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  1. Couldn't agree more. RMT will never be gone from any game. I've heard all these empty promises about "We're going to monitor how gold is flowing" before. It NEVER works. No game has EVER won the fight against account trading and RMT. Welcome to the 99% of other MMOs promising to do something and in all likelihood failing miserably Wurm. All you're doing is stopping the people like me who really enjoyed a game that let us turn our gametime into value aboveboard. Shroud of the Avatar is on Steam. Shroud of the Avatar has the following policy: That's all you have to do to be on Steam. This nonsense about them actually trying to police it. Yeah that's 100% the Wurm team's choice. I've invested a lot more into this game than I've earned in MT over the years. Heck I think I blew 100$ in one go way back in the early days of epic when they announced the price hike of silver. But I just always enjoyed that Wurm had the honesty to not try to pretend like they can police something they couldn't. They they would let us regular Joes who play by the rules of having the pleasure of the freedom to do what we want with what we earn in-game. Certainly this wasn't the only unique aspect of Wurm but it was a really nice draw to me. Sorry to see it go. It's been a fun 13 years of off-oning this game but Wurm had already made some other decisions that already caused me to sell my main account a year or two back and knowing my newer account has no value if I play by the rules now, I don't think I'll be using it anymore either.
  2. Ohhhh. But I didn't remove the old installation with the new file. Seems like it might be working now. Edit: Yes it worked. The issue was I don't install things on a mac very often. I had thought I had installed it but forgotten to drag the new file over the folder and hit replace.
  3. I'll delete and try again, but I just downloaded it 5 minutes ago.
  4. I was assured the client would be made more backwards compatible before the JNLP is removed. This is what happens when I try to use the Client: These are my available updates: Maybe this is an issue of me not being very good with Macs and someone can tell me how to update to 10.14 but... it seems to be more an issue that my Mac can't run the latest operating system. And this isn't an exceptionally old mac. Like 3-4 years old. Please make your client more backwards compatible before launching the JNLP if this issue isn't just something simple on my end. Those of us with older macs will be cut off from the game otherwise.
  5. Ah. Actually might have been cool if you had intentionally put a "huge altar" somewhere out in the wild, maybe with some guards, and made us search for it. Just a thought for next cycle.
  6. Same issue. If there is a "huge altar" somewhere in the map other than the starter deed there is no light to mark it. Maybe it's a feature and not a bug though. Going to go hunting for it until we get some kind of official word on what's happening.
  7. I personally enjoy GL-Freedom and CA Help being available. This is simply a discussion to separate the trade chats.
  8. Was really glad to see you guys left us GL-Freedom, but our trade chat needs to be seperate. No trade between Jackal and Freedom is possible and we have seperate skills on Jackal so seeing regular trade chat is useless to us out on Jackal. We need our own trade chat out there. Not the highest priority as most us living out there are just working together and getting established at this point. But hopefully you can do that after dealing with the more pressing issues in a week or two.
  9. Alright so if I just fix my jnlp for now then by the time I can't use it anymore there should be a client option that works for slightly older macs. That's comforting to hear.
  10. That's highly unfortunate. The new client says my operating system is too old to run it but my updates are current leading me to believe the issue is the age of my Macbook. The JNLP is the only thing that functions on my laptop and the ability to play it from my laptop is a large part of the reason I play this game. Afraid I can't justify upgrading a laptop that works fine for everything else I use it for just to be able to run the Wurm client. 😕
  11. Game was working fine when I went to bed last night. Woke up this morning and it won't launch on my Mac. Deleted the files emptied the trash, grabbed a new client and attempted to launch it. Still not working. Here is the "exception" tab when I try to launch it:
  12. A few questions about this. 1. No red beam has appeared yet on Indy. Can we expect to see the beam when the update happens? 2. Some people on the test server have noted that the lodestones only take rift mats and some general mats. Many people already have the needed amount of rift materials stored away. Is it even necessary to attend the rift with this being the case, or can we make a portal the moment the update goes live? 3. For those of us basing our sleep schedule around this, when will the update go live? UPDATE: So from my understanding based on info trickling back to me the moment the update goes live I can build the lodestone but the lodestone won't work until the rift on the server I'm on is closed. Once that rift gets closed I can use it anywhere on the server. Please correct me if I'm wrong @Retrograde So if people are super excited to be some of the first to step foot into Jackal they should be on Indy around rift time, find or build a portal, and then use that portal the minute the rift is finished. If they don't need to be the first on Jackal they can just build a portal on their own server and wait for the respective rift to close.
  13. The primary reason to be a full-time jackal crafter is trade. To come stand at the stronghold and fight takes investment. Investment of time to level up your crafting skills on a server that will be deleted. Or investment of some silver into gear from people who did, so that you only need level up your fightskill to participate. As a full-timer. I am banking on the latter to be significant enough to justify my investment of time. Especially as the hype drops off in later cycles of Jackal though, I really hope that these cosmetics have a high enough demand to keep people coming out to Jackal to buy my wares, or that if they aren't doing the job they adjust it by adding more rewards. Regular rift points, the ability to import unbreedable animals, logs, and crops from jackal using the points we earn out here, other rewards etc. This development is GREAT for people with new accounts they can't really compete with ancient accounts on freedom/epic. But keeping it viable is a matter of keeping most of the players in the game in a state where they will see visiting Jackal on occasion, and buying weapons, armor, food, bandages etc. while they are out there as a worthwhile endeavor.
  14. The stronghold sounds fun. I think the people with the most playtime that dominate everything are going to be too busy in main Wurm Online to go out and live on Jackal full-time to be the fastest that can dominate strongholds. And if they do, how will they still have the time to dominate all the content in regular WO? As someone who will be living in Jackal full time, I am far more interested in selling all you part-time jacklers gear to come take on the stronghold with us than I am to denying it to everyone else. I am interested to know though, are cosmetic skills really the only thing we can get living on Jackal? The blog makes it sound like we'll have to go back through the rift to get rift points. I'd personally love to get some of the new rift points from some of the content we do out here too.