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  1. It worked perfectly and on the first try. Thank you so much! I'm surprised the other thread didn't show up in my search results, but thank you for being kind and nonjudgmental with the repeat question.
  2. Pretty much what the title says. I've been trying to make a pilgrimage to the white light to become a follower and then maybe a priest, but while everyone else sees the white light, I don't. I've messed with settings a lot, but maybe I've missed a setting? The GM of the server offered to teleport me to the altar, but honestly, that would ruin the immersion of doing the pilglrimage. It also seems to me that I may not be the only one to have ever had this problem so maybe someone else will benefit from this post, should it be solved. For reference, the map is Orcrea, and as I said, I know there is an Altar of Three, and I know that other players on the same server do, in fact, see the light. I've tried: Rebooting (both the game and the computer) Installing the game on another computer and playing from there (which indicates it might be an account or setting issue) Thanks to anyone for any help they can offer.