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  1. Hello, I would like to buy a shortbow - Shortbow, willow 80ql, 70+ Circle of Cunning, 70+ Nimbleness' PM or reply with price before sending. CoD to Vaziac (Indy)
  2. WTB the following items, CoD to Vaziac. - Longsword 80ql, 80 Life Transfer, 70 Nimbleness: Expecting ~8s - Shortbow 80ql, 70 Circle of Cunning, 70 Nimbleness: Expecting ~3s - Huge Axe 80ql, 70 Life Transfer, 70 CoC(sorry put WoA before), 70 Nimbleness: Expecting ~8s Please reply or pm me on forum when you send it and for how much, thanks!
  3. Iron would be fine then.
  4. Hello, after getting a price check. I'd like to buy a large steel shield with ~70 ql, no enchants CoD to Vaziac I am on Indy Reply to this post with the price, so i have a heads up on how much it will cost (im assuming about 75-85c)
  5. Hello, I was wondering what the price would be on the following items: - Longsword, 80ql, 70+ Life Transfer, 50+ CoC, 70+ Nimbleness - Large Steel shield, 80ql, 70+ CoC