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  1. Yeah the truestrike+large weapons gonna destroy the reset.
  2. If you wanna try ele, you should upvote for a skill reset in the long term. If you go to ele now you will get one shot by truestrike.
  3. WTB Silver

    As topic says. im buying silver for 1s/1e
  4. Well even if you have your account Borken with all that stats, whats the value of it? What are you doing with it on Epic nowadays? Well epic were supposed to be a long term challenge esque server. Instead it is a standalone freedom server beacuse you aint getting any pvp over their. But you maybe are still happy just sitting at deed watching your crops grow and your horses getting fatter.
  5. You are still so sassy Oreo
  6. Here we go again... Wurm is not a perfect game and to maintain an active pvp server that will die sooner or later is to reset after a set date. You need one of the following key ingredient and that is a reason to move outside your deed. And if we get a map reset. We get PvP for maybe a week or 2 before everyone got their deeds up again and just sitting there dwelling. Epic was dying beacuse there was no reason to go outside their deed in the end. I literally had to sail over to home servers to get pvp. So why are we talking about skill resets? It's because then people have to move outside their territory more often then not to skill up etc. Rolf also said in the beginning that Epic was supposed to be a reset server but there was some crybabies about not resetting their skills.