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  1. I don't think the new methods themselves, or the new tools are necessarily worse, in fact the spear fishing was quite fun. My only issue was that the quantity and weight of the fish I could gather was extremely low. I'd be perfectly happy with the new system if they just upped the speed, weight and quantity as it's now one of the least afk skills in Wurm.
  2. Already paying monthly subscription, no need to nickle and dime everything in cash shop too. Ability to change appearance even once a month would be nice. Especially considering all the features are already in the game... we're just excluded from using them.
  3. Thank you both - With net fishing in a full submerged, shallow water tile I was able to catch tiny fish every try. Didn't give me any skillgain, but at least I could combine them with pumpkins to make decent weighted food. Still seems infinitely worse than the old system, which sadly I enjoyed quite a lot, but at least now I'm self sufficient.
  4. In the 30 minutes since my last post, I have since managed to catch 5 fish. All 0.03-0.07kg in weight. I've had around 15-20 failures to catch in that time period. Unfortunately I've had to re-evaluate my hopes for fishing, at least with nets and spears, as even assuming a 100% catch rate at my average 0.05kg per fish, it would result in only 2.5kg weight per hour, in assorted tiny fish. Also, to even catch those 5 fish, I had to pay 100% attention to my fishing, no chat, no afk, only scanning my screen for tiny fish, as the fish are so difficult to see and aim at. Making matters worse, even with my FOV set to 100, over 75% of the fish I saw, swam at me from a direction I could not see when I began my fishing action. This resulted in most fish approaching me from either an extreme left/right or from behind. Even with 100% attention, I still physically couldn't see 2 fish approach and pass me by. (Great eyesight, sitting very close to a large monitor) To make matters worse, I've even injured both my feet - without ever spearing directly at my feet - so I'm now limping back to my tent. Maybe rod and reel fishing results in more fish, but from this test and even ignoring skill level and item quality (assuming 100% successful catch rates), neither method is viable for eating or skillgain. I doubt Votip is right - I'll have to look at other options for food.
  5. What I have learned & the problems I've encounted: 1: As you can see from my compass, I spotted the correct fish to my East. I initially began my fishing action looking directly West - This is a corner tile and the fish came at me from behind. To find it, I had to rotate my screen 170 degrees. 2: The fish followed the green arrow. It swam directly towards me, through the ground and out the other side, making it difficult to track and make an attempt at. 3: There are 7 fish in this picture, with many more further South and West, where I was looking when I began the action. Identifying the 'real' fish, outlined in red is both difficult, due to the tiny size and color almost matching that of the water, as well as no clear indication that the other fish aren't actually the ones which are catch-able. 4: I clicked directly on the fish, while it was very close to me, resulting in "[21:37:58] You missed the brook trout!". I cannot tell why I missed, it looked to me like I clicked directly on it. Netcode, lag, wrong distance, tool quality failed a roll, skill level failed a roll, etc etc. After spending over an hour without catching anything, I have finally caught a 0.03kg roach - useless for just about anything really. Honestly, the only reason I stuck with it so long is because I have played Wurm off and on for many years... I don't expect many truly new players would stick around for so long. I am still interested to learn more about these new mechanics and hopefully at the end of it, be able to catch some fish in a reasonable time-frame, as I remember doing in the past. If anyone can provide more insight, I would appreciate it.
  6. Hi, I'm a returning player, experiencing many of the new updates for the first time, including the new fishing and most of the cooking updates. (Yeh, it's been a while) In an attempt to feed myself, I tried out the new fishing system - Spearfishing and Net fishing. Currently I have a 1ql birchwood/iron long spear and a 4.38ql cotton fishing net, along with 1.0 fishing skill. I've been through the in-game tutorial and the wiki pages relating to fishing and the tools, but I still haven't actually caught anything. With the spear, I can't tell if I'm clicking the wrong fish - there are lots swimming around - or if I'm clicking the right fish but too far away or too close. I also can't tell if my misses are because of my mouse input, my skill level or my tool quality level. I've attempted to catch fish with the spear for 20-30 minutes, never catching anything. Only misses. I haven't kept track of how long I've had to spend repairing the spear... With the net, I've spent about 20 minutes - 1 minute per action - and caught nothing. Nada. This has been during day and now night time, fishing into the ocean in a not shallow but also not deep tile, same as with the spear. At least I'm not spending more time repair the net than I do using it, like the spear. I could lure animals to guard towers and harvest meat that way, but that doesn't feel like it should be the right solution. The 'new' forage/botany ingredients are great though, I guess being vegetarian is always an option. I would much appreciate if someone has or knows of a video, showing someone successfully net and spear fish, as it doesn't translate well through text showing the proper method for doing so. *edit: After 1 hour of fishing, I managed to catch 1 clam, containing 0.3kg of seafood meat*