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  1. Some point before the middle of the year. The earliest post about it is this: But there are a bunch in the City Hall with 'Steam' in the title. I thought it would be a good idea to have a Steam page soon as we are nearing that deadline and it would be great to get some Pre-Hype.
  2. Oh! I just accidentally pressed V and toggled it.
  3. Was just wondering how to enable 3rd-person view. Maybe I'm blind, but I can't seem to find a setting anywhere in the menu. Is it a console command? Also, is it still only on the test server?
  4. Here's something that's been on my mind, and it seems like the kind of thing others might be interested in. Have there been any decisions as to how the PvP server will function on the upcoming Steam port? I.e, will it be small home servers/big war server like Epic, or one big war server like Chaos? (I think I remember reading something in one of the early announcement threads that there will be one server of PvE, one PvP, so probs the latter) Will there be PMKs, and will all the extra mechanics like Champions, Religion, etc. be the same or different to what we have now? Anything else? Also - What would you(the community) want to see in the new PvP server? I did a quick search and I couldn't see any threads like this, so you can put some suggestions/ideas here if you like, and it might help the devs to make a great PvP server.
  5. I've thought about this a bit too. I think that the only way Wurm can move forward is by keeping the growth of the community completely natural, and having accounts that can produce things that would otherwise be 'Endgame' content for people that won't reach that point for years would completely ruin that.
  6. It appears that Wurm Online does not have a public Steam Store page. While it might seem a bit odd to have a page for a game that nearly nobody knows about and doesn’t have a release date, I personally have 2 games on my Wishlist that as far as I know fit these criteria. (Teardown and Sapiens) It might be worthwhile looking at getting a store page so that anyone like me who might be poking around the Free-to-Play section looking for something to play over the weekend might stumble across it and go “Hey, this looks pretty neat” and add it to their Wishlist. Steam has by far the biggest base of gamers on the internet, so this might just be the kind of pre-release advertisement that lots of us have been asking for (myself included) that could get the game going before and at launch.
  7. Is there going to be a custom Guard Uniform as well? As far as I can remember the current one still has the old Mol-Rehan template uniform.
  8. The bow animation is a bit out of whack. Let's say that I am firing 3 shots in a row for training at a target. I press [2] 3 times to queue them up. The first timer starts and the first odd thing is that the bowstring sound plays but there is no animation. Then once the timer finishes, the arrow flies to the target. But then the aim animation plays, and the bowstring sound for the next shot plays, and this repeats again. Once the final (third) arrow flies the bow animation plays but instead of a bow I am holding my large maul. I am assuming that it should go: 1) Bowstring sound and bow animation until timer finishes 2) Arrow flies and maybe arrow sound should play as well? 3) Repeat until finished. Nothing game-breaking, although it might be helpful to know when someone is lining you up in PvP. Just a bit dodgy and I just thought I would point it out.
  9. Wait, isn’t Danny DeVito an angry old troll anyway? It’ll be a perfect role!
  10. Very late reply, but I just stumbled across this again and want to say this for anyone else who might read it. I do enjoy playing Wurm in it’s core concept quite a lot. The fact that you can do so many things however you want is awesome and that games like it on a fundamental level are only just appearing recently (to my knowledge) baffles me because it is so engaging when it is good, and I have thought that since the beginning. I guess I just wrote the above post in regards to the events rather than what I thought, mostly.
  11. I don’t have a priest so it’s never really affected me, but it’s really been the restrictions that keep me from wanting to become one on my only account. No digging or mining seems good in theory but with the current population and mechanics it is just frustrating in practice. Removing these restrictions might also negate the need/want for account trading considering that most people could become a priest on their main if they specialise in something that isn’t currently restricted with the god they would follow (I hope that made sense).
  12. Aw nice now we can see the epic animations In all their glory in 3rd person! Can’t wait to see my Dude’s head go through solid rock wile mining! Haha.
  13. I get that there's probably a lot going on, but it's kinda hard to watch the vods when they don't stay on twitch long and there's been a bit of a delay between broadcast and youtube upload lately.