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  1. So from Newspring west side; Paradise Harbour, I rowed in my new boat with all my belongings north and slightly east after awhile. I touched shore at 'Tri Force Heroes'. Holding there overnight. I pulled up stakes from my newbie 11x11 settlement and will settle in a 11x11 on the big island now. Any suggestions on an area for me to settle that you've seen which would be near a Guard tower (that could help me with scorpion/troll) and all? I guess I'll just keep rowing offshore until I see an area I find is amicable to me. No, I don't want to be a part of a community in a lodge or something. No group fights, battles, digs, etc. Just a loner with a couple/few friends that I can trade, buy from for advanced tools etc I suppose. Doesn't even have to be near a cave or mine area. Thanks in advance. I was in the game for a few months a couple of years ago, got lost in the number of times it took to dig in mine tunneling (bad for deep arthritis old man) grins. But back now and it seems like lost home. Very good feelings being. Thank you for GM's, Shydow is wonderful in help and assistance and info on the game. Couldn't do without. Thanks all. Chuckboyer