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  1. Odinkar's Excellent Emporium of Stuff

    You're moments too late. They're being sold to Amarr. I am imping 20 saddles each with their own saddlebags though so I may have more in the future.
  2. Notice the timestamps and that they are all about the same character. Seems to happen every time I cross a server border. Super annoying.
  3. Good to know. If you get the chance to test it could you let me know how the imbue affects a Life Transfer and Essence Drain weapon? I'd definitely like to strike that from my write-up if it won't enhance damage. My theory was if you take the base damage, filter it through the jewelry, and then deal enhanced damage due to imbues that the increased outgoing damage would bring back additional healing as well.
  4. So wait. Is it 100% of the damage if you have a frost imbued with bloodthirst or just the additional damage given by bloodthirst?
  5. No the enchants I'm talking about boost your outgoing damage but only to the element type the jewelry buffs. So if you are doing 100% frost damage, and have a ring that increases outgoing frost damage by 7.5% all weapon damage is 107.5%.
  6. Well, while the fire warrior is working mainly off spell damage they're going to do either way, I'd agree it's a trash build for PVE. I'd highly disagree with Acid and Frost being trash for PVE. Elemental weaknesses don't matter, the fact an imbue translates your weapon damage into 100% elemental damage does: "Animal Demise: ... +3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures" All other demises do the same damage boost to their respective enemy type. "The effectiveness of the enchantment is determined by both enchantment power and the quality level of the jewelry, each having equal importance. For example, a 50QL ring with a 25 power enchantment has the same effectiveness as a 25QL ring with a 50 power enchantment. Depending on QL and enchantment power, offensive enchantments increase that type of damage between 2.5% and 5%, and defensive enchantments decrease incoming damage of that type between 2.5% to 7.5%. Wearing multiple items with the same enchantment of this type will have diminishing returns. The total effectiveness of all items combined is multiplied by 2 / (1 + count), where "count" refers to the number of the same enchantment equipped. In other words, having two of the same enchantment equipped will be 2/3 (66.7%) total effectiveness, and three of the same type will have 1/2 (50%) effectiveness. For example, two 50QL rings with the same 50-power enchantment will have a total effectiveness of 66.7 (2/3 of 100), and adding a third with the same QL and enchantment power would have a effectiveness of 75 (1/2 of 150)." It would take only a very weak glacial ring to increase damage by 3% to all enemies regardless of enemy type, with a cap of 11.25% damage because of the jewelry. Based on that imbues with jewelry would seem considerably stronger than a demise weakness or no weakness.
  7. Throwing this here instead of guides because the point of this thread is theorycrafting. In other words, I'm throwing out my theories about the game and you guys are all welcome to butt in and say "Odinkar you are wrong. That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works." And thus I can use that information to refine my idea. So what are the four elemental warrior types? I'm identifying 4 key elements based on the spells added for jewelry in the priest updates, and then theorycrafting 4 character archetypes built around dealing damage with the said element. Those elements are: FIRE FROST ACID VENOM The Basics of An Elemental Warrior The common unifying factor of the 4 builds I want to lay out is that each one is focused on doing damage of a specific elemental type, and using enchantments such as the Glacial spell to optimize damage output with their chosen element. For instance a Fire Warrior would wear 1-3 pieces of jewelry with the blaze spell and attempt to deal as much fire damage as possible to get maximum effect from that. For some of these that obviously fits well with certain priest types, though for each build I will include a general description and then a description of what is gained by using (IMO) the most synergistic priest type. NOTE: All relevant warrior types include arrow types. This is an idealized list of abilities describing a warrior using every tool at their disposal to maximize damage via their chosen element. I realize that in very few cases will they actually be using a quiver full of enchanted arrows. Still worth mentioning they do have that capability in a hard fight with high stakes. FIRE WARRIORS Weapon: Any Flaming Aura Weapon Arrows: Flaming Aura Arrows Additional Fire Damage Sources: Red Tome, White Tome, & Tome of Incineration PROS - The fire warrior has the largest array of sorcery spells available to it as well as the option for arrows unlike the acid warrior. They are also one of the strongest potential elemental priests as I'll describe in that section. Fire is strong against studded. CONS - Flaming Aura is straight inferior to an acid or frost imbue. While it does free up