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  1. So is this at the deed named Bruce's Flying Circus?
  2. Yes it was such a large turnout, especially when compared to the previous. I guess a decent a time combined with it being the weekend contributed to that.
  3. Yep, I could not (still can't) see it. What I see is this: Maybe if you stripped everything after and including the ? then it would embed.
  4. Looks decent. Much better than when I was attempting a map back in my WU days. Elevations were particularly challenging to make look right and so my maps ended up being pretty flat... too flat. Images will appear in the post when inserting a URL to the raw image. I.E. with a URL that ends with something like .jpg or .png. Most people use imgur or something similar since they don't ruin the image with a watermark. Your map for example:
  5. The way things are going, they will probably add all of this and still not fix how AH is broken.
  6. Related comment in a more recent thread: I'm not sure why it needs to be a "complete rework" but that language seems to translate to "no, it's too hard" even though I don't think a complete rework is needed over something like a formula change to reduce the chances of getting a negative trait as AH skill increases.
  7. I didn't think a formula correction would require a complete rework anymore than inverting faith's impact on prayer; both are formula changes right? An edit of the trait formula to allow for a decrease in the chance to breed a negative trait as AH skill goes up would suffice as a quick fix. For example, decrease the chance to breed a negative trait by 1% for every skill point in AH so that by AH 99 there would only be a 1% chance to get a negative trait. Or this could trigger every 10 skill points for a 10% decrease which is effectively the same, but with different ticks. Since those values already exist, no additional mechanics would need to be introduced to the game and then breeders would no longer be penalized for improving AH beyond the 43 - 50 skill level. It's nice to know it's on the list (is there a link for the list?) but at this point I'd have to say I lack confidence in ever seeing it get fixed whether it is a formula fix or a "complete rework" because it seems that improvements have higher priority over fixing broken skills. I mean, the post I referenced in my previous comment was from 2017.
  8. I just want to know why (and how) prayer/faith edits are here a month after suggested when AH is clearly broken and people have been asking for it to be fixed for years. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that people spend money on alts for priests and keeping AH broken means more money through Fo Alts.
  9. Yup, that's been happening since 2006. Don't new account holders get a nice discount that includes both premium and silver?
  10. Having played off and on from 2017 - 2020 I've been diseased once. But in January 2021 I've been diseased 3x so far. Two of those instances was while driving a large cart. In this last case I was on a large cart paving in a straight line with no one else around. My understanding is that the two horses pulling a cart are on the tile ahead of the player.
  11. Despite the 30 minutes of downtime announced just before the rift opened and then a group-wide DC during the (2nd?) wave, and a small group of 8 participants we still managed to get through it without any deaths. Good job and grats to all.
  12. And in case you missed it. There is something special about this rift. 1/21 2021 P21 Starts 21 minutes after the hour
  13. Center of P21 and easily accessed via the highway that splits P21 as indicated here: