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  1. Set the Table update Thank you Sylver for your Gobbler's Banquet. With your permission we are posting a screenshot of your Set the Table Tableaux. As the image shows, what a picturesque landscape you have chosen. You have given us food for thought too. If a player wants to keep their Set the Table tableaux they may. Set the Table for the Gobbler's Banquet.
  2. I had totally forgotten about that problem. They cannot even be traded to another player. Tam will turn them into a normal item on the weekend. They may then be dropped, placed in a container, or traded. The Gobbler might request them so players might like to trade for them. Regards from Pam
  3. Yes the Banquet may be vegetarian It may consist of any combination on items on those lists, for example copper frying pan, pottery jar etc. It doesn't need to be all food items. Or it could be all or most of the items. Or have some food items, and some other items. Also, lately Tam and I visited Stormfall, the server without clay and discovered "salads" lettuce and assorted mushroom, herb and vege in a plate with use of hand to cook it. We did not realise that existed at the time of the original lists. Probably quite a few items like fried vege cooked in a frying pan are in that category too. The Gobbler likes anything and everything. The lists are a guideline It may be either of those, choose which one you like the best. It may be on the first floor of a house. The Julbord feasting table is an item, I think it could be placed in a house. If not, we will find a solution at the time. As a GM I haven't been into a house of a player. I am assuming that would be possible. If not you would need to accept a visit from Acacia to place the table. Regards from Pam
  4. Hi Yes, Tam will look into both increased capacity and some sort of player spells on containers in the new year.
  5. Set the Table! Prepare a Gobbler's Banquet in exchange for a Julbord feasting table to be placed in your camp. After deciding to keep the Frenetia server running indefinitely we have found that our original Set the Table challenge, which was envisioned to be held once a year at the start of each server reset, has not catered for newer arriving players. Now, instead of the whole player population reaching a threshold score of banquet items as was originally the case, we are offering a solo, or small group challenge to Set the Table. The Gobbler is a special entity that understands the demands of real life, so will be pleased with what each player wants to offer, be it a tiny or enormous banquet. The minimum offerings to recieve a Julbord feasting table are: Wooden table and chair to be placed on a carpet where the player wants the Julbord feasting table to be sited. Place a knife, fork and spoon on the table. Nearby build a large cart, bulk food and bulk storage bins and label them "Gobbler". These will not be taken, they may be needed in the future for challenges or trades. In these containers place banquet items, which will be taken. When your banquet is ready contact Pameow by PM on the forums, or ingame to arrange for Acacia GM to place the Julbord feasting table. Here are the original lists of items that the Gobbler loves for Banquets. I have left the dates they first appeared on them. Try to choose some off each list. List for Friday 17 January 2020 : Some Banquet vessels Beer Stein Flask Bucket (Linden) Small Barrel (Pine) Pottery Jar Mushroom (Yellow) Ground spice (Any) Healing cover (Sage),(Any) List for Friday 10 January 2020 : Some Banquet sweets Sugar beets Sugar Honey Maple syrup Bee Smoker Mushroom (Black) (ground spice (Turmeric) Healing cover (Rosemary), (Any) List for Friday 3 January 2020 : Some Banquet salad Lettuce Tomatoes Onion Cucumber Large amphora Mushroom (Green) Ground spice (Fennel seed) Healing Cover (Any),(acorn) List for Friday 27 December 2019 : Some Banquet vegetables Carrots Peas Corn Pumpkin Small amphora Mushroom (Blue) Ground spice (paprika) Healing Cover (nutmeg),(acorn) List for Friday 20 December 2019 : Some Banquet grains Oat Wheat Barley Rye Cake tins Mushroom (Red) Ground spice (ginger) Healing Cover (mint),(acorn) List for Friday 13 December 2019 : Some Banquet ingredients Light fishing rod (any) Fish (catfish) Roasting dish Salt Eggs Mushroom (Brown) Ground spice (cumin) Healing Cover (turmeric), (acorn) List for Friday 06 December 2019 : Some Banquet pans Charcoal Fish (any) Frying pan (copper) Cauldron (iron) Pie dish Mortar and Pestle Fish Casserole Healing cover (brown mushroom),(any) List for Friday 29 November 2019 : Some Banquet dairy Round marble table High chair (any) Milk (sheep) Milk (cow) Cheese Feta cheese Cheese casserole Healing Cover (Onion),(Barley) List for Friday 22 November : Some Banquet plates Rectangular marble table Pauper’s high chair (any) Plate (Sets of one plate of each wood type, or as many as can be made of partial sets). Saucepan (copper) Metal bowl (any) Fishing pole (any) Veg casserole Healing cover (wemp plant),(any) List for Friday 15 November : Some Banquet utensils Large dining table (any) Chair (any) Butcher’s knife (any) Measuring jug Cheese drill (linden) Baking stone Bread Casserole Healing cover (any herb),(any) List for Friday 8 November : Some Banquet cutlery Round table (any) Stool (any) Knife (any) Fork (any) Spoon (any) Meditation rug Herb Casserole (any) Healing cover (Mint),(Green mushroom) List for Friday 1 November : Some start up items Plank (any) Small nail String of cloth Grindstone Pottery bowl Sickle Breakfast Healing cover (parsley), (any mushroom)
