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  1. A very interesting suggestion. Something I might tweak is the no-drop of armour/items - it's nice to get a bit of loot for your kill. Could be altered by leaving drops as they are, but making the imping of armour/items much, much easier so getting back into the game takes barely any time, though this could backfire and remove the desire for loot. No "closing date" on server registration - new players starting with high skills in months 11 and 12 will give them a taste of what playing with high skill is like and may aid player retention. The +5 skill per month seems like a good idea, but not for every skill simply because it's unrealistic to expect people to get +5 in every skill every month. Maybe only for PvP skills. This could be a good implementation with some balancing.
  2. We're Doomed!

    Protunia, it wasn't used in an offensive way. Do you not agree that creating a passive, PvE player on a PvP cluster is a bad thing? If you play on a PvP server you should be gently nudged towards PvPing, that is what will keep the servers from being stagnant and boring. If people are allowed to get too attached to deeds, items, etc. (what I would see as a 'freedom mindset' - something that sets the two types of player apart), then they will be reluctant to move over the the big, bad central battleground and risk it all. Separating the PvP player base is bad, especially when it is the minority. Get people used to a bit of risk, and the losses that come with it, from the moment they start playing and PvP and population, will increase.
  3. Using my repair keybind on a lump started a 54 minute repair timer. I let it tick for a minute or so, saw no skillgain, and the lump wasn't repaired, so I guess it's just a minor bug.
  4. Saves time from switching from bow to sword+shield. Drag bow off, sword on. Rather than bow off, sword on, shield on. Minor exploit?
  5. Replicated this first with a snapped bowstring then with a manually unstrung bow. Tested blocking against a horse, no blocks recorded. Shooting an archery target still worked.
  6. Lock this because you disagree? Here I was thinking this is a discussion are for suggestions and ideas. Maybe people should PM you their ideas first, so you can tell us whether they're good enough or not? Anyway, is 50 of (insert mob here) too much? Unless you manage to cast it smack bang in the middle of a deed, chances are that not all of the zombies are going to aggro. And then there's the reduced CR (I think?) of the zombies. Throw in 20 guards and a few player defenders and it's not as overpowered as it seems. Every layer of defenses you break through, some die, some wander off, some get caught behind walls. This spell takes a lot of time and effort to make work, and there's lots of things that can ruin it. A slight buff isn't going to ruin the game.
  7. Maybe the damage on the corpse could relate to the CR of the raised creature. 0 damage = 100% of original CR, 10 damage = 90% of original and so on. Also, make it raise corpses within a 5 x 5 area or something, and then if it hasn't reached the cap on raised zombies, make it raise randomly in local. Preferably though, just raise everything. I'm not too bothered about butchered animals being able to be used... maybe make them count as 90% damage and therefore only 10% of original CR?
  8. Wait, people liked horses going backwards at full speed? Personally, one of my more favoured changes, but I guess that's what this thread is for. Also, I agree that "It's Rolf's game!" shouldn't be a catch-all shield for all unpopular changes. That needs to stop.
  9. Why were they ever introduced? I thought we were walking towards reducing difficulty getting into PvP? Introducing a superhorse that breathes fire seems like a massive leap in the wrong direction.
  10. Once weaponless fighting is at a certain level, does your character start kicking even when wearing armour?
  11. Increased fightskill and weapon/shield subskill gain up to 50 would be beneficial, I think, and could be achieved as follows: FS training with a doll should give quicker gains. I know its a completely risk free task as it is, but it takes so long. And really, getting to 20 FS fast isn't that unbalanced, it just helps newer players out. After 20 (well, from 0-50) Sparring gives fight skill gain. For optimal gain, both players must be within 5 skill levels of each other. Would also give good subskill gains. Add ways for all weapon skills to be trained to 20: bashing walls, etc. for all mauls, and allow short swords to cut down bushes. I think you can gain up to 20 with a short sword by butchering at the moment, but I'm not sure. Failing all that, let all new plays start with at least 10 Fight skill, so they can hunt a little bit better from the get-go. To make Wurm in general more attractive to new players? Graphics overhaul. I know it's coming in dribs and drabs, but once multi story houses are done, this should be a priority. And make sure it plays on the stable client relatively soon after it is complete - not everyone knows or trusts the unstable client, and new players certainly wouldn't use it the first time they play, and we need to make a good impression. Also, +1 to repeat last action keybind, to make the grind less harsh, and +1 to being able to drag things between different containers without putting it into our own first. To stop it being ridiculously fast, it could be limited to the amount you can carry, or amount you can carry x2, but anything that reduces these pointless grinds gets my vote.
  12. That's just a sort of disclaimer in case it does. They never tend to last that long. They're back up now.
  13. Let bashing give maul skill up to 20, like cutting a tree with a sword does. And burying should give a little digging skill, +1
  14. How about something kingdom specific? Heads on spikes seems like a HoTS-y thing. Head on a spike, hanging, anything else for the third kingdom?