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  1. From where I come from, Replying to a topic that is years old is never a good idea. I get it I get it. I really had no idea just some feedback would cause this. Again bitter people. But that is neither here or there.
  2. Have you seen the dates on those posts?
  3. So you disagree with someone. Then you ban them? Am I right?
  4. I thought the community of this game was a bit better than what I see now. Bitter people. Not my type of place to be. I had a good experience. I shouted out my good experience just to inform people as I have had a really bumpy road getting here. They treated ME right, No matter what their reputation may be. The reason I made this post is because I was looking for players to play with on the server I am making. When coming here I saw all the hate for Citadel. Thought I would shed some light on the topic.
  5. I have been with 6 hosting providers( It has been a rough road) The 7th provider/Current is I have not been this impressed in years. Only downside so far is the fact that you need to go to their Mod manager to install the Default gamemodes. However, When I opened their mod manager I found 20+ Mods to install. In disbelief I tested a few of them and they actually work! Last company I was at they had more but only a few actually worked. I just wanted to pay my respects. I know there are more server owners out there looking for the easy life/Non aggravating and hair pulling. They are more on the expensive side, But time is money in my eyes.