Eating a snack so the sleep bonus lasts longer is also useful. Two quality 23 bricks and masonary skill 51 are enough to start a tile oven. This will give 8 % chance to build. Clays of about quality 20 take so much damage it seems unlikely they will attach. Building another arboretum, was my choice to continue gaining skill in masonry because they are also useful to harvest fruit and nuts out of season. This resulted in digging skill about 50. Keep aside 100 of the best quality clays while digging clay for the second arboretum to use attaching on the tile oven. The second arboretum gives greater than 60 masonry skill and is not as difficult to build as the first one, taking less time. It is a good idea to harvest sprouts nearby while building the arboretum, namely raspberry, blueberry and oak. They will be used to harvest the raspberries, blueberries and acorns at the two arboretum. Harvesting sprouts also gives coins to assist with deed upkeep. Even with the higher skill masonry after the second arboretum is built there will still be high losses of the berries, etc because they are quite low quality early game. Expect some pig foods landing at one's feet. Two quality 37 stone bricks and masonry skill 63 give 20% chance to build the tile oven. I settled for those odds. I used separated clays due to high damage severely destroying one large lump in a few disastrous non-attachments. Part time players on the test server will likely prefer their limited time to be spent exploring the server. Anyone who would like to try out a tile oven, to learn about how it fires pottery tiles, and how the underlying clay-colour map works contact me in game playing either as Koala or Kangaroo, or send Pameow a message on the forums. I will be happy to make tile ovens for anyone who wants one. PS The Gobbler does not like pig foods at this stage. However, if a reliable method may be devised so that anyone may make them at any time, not only just when they are aspirant masons causing exploding raspberries to fly around, it may change its mind and request them. Best wishes from Pam.
  9. Did you know? If you plant a 3*3 grid of any combination of trees and crops, as well as growing the trees for wood and shrubs by casting the "Wild Growth" spell, the crops rake themselves. Any number of spells may be cast between, in the life of the crops, and the result is a much larger amount of harvested product when they reach maturity. This was discovered by accident during the set up of a new camp. Investigation of the code showed that this feature has always been present. As well as this, we found out that increased power of the casted spell increases the chances to make the grid behave as if it were larger. Power of the spell will be influenced by altar proximity and quality. I did not know that Best wishes from Pam.
  10. Snacks Snacks are now available on the Test Open Gobbler server at the rate of one snack per server start-up. This is usually at 8 pm Australian time each day. A snacks may be collected at anytime of the day. If eaten the snack has the same effect as eating at a julboard table. Alternatively, snacks will give a handsome amount of points if they are fed to the Gobbler. Snacks will likely be a valuable trade item. There are fourteen types of snacks to be collected ranging from the most common, "Salad snack" to the least common, "Choc coated candy snack". Analysing without a compass. Starting with nothing but a pelt on the treeless Test Open Gobbler server, it will come as no surprise that the statuette, which is used to grow trees faster by casting spells, is a highly prized tool. To add to the difficulty, the server has very few hills with many exposed rock tiles to assist guide the player to the location of the silver or gold deposit. The usual method of digging dirt to expose rock tiles to assist the search is slow and frustrating, using foraged branches and rock shards to make crude shovels which break quickly. Rather than trust to guessing and risk having to mine many of the rock tiles, using crude pick axes which break equally as quickly, a new method of analysing rock shards has been developed, which does not require a compass. After reaching prospecting skill 20.01 analysing information is given about deposits relative to the direction the player is facing. Best wishes from Pam.
  11. There are problems with fish and coloured dye items. We hope to have them fixed with the next backup. Best wishes from Pam.
  12. Gobbler Scores Update Code is being added tonight which applies the correct formulae to most Gobbler items. The new amount of points reflect the quality, scarcity and amount of effort required to obtain/build the items. Diminishing returns for the amount of items fed per request still applies. A place holder score remains in place for cooking items. Best wishes from Pam.
  13. Selection of Gobbler Items Improved. Code is included in tonight's backup which will allow selection of the entire contents of specific containers to be fed to the Gobbler, so long as they are requested items. Some or all of the selected items may be de-selected in the Gobbler feed window. The containers are pottery and metal bowls, pottery jars, small and large barrels, small and large chests, and small and large amphoras. Best wishes from Pam.
  14. Gobbler Levels and Player Rankings The player's levels will be calculated internally from their scores. The formula for the Test Open Gobbler server is Score = 200 x square of level. This formula may be changed for the July reset. Here is a table which shows given the level, what score would be required to get that level. Level Score 0 0 1 200 2 800 3 1800 4 3200 5 5000 6 7200 8 12800 9 16200 10 20000 The formulae for scoring will take into account aspects of each item type such as scarcity, amount of attachments required, quality and crafting. This means that as the player's skills go up, so will the scores of items. Another aspect is that the items will be subject to diminishing returns. The first item scores more than the tenth item, the tenth scores better than the 100th item, etc. As the amount of score for a level accelerates, in theory, so does the scoring itself accelerate. We will be closely monitoring the scoring as we go along, assessing if it is behaving reasonably. The players' individual level, score and ranking will be shown in the Gobbler Feed window. A new button will be placed on the Gobbler Feed window [Show Rankings]. It will list all players' levels and rankings. We are hoping that all or most of this new code will be able to be introduced at tonight's backup. Best wishes from Pam.
  15. The test Open Gobbler server is a 2K map.