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  1. I believe I have finally resolved my random crashing issue. It appears there was something quirky with my memory speed in the bios. I reset the xmp in the bios and I have not had any crashing since. I did not have any other issues with any other game or programs so this one was really hard to narrow down.
  2. BUMP So are you guys going to fix this or what? I've been patient as I've been playing other games and waiting for a fix but it doesn't seem like there is any progress. My computer is fine there is something wrong with the client and its not my job to figure it out. Going to unsubscribe I guess as the game is unplayable.
  3. I just built a new computer and I am now randomly crashing to the desktop. The error log shows the same Java exception as others have posted. My old computer does not crash so I have been comparing their settings but I haven’t found a solution. The JNLP client crashes as well.