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  1. Saaame. Looks like a bunch of people on discord and Steam Community are having trouble too.
  2. Keep in mind that Steam Release is in about 45 minutes so maybe you'll want to get your first taste of Wurm in a new world. Client from Steam for the Steam servers, client from www.wurmonline.com for the old servers.
  3. Happened to me today too. Logged out facing South, Logged in facing North.
  4. I tried testing out the Test - Preview client (The one that looks like it has the new UI in it), and it crashes right after the fancy new loading screen. I am running Windows 10. Here is the crash report: Is this intended/is the client only for Devs, or is this supposed to work?
  5. I didn't make or find this, but it was in a Wurm discord I'm in. I think Beastwolf found it.
  6. When you join a village, you get the option to teleport to the token if you are far away. You can use this once per account. Though it doesn't seem that you will be needing this if it is your own deed.
  7. From what I remember, It had the 2006 release date before. They probably had that idea and have already changed it...
  8. So, I was poking around in the sound.jar extract folder, and I took a look in the '010-Music-Incidental' folder, and it contains all the songs we know and love from Wurm today, as well as some extra super-intense ones that sound like they are triggered during PvP(Could someone confirm?). The I took a look at '009-Music-Specific' folder. I had been looking for that sweet riff that plays sometimes for no reason so I could save it and maybe use it in a dumb edit, but what I found amazed me: The entire(?) collection of original Wurm music by @Gurubearand his band, 21st Century Blues, Including classic hits like 'The Raven', 'Little Miss Jane', 'Village Work song', and of course, 'Wurm is Waiting', as well as a few dozen background tracks of various themes. I have only heard a few of these tracks in-game, and few on the 21st Century Blues YouTube channel, but there are many more that probably nobody has heard for years. Another thing to mention is that the three Kingdom Anthems are there as well(which I think sound awesome!), and also the very last track aside from the achievement sound effects is Gurubear "wishing all Wurmians a merry Christmas, from Rolf and the entire team!", which I assume was used in a Christmas event or message way back when. A bunch of them seem to fit some sort of theme, but it's hard to tell what. Any older players with a keen ear for music and a good memory, please share what you think the songs were for/from! If you want to have a listen to these, all you need is a tool that can extract .jar Java Archives, and to extract the sounds.jar file in /yourwurmfolder/packs/. All of the sound files have ambiguous names, so you'll have to look through them all to find ones that are proper songs, but I think it's definitely a worthwhile thing to do while mining out an iron vein.
  9. This showed up in the Deliverance Community Map thread after a quick global search for 'amberlynn'. Another result shows that it was removed from that map a few months later. Hope this is what you're looking for.
  10. Maybe the chat system doesn’t use Unicode. Just from memory, I don’t remember seeing any non-ASCII characters in the chat.
  11. Some point before the middle of the year. The earliest post about it is this: But there are a bunch in the City Hall with 'Steam' in the title. I thought it would be a good idea to have a Steam page soon as we are nearing that deadline and it would be great to get some Pre-Hype.
  12. Oh! I just accidentally pressed V and toggled it.
  13. Was just wondering how to enable 3rd-person view. Maybe I'm blind, but I can't seem to find a setting anywhere in the menu. Is it a console command? Also, is it still only on the test server?