the ability to put a demise on your weapon you lose the ability to put Bloodthirst on your weapon, and much less of your overall weapon damage will be fire meaning less bonus from your jewelry. In addition Flaming Aura is much less common to find than frostbrand. Fire is weak against chain. Magranon Priest: Synergizes with the spells - Fireheart, Fire pillar, Inferno, & ???Smite??? With a good array of fire based spells, frantic charge, offensive CR buff and a 12% damage boost the Mag Priest fire warrior is a powerhouse of fire based damage. CONCLUSION: Personally I would only go fire warrior as a Mag priest. If I had a suggestion to the devs about making the fire warrior better I would say add a fire imbue to weapons. Vynorans get enough love already. FROST WARRIORS Weapon: Any Frost Imbued Weapon w/ bloodthirst or life transfer Arrows: Frostbrand Arrows Additional Sources of Frost Damage: Blue Tome(f) PROS - Imbue, arrows, and a sorcery spell. Priest armed with a strong array of frost damage spells. Frost is strong against chain and plate. CONS - Sorcery spell not necessarily a big damage dealer (let me know what you think if you have it!) Priest not damage focused. Frost is weak against studded. Vynoran Priest: Synergizes with the spells - Shard of Ice, Ice Pillar & Hypothermia Vynoran priests have a good array of frost damage spells, and if you're using this build you're probably going to favor them a bit over tentacles and tornado. However while most priests get some kind of buff that can be used to enhance their offensive capabilities, Vynorans use excel which increases defensive capabilities. This is not to say an ice warrior Vyn priest is bad. Their excellent line of non-priest options carry over to make the priest a lot more viable as a heavy hitter, but where I feel like a Vyn priest Ice Warrior would really excel is with a shortsword and large shield, in defensive stance, taunting big mean mobs. Their enhanced damage in this case would be used to pump up their hits so that they get more health back from LT while main tanking rifts and the like. CONCLUSION: Ice warriors are in an excellent place. I think they are the most viable build on this list and while by no means do I feel they are overpowered, the other warrior types seem a bit underpowered by comparison. ACID WARRIORS Weapon: Any Acid Imbued Weapon w/bloodthirst or life transfer Additional Sources of Acid Damage: Libram of Night PROS - Acid Imbue allows full weapon damage to be converted to acid damage. Sorcery spell is very damage oriented. Singular acid spell has 4 priest options. Acid is strong against studded. CONS - No arrows. Just 1 Acid Spell. Acid is weak(ish) against chain and plate. Libila, Nathan, Tosiek, Gary: Synergizes with the spells - Rotting Gut I'm not going to compare 4 priest types but I will point out Libila gets an offensive CR bonus, truehit, and hell strength. Nathan gets a 12% damage bonus lag Mag. Your damage options here are strong. Since the only spell available is rotting gut I'm going to add it's a good spell with a low favor cast. You can use it a minimum of once per fight with natural favor regen. Sometimes more than once. CONCLUSION: Acid Warriors are in a very strong place with 4 priest options, but they are very reliant on weapon damage over any other supplemental damage. Then again, enchanted arrows and karma spells are expensive. If I could suggest one balance to make Acid Warriors a bit more balanced against Frost, I'd say maybe consider making a couple more spells do acid damage. POISON WARRIOR I'm going to go full hands off on this one because poison is so uncommonly used and the descriptions are a bit lacking. Not sure if the venom affect converts weapon damage to venom or adds an additional wound. Apparently venom doesn't have the insta-death chance that regular poison wounds do. Does it stack with a lead weapon? Do lead weapons have a chance to insta-kill opponents? So much unknown.
  8. Odinkar's Excellent Emporium of Stuff

    RARES CLOTH ARMOR Black Cloth Pants (Blank, low QL) - 60c Black Cloth Sleeve (Blank, low QL) - 80c LEATHER ARMOR Leather Pants (Blank, low QL) - 2s
  9. I sell stuff. You'll find no better of stuff in all of this place. What kind of stuff? Just look at my stuff. BULK ITEMS METALS 2000 Iron Lumps (Creation QL) - 90c/1k 1000 Silver Lumps (Creation QL) - 1.25s/1k 1000 Gold Lumps (Creation QL) - 1.25s/1k 1000 Lead Lumps (Creation QL) - 1.25s/1k
  10. Buff Botanize

    There are days on end that the king's coffers are empty on Deli at least. I'd agree it's amazing while the coin is flowing, but what about when it's not? Might be useful to see that addressed with something better than practically worthless saccing rares.
  11. The difference between Guthans and those other lonely freedomers is that Guthans is very motivated to bring people in. As an ex-lonely freedomer mayor the reason I was sitting alone on a deed was the mentality "Eh. Maybe people will join. Maybe they won't. I don't really care because I'm content to run a solo deed." Guthans is out recruiting people in every day, and as a result, his village actually is fairly active and growing at this point.