  6. Pameow, Stormguard level 1 Tamutnefret 4 x sleep powder
  7. Congratulations on running a very interesting server cluster. It sounds like fun WU experience.
  8. Yes! We will run a new Santa's Reindeer this year. I am looking forward to it too It will be independent of the Frenetia cluster, an additional event server. The time will be as close to the start of December 2021 as we can manage, and running until to the end of January 2022. If players want a bit of extra time to get their reindeer to Santa's island we certainly will consider that. The reason it is an event server is because players need to start a new character. You may have you usual name, or a new name. Upon arrival on Santa's island the only thing in your inventory will be a pelt. On the new map will be about four herds of Santa's reindeer. The challenge is to get one of the reindeer to Santa's island. Player's may choose any method available in the game world to have their reindeer arrive on the island. For example build a boat and creature transporter or build a bridge. Player's may use any bridge that exists, so even though no bridge will be there at the start, if bridges are built, anyone may use those bridges even if they did not participate in the building of the bridge. The challenge may be as difficult, or as easy as the player chooses. All the usual faster action timers will be there to make it quite realistic to build bridges. Tam and I will be there most of each day to help build a bridge if player's want to do it in a group. We have saved the Santa's island version one server, so at some later time we could have memory lane visits to it. This second version we will also save at the conclusion of the event. For those who were not there, the whole server was flat. Getting mines on the flat surface was a challenge in itself, digging down just so! This time the map will have some quite difficult climbing obstacles in the landscape. A later version may have flying, that is what we would really like, but at this stage we are not ready for that. Santa's Reindeers have not learnt to swim hehe. But they love to fly! As we get the code behaving more as we want to it, credit for the Santa's reindeer challenge will be in the menus. Meanwhile we may build a hall of fame with signs on the permanent servers of players who complete the challenge. The Gobbler's Banquet and Arboretum servers will continue on as usual meaning that everyone's work on character building, landscaping, and challenges is preserved and ongoing. Players may ignore The Santa's Reindeer if they want to. Regards from Pam
  9. Please accept my apologies for not being around so much. Thank you Batta for your kind words and helping Sylver find Frenetia. Tam and I are still focused on Atitid Tale 10, building raeli ovens. We do miss the slower pace and beautiful environment of Frenetia though, so it will not be too much longer and we will be back with fresh ideas and enthusiasms. At this stage we don't have many players. I would personally not use a Discord channel, not being from that generation, and having a preference for chatting in game. This doesn't rule out having a channel though. If there were more players who wanted it I suppose we could look more closely at the idea We are located in Australia and have a cross over time with both Europe and America. Best regards from Pam.
  10. I am pleased to report that we have happy merchants again
  11. Hi Batta We have been attracted to Atitd lately, running around the desert chasing cicadas and I have neglected looking at these forums, so I apologise for taking so long to reply. Getting those merchants going again is a very good idea. It is a bit time intensive so we will deal with it on the weekend when Tamutnefret is available. The merchants only last for six months and then all their goods go into the Dev account! At some later stage it will be nice to adjust that particular bit of code too so the merchants are perpetually happy. Each day at 8 pm AEST we continue to stop the server for a few minutes and do the backup, regardless of what other things are getting our attention. Our longer term plans are to keep both servers online, and in our spring attach a new server into the cluster, Santa's reindeer. Some sort of central island will again be present. However, the new map will have difficult terrain to add to that challenge. Also ahead if Tamutnefret can delve deep enough into the code we would really like to have magic flying carpet events where all players are able to fly, like the GM's are able to. Best regards from Pam.
