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  1. That would be nice too. At least something to repair the disparity between skinned and skinless weapons though because having weapon y left out feels bad. I started looking around for that staff of the land because it looks cool but it is apparently very rare and anyone that has it is probably not going to let it go even if they are not using it and even it they did let it go, it would cost way more than the value of 4500 marks.
  2. So the list of skins here is all that is available right? I realize those are the skins available with Jackal points but these are the same skins you get with marks? Will new skins for other weapons be released? It seems there is nothing for my chosen weapon (staff).
  3. Oh I see what you mean. So Game Chest doesn't typically release info like that then. Interesting. I confess that I don't typically watch for anything on their site but I will from here on out for sure.
  4. Oh sweet, one of my favorite topics. There are seasons for both products and services and in that regard a budget might be altered to account for that trend but I've not seen advertising getting placed on the back burner, ever, it needs to be a constant focus. Likewise, for any business, there is no such thing as allocating advertising $ for other things. A business that does not advertise, does not succeed as well as a business that does advertise and in most cases, flat out fails unless they get incredibly lucky with crowd sourced exposure. But one can't run a successful business rolling the dice and hoping to get picked up en-masse, they must be proactive in their efforts to get eyes on the thing they are trying to sell. Are you referencing budget and if so do you know the budget set by Game Chest? If not then I'm not sure that you could make the claim that Game Chest is engaged in "big marketing" (unless you mean something else by that phrase). In most situations, any budget can be set regardless of the venue. Though some venues have expensive minimums, for example Hulu ad reps don't want to talk to anyone that is unwilling to run a test campaign for less than $100,000. But situations like that are rare and for many venues something as low as $1/day is an option. What matters more than the budget is venue-appropriate marketing and I'd venture a guess that mmorpg.com, while not the only choice, is still certainly a valid choice for WO. What if it fails? If a proven venue fails to convert at the standard conversion rate, then the problem isn't the venue, it's the message. But this is dependent upon it being the right venue for the market and most advertisers don't launch with their full budget until they've had some time to analyze the results using a smaller budget first. One more thing. mmorpg.com runs Google ads so anyone can literally plop ads on their site simply by targeting them within their Google Ads PPC campaign settings and clicks of that sort are less expensive than paid ads in the SERPS. And while it's true that sites running AdSense can block specific advertisers, this is usually only done to prevent bad targeting (otherwise they are losing out on earnings). I mention this because the article you linked does not clearly state the nature of how their space will be used for promoting WO, be it articles etc... or using Google Ads which will see ads all over the internet, not just mmorpg.com
  5. Does it dmg when used as a weapon? Can it be improved? Can it be enchanted?
  6. What are all of those items that look like mini deed tokens or sun dials stacked up on the table?
  7. It just gets in the way, covers up other items, and does not display any additional information that isn't already present within the inventory window. Pressing alt also does not improve the data unless you care about fractions of QL. There is an option to remove the outline in inventory items... but oddly there is no way to remove the infobox.
  8. Nice turn out with 22 participants and another warmaster kill. Not sure who invited all those ogres though. Can close this thread.
  9. The bid prior to that was withdrawn.
  10. I believe Sage has cleared at least some of them to make room for a safe pen and I believe that when the rift opens it will destroy any trees within the rift zone. But there is nothing to stop you from chopping them down before then for wood, skill gains, or to simply improve visibility beyond the rift boundary, etc. But people do show up early, for a variety of reasons.
  11. You already double posted. Now on your stream you are discussing whether or not to triple post and at what level you want people to spam chat about this. It's one thing to offer up a suggestion, it's another to try and manipulate people and exploit chat to your satisfaction. I wonder if you are familiar with actual issues that people have been waiting years to get fixed while you are preparing your people to spam multiple chat channels "over the next 6 days" as part of a campaign to get what you demand... right now.
  12. M17. Easily accessible from both the North and West road indicated by arrows in the screen. Rift is located in thick woods.
  13. I would like to see 1 of 2 changes. 1. For every 10 skill in AH, one random negative trait to be removed from the possibility of being bred so that by AH 80, breeders will no longer be breeding negative traits. 2. Or, for every 10 AH skill, the chance to breed any negative trait(s) be decreased by 10% so that by AH 90 there would only be a 10% chance of getting a negative trait and by AH 100, no chance at all. The exception being for related animals. At least this way, there is a reason to intentionally progress in AH.