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  1. I am teaching myself c# at the moment so I went with making external tools to manipulate the game world(world painter/viewer type tools) instead of creating actual game mods. Might be something to look into if you aren't looking to get into java but still want to be involved in WU.
  2. I have seen everything you listed except sea serpent
  3. I feel this so much. I have been playing my current WU world for over a month now and I have a Knarr but still no bed because I can't focus lol
  4. Wiki entry for Bronze says .15 Tin and .50 Copper but mine is taking .50 Tin and .15 Copper. Is this different because WU vs WO, or is the Wiki incorrect?
  5. As far as I know, trees only spawn on grass tiles. You could maybe add the trees then the snow, not sure if the snow overrides the trees though.
  6. Not sure how most people feel, but part of what I find fun about this game is the exploring. Having things spread out forces people to explore to find things. On my map I put different trees and even different ores on different islands so I had to make a boat and go sailing the open waters.
  7. Do material properties transfer to the finished item if the material is not in the finished item name? For example, does Oak "20% less damage taken" property only work for tools with "oak" in the name(completely wooden tools), or any tool made from oak like iron pickaxe made with oak shaft? Same would go for lead nails maybe, do they affect the decay on items made with them? So a pine rope tool with lead nails would take more damage but decay slower?
  8. I like the idea of the tool cabinet, but I am really interested in the tar/oil bit. Not that we need another skill, but Preserving could be a new one if one were to be added to go along with Improving and Repairing. "Polishing' metal items with oil, "Finishing" wood items with tar or other sealants, "Conditioning