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  1. +1 could be a nice touch for the coming holy sites too. Maybe make a larger bonfire have more volume so people could use it as a forge/oven? That way people dont have to leave a bunch of lowql forges to sit around. The model getting bigger would be a nice touch too, I think there is something already similar to that with wood scrap last I recall.
  2. Ahoy! I sent over some pickaxes from Silvie to get WOA on them! I think I renamed them right, but it is 70 woa on each, all COD back to Silvie. Thank you! ❤️ Edit: Thank you so much! That was really fast and great casts! Thanks for making my mountain carving just a bit more bearable ^^
  3. Hello again! Thanks for the armor, now Im not dying constantly when I wander offdeed! ^^ Could I get 7 pickaxes made at 70ql? Again COD to Silvie. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I'd like to get: 2 gold rings at 50ql, 2 at 35ql, 1 large maul at 70ql 1 large anvil at 80ql. All COD to Silvie Thanks! ^^
  5. Congrats Synjor! I'll send the gems over your way! ^^
  6. Hi! Could I get this lump lump, iron, ~84ql, 94coc - 1,0s and if possible, an ~80coc on a short sword blade COD to Silvie?
  7. Two very shiny shinies up for auction! Each gem is being auctioned separately! Starting Bid for each gem: 1s Increment: 20c No Private Bids No Buyout 1 hr sniper
  8. Sorry if this is already posted, I tried searching for it but technology hard Mobs tend to get stuck when you lead them over bridges; I've noticed in my maps that mobs have no trouble following me onto a bridge, but whence I leave they get stuck on top of it. I am able to re-engage the mob and fight it, but when I leave their aggro range, they do not move at all; I spent a fair few minutes and was not able to get the mob to move at all from where it got stuck
  9. My game has been crashing fairly randomly but consistently with this same error message. I've tried running as administrator and that did not seem to help. Console log: Crash Log: Crashes seem pretty identical, but I can post more logs if needed
  10. Please add "Celestial Mountain" 533,972 . Thanks! ^^
  11. Talked about this a bit in the discord: The text for treasure map hints occasionally cuts off. Deed name should read "A Noteful Nothing". Resizing did not change anything, it was always cut off This is more slight but still cut off a bit on the sides. Resizing the window fixed it (shown below), but it was snapping back and forth pretty fast, it was hard to line it up to not clip.