  12. Clay Dredge and Tile Crate We are delighted to announce that the remaining features related to the Integument challenge have been introduced onto both the Banquet and Arboretum servers. The player’s new favourite building, the clay dredge, functions to automate the digging of clay. The quality of the clay it collects depends on the quality of the building, so it is well worth while to try and improve it over time, using a stone chisel and the best rock shards available. At this basic stage (upgrades may become available in the future) the dredge rate also depends on the quality of the building. For example a quality 80 clay dredge will give 80 clays per hour. The maximum clays the clay dredge may contain is 6,400 clays. When it is full the dredging stops, so emptying it frequently is required for bulk amounts of clay. An adjacent bulk storage container near the clay dredge will be very useful. Whilst the clay dredge looks nice located on a clay area, and is easy to remember where it is, it can actually be built at any location. This is because it has special mechanical properties with drill bit components. Each drill bit requires 25 kg of steel. The clay dredge uses 4 drill bits. The drill bit allows automation of digging clay. It uses a lump of 25 kg of steel. The clay dredge is started with a clay and a stone brick. The materials for the clay dredge are shown in the image below. Of note is that the clay dredge requires an item that cannot be made by a player. This item is a source crystal. These may be obtained from opening random treasure chests, or by trading with other players for something of a similar value that they want. Materials list for the clay dredge. A player may build as many clay dredges as they want to. Shown below is a completed clay dredge located at the Acacia Pines village. Clay dredge. The tile crate is similar to a large crate in that has 300 item slots. It will hold a total of 300 colours of pottery tiles, which gives scope for future new colours of pottery tiles. At this stage there are 138 colours of pottery tiles. The tile crate loads into a large cart giving the player the ability to transport a large weight of pottery tiles. The tile crate loads into a large cart making it possible to transport a large weight of tiles. Theoretically the tile crate will hold an enormous amount of each colour of pottery tiles. In practice, we haven’t tested that yet. Keeping this in mind and given the very real possibility of accidental overloading, a dialogue box is being developed which gives the player the ability to combine tiles as groups. In the image below the dialogue box shows what to select for the removal of 50 total dark cyan pottery tiles combined as 5 groups of 10 tiles. Select 50 total dark cyan pottery tiles in lots of 10 combined tiles, which will place 5 lots of 10 dark cyan pottery tiles in inventory.
  13. Integument Sculpture The Integument Sculpture is now ready to build. The materials needed for the building are 2,000 marble bricks, 2,000 clays plus one pottery tile of each available colour, 138 colours total. After being built the Integument Sculpture will accept pottery tiles. When the building is examined the pottery tiles contents and updated score are reported. The appearance colour of the Integument Sculpture may be changed at any time by the addition of sufficient pottery tiles of the colour of choice to move the colour. It is determined by the average colour of the total tiles in the building with the nearest saturated colour determined and displayed. Players may have as many Integument Sculptures as they want to build. Some may choose to build Integument Sculptures to decorate their camps and so the score will not be relevant to them. To achieve the integument challenge a score of 27,600 points will be required. As it will soon become apparent, this challenge is a longer term project. We hope to introduce clay dredging into the game soon, to make automated digging of clays possible. It is really important to note that any pottery tiles placed into the Integument Sculpture cannot be removed out of it.
  14. Introducing Pottery Tiles and the Integument Challenge In today’s update we have added the ability to fire pottery tiles on both the Banquet and Arboretum servers. In the crafting menu there is now the option for the player to build portable tile ovens. There is no limit to the amount of ovens a player may own and operate. A mapping of 138 colours has been applied to both the servers such that each individual square has its own list of valid colours that the tile oven can fire on that particular square. The list changes smoothly across the server. All the colours are available, theoretically, given sufficient searching, in an approx 500 squares area. The rarest colour is gray. The tile oven needs to be loaded with some amount of clay chosen by the player (2 kg clay gives 20 pottery tiles). The choose colour action will give a list of colours in a window. After selecting a colour the tile oven needs to be lighted with steel and flint and a kindling. The amount of fuel required is similar to that used for the firing of other pottery items. The pottery tiles take a range of time depending on their position in the list, the max time 15 minutes for ones last on the list. Moving the oven after commencing the firing will cause it to give an error and it will require a new selection of a valid colour for the place it was moved to. In further updates we will be adjusting the the gobbler list so it will be able to request particular colours of pottery tiles. Special pottery tiles containers will be developed that hold vast amounts of pottery tiles and the ability to bundle pottery tiles will be added. A new building will be created especially to accept tiles (non-returnable) with the ability to change its displayed colour according to the nearest saturated colour that is the calculated average of all the pottery tiles it contains. A threshold of some amount of pottery tiles will need to be reached to achieve the integument challenge.
  15. The smaller sized Arboretum Test server will be closing on October 3 at 2000 AEST (10am UTC). We are very happy to announce that a larger sized, 4096*4096 custom map server called "Arboretum" has been successfully added to the Gobbler's Banquet server to form a server cluster. Players are able to travel freely between the two servers. The starting server is the Gobbler's Banquet. An existing avatar on the Gobbler's banquet server or a new one formed there may be taken to the Arboretum server. Avatars formed on the Arboretum test server will be lost. An important aspect of the Arboretum Challenge is actually locating the server. Exploration of the Gobbler's Banquet server will be necessary. The Arboretum server provides a more difficult Gobbler requests list. On this server the player needs to plant trees using foraged sprouts to grow forests for lumber. Trees may be grown slowly, or more quickly using the spells available in the game. Both servers have all activities available to priests. The Arboretum buildings function on both servers. The Gobbler's Banquet and newly attached Arboretum servers will be running for another 12 months, given no unforeseen circumstances . Arboretum Server Map