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  1. I can't truly express how annoying it is to dump $100's into this game, earn marks, then take a break but hopping in every few weeks for a status check and to see what new skin is available - then finally see a skin that I like, but unable to buy that skin with the marks I earned because I'm not PRESENTLY premium. I understand monetization, but this just seems wrong. I earned those marks with my premium purchases, but that isn't good enough, I need to be premium at the time I spend my marks... I must pay, for the privilege of paying.
  2. Anyone selling marble statue fragments of Vynora?
  3. Rift for Aug 17

    Location: https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2783,5165 (right next to gravel road - lots of trees) Time: https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Screen shots:
  4. I figured it out. For anyone else searching for this in the future. 1. You must remove the paving 2. It isn't a mining action (so using a hotkey wont work). Instead, right click the floor and choose the mining option to 'remove reinforcement'.
  5. I heard that if you upgrade to a fancy angora hamster then you can expect a 10% performance improvement. They also improve the social well being of the other hamsters.
  6. I'm trying to extend a building in a mine. When I mine out another tile, I can't level it because it is next to a reinforced floor even though the corner that would be lowered does not and would not effect the bordering reinforced tile. The Wiki says: "A reinforced floor can be mined to remove beam reinforcement with 21 body strength. No shard is produced in this process, and the slope does not change." However, I also cannot mine that tile to remove the reinforcement because it too is next to another reinforced tile floor. O,o So is the only way to remove a reinforced cave floor tile if it is literally a solo reinforced tile? Once a cave building is constructed, that's it... no expansion?
  7. I only starting breeding horses a lot beginning a couple of months back but I think Fastmack is the best name I've seen so far and very fitting since he is a 4spd ebony.
  8. Can maps/clues dug up be given to other players (I know they can be dropped, look like scrolls)? If other players have the maps can they find the treasure or is it locked to the player that dug it up? Do you even need a map to find a treasure... can I just stumble upon one or does it get triggered by finding a map first? On the live servers, if I dig and have an MOI, do I get rare dirt AND the first clue or will it be one or the other?
  9. Good to know. Thanks. I see what you mean. Possible with the map dump, I could never see that on the in-game map.
  10. Yeah... no. This map and clue is very discouraging. All I see is a dot on a blank field and I don't know what the scale of that dot is, much less what it might be and it doesn't seem to match to some dot on the clue. I had someone in my house say that they could see other dots, but I can't, maybe if I could see colors better. I'll keep exploring as I often do but I don't think this update will encourage more of that. It's nice to see new content in Wurm, but this one is not for me. I am concerned about the journal though, If this is added as a requirement to complete the journal then that crushes any thoughts I may have entertained of someday completing it.
  11. For me, being color blind to a degree, I find it difficult to see the differences with some of the colors on the maps. So whether or not I can find a treasure is going to be heavily determined by a map clue and I suspect that scrolls and such will end up as deco, unless they decay on deed. Regarding the journal, will the treasure hunting journal entries be added as requirements for completing the journal to get journal rewards?
  12. I like the idea. What if the QL of the tower determined how many logs were retained. So 50QL = last 5 unique visitors for example. Could give a reason to imp a tower beyond 50.
  13. To add to the above. There is the cost to start a deed, and then the costs to keep the deed, called upkeep. As mentioned above, the minimum monthly upkeep is 1s, however, that 1s minimum cost in upkeep will cover a deed size up to 500 tiles. So any deed that is less than 500 tiles isn't quite as good since you STILL have to pay that 1s in upkeep, whether it is an 11x11 (121 tiles) or a 25x20 (500 tiles). The 11x11 purchase price is cheaper, but in the long run, the 20x25 is a better deal. To purchase a 500 tile deed will cost 5s, but then you are also charged for the first 3 months of upkeep, so that is another 3 silver. Conclusion: The best minimally viable deed size is 500 tiles, will be good for 3 months, and cost 8s. Many people pay upkeep up to and beyond a year in advance. So tossing 12s into a 500-tile deed adds a year of retention. Note that 25x20 is just an example because it equals 500 tiles perfectly, but you can play around with dimensions to get other lengths that are close to 500 tiles.
  14. There are plenty of options for recording in-game vids and you can go with any popular option or search for something the suits your needs. I use a paid app called Action by Mirillis. It's easy to setup and easy to use with a very low learning curve, especially when compared to OBS. It has a couple of features that I like a lot, one is that I can pause the recording without stopping the recording, this makes it easy for me to record content without the need to edit the video afterwords, that's the time consuming part. This is also real handy for household distractions, just pause, go take care of business, get a drink, eat dinner, whatever, then resume. It also has a time-shift feature that lets you record past actions. This is good if you just want to record clips without recording hours of footage while waiting for an interesting thing to happen, and then needing to edit out that small minute clip. It's also handy for when you encounter an issue with another player, just hit the time-shift hotkey and it will retroactively record everything you've encountered in the game for the last x minutes where x is the value you define ahead of time. I record from time to time but I don't stream live, but Action also lets you stream to a list of streaming sites like Twitch, Youtube, livestream, facebook, etc. You can also use standard streaming options like a webcam, overlay, etc...
  15. "Is Wurm too Realistic?" No. "For example - Travelling for hours to reach the other side of the map." I spend a lot of time exploring and a world can never be too large for me. My first MMO was Asheron's Call which is roughly 500 sq miles and since AC, I look down with great disdain on tiny worlds. New World for example was way too small for me to enjoy it, plus there was no wilderness, just a few spots in between roads and locations so there wasn't much to explore. It felt more like an arena than it did a world. If Wurm could support a larger server than Xan, then I would move there. I'm a fan of MMO's that have one large mega-server, like Eve. This goes for single player games as well but sadly most survival type SP games are set on very small islands. Typically, the older the game, the larger the world. Compare Daggerfall to Skyrim for example. Skyrim is like the size of a region in Daggerfall. I used to do run tests and then post them as videos in which I run from one end of a 'large' world to the other to illustrate just how small the world really is. With that said, I don't mind fast travel options, they come in handy when you just need to get to point B without fuss. But I would rather have a large world with fast travel options so that I can still enjoy exploring.