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  1. okay but people do take them seriously. You cant just dismiss that fact by saying a sassy remark and just hope it wont be an issue.
  2. pls new players come to Dead_Server#11! I need slaves to dig dirt for me. Also you get to see cool buildings that are all locked away from you because i would never trust you anyway. Oh and also you will never run into people ever because theres 12 players on in a 8x8km map. But please join!! I'm totally not in denial that everything i worked for is slowly but surely being thrown into a bin because the new administration is moving the game towards a more open and casual approach.
  3. Seeing southern freedomers beg for a merge like people in epic and chaos were is such an ironic twist of fate, i dont think anyone still living in the old servers realize that north and south are separated not for the new player's sake but also for the old players, if both were together the newbies would faaar outnumber the old players and would demand things that would ruin the work the old players have made, like wipes and such. Southern is separate because otherwise it wouldnt need to exist anymore. If the devs actually plan promotions, then the time where they are forced to do as the 300 online players of all these servers say, is over.
  4. You also forget that new players see how dead the old servers are which undoubtably affects their decision to go to the new maps. Who wants to play an mmo with few players after all.
  5. what a way to treat potential customers lol, call them all kids. Hopefully the new players who see this wont start thinking the entire community is this toxic.
  6. because they would need to completely separate defiance from the rest then, if they allow high level accounts from sailing to harmony and portal to defiance it would kill the server.
  7. come to defiance, no lag here
  8. any possibility for reduced BS required to load small crates into carts? 23 seems like a lot for something that is heavily required early on
  9. no my point was that theres no way the server would be able to feasibly reach the cap of players without crashing. You have to remember that this is 1500 for one map, all running on the same hardware. This is not a sharded map like on hypixel or w/e
  10. the cap for the new servers is 1500, this is all running on the same machine so the server will 1000% crash before even reaching the cap. Dont worry about a queue or anything. I think some people over-estimate how many people are waiting for the steam release. And not by a small amount either..
  11. i wasnt gonna play wurm steam regardless because of the 1x 1x which essentially kills the whole thing for me, but jesus christ. Rumble? just lol
  12. Unfortunately for this game however, most of the steam memberbase are people who play quick action combats/building games with medium to low effort, wurm is a very slow game and takes time. I'd honestly hope to be wrong but i dont see the steam release doing much for the game other than to create more haters. Hence why the OP was right when they said that the game would not suddenly appeal to more people than it does right now, almost anyone who has interest in these kinds of games has already found out about wurm, given it a try and left or stayed. And also to address something that i often see, "Wurm unlimited did relatively well on steam so why would WO not get the same" WU is designed in a way where players can modify their gameplay experience to make it less tedious and more engaging, WO does not have that especially considering the fact that RETRO confirmed the steam servers would be 1x which would be no different than what the other servers have (save for epic)