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  1. I don't recall the exact mechanics at the time but early on, after I had settled my deed, someone decided to stop by in a row boat he borrowed when I was offline and since it was not his boat, he was not able to reboard it to leave. He never came back and I relocated the boat and it later sunk. When I built my docks I built them 1 tile outside of my claim to prevent users from being able to return to the water in a borrowed boat. That means that my own boats sit just outside of my deed too. How does that work? Extra decay because they are off deed?
  2. This was a broken link but I was able to get the image using the way back machine. It is described as "one of the first maps" going back to either alpha or beta. I'm looking for the name of the island, if it had one...? Any OG Wurmians know the name?
  3. The first horse I obtained through breeding wild caught horses. As future attempts resulted in better traits, I decided to let Silverpie go free. But he never left the deed, he stayed loyal always wandering within the borders of my deed until one day I came upon his corpse. I buried him on that spot and put up a gravestone. Technically not a screenshot of Silverpie, but he's there.
  4. You read my original post here right? So you see that the "thing vyn has lost" was "the thing" that made me choose her. You're trying to downplay my complaint as an excuse to dismiss it. You already dismissed it though when you came up with this policy and the reason, according to what you just said is because you think your paying customers are not worth it, both current and past customers. And I have already been catching up, 5 pages worth of beta state updates and bug fixes going back to May of 2019. You think I'm here posting because I don't know about this update? Weird that you would think that. Also I never got my "little something" that I was told I would get for going through the process of getting Wurm included on the list of "now playing" within the Discord APP back in October 2017, because you were certainly not doing it. That's not why I did it of course and I didn't expect anything, until the moment you said I would get something. No comment on the CPA eh? @Oblivionnreaver since a "few days" of lost time means nothing to you, message me so that I can direct your actions in-game for the next few days, you would do what I say, in the same way Retrograde is telling me what to do, spend more time doing what I already did at my expense. And since I've not been offered compensation for my loss of time then neither will you, for those few days. It's only a few days right? So no big deal for.
  5. Yes, you guys made it perfectly clear that my time is insignificant, unless I'm a priest. And 3 months means nothing to players that are on Hiatus from the game which is quite common when someone plays for years and years. But you are fine crapping on my premium time because it's less premium time than what was spent to reach priest right? So therefore my time does not matter, right? And I don't subscribe to your newsletter, nor should I feel the need to constantly be on alert so that I can scramble whenever you decide to make changes like this during my down time from the game. You spent $10,000 for a view campaign in an attempt to get more players but wont send an in-game item to your EXISTING players that follow a god. This is common for MMO publishers to do, when they change character stats. buy hey it's okay right, screw the current player base because you have a Steam campaign underway. What did the CPA look like for that $10K? Did it turn out well? Meanwhile you toss out the referral program because you don't like how existing players are using it for alts? In with the new, to hell with the old. Right? What a sour experience this is to return to.
  6. I'm a returning player, like most people here, I.E. I don't play all the time without a break. I just returned from a break and digesting all of these changes, so many that the game feels like it is in Beta... all of this to appeal to Steam? Okay fine, I guess. But I see that you changed follower bonuses too for all remaining gods, but only offered free god swaps for priests? Why not for every follower? And why did that free swap expire on May 1st? Because someone was not playing during the magic period in question therefore too bad? It took me some time to decide on a god and when I did decide it was for primarily the skill gain bonuses offered by Vyn, more specifically, the characteristic skill gains because they are a pain to raise. Now I return, after May 1st, not even a priest, and following a god that has been gimped imo, at least for my usage. You make these changes... you should have sent a free swap token or something to all characters that were following a god, a token they can use at anytime, just once. Instead you put all these restrictions on it and too bad for anyone that wants to change and reset their faith, because the time they spent doing that isn't as important as the time a priest spent... and is still not important if s/he did not login before May 1st and learn of the change in time.
  7. Please add Dawn's Light at (2465, 4245).
  8. Welp, I made it to the event location via overland roads. I have my newbie tent setup just East of the pen that is holding the horses and it will be removed tomorrow. I only hope that I can get up early enough in the morning to make the event as it is will be 6am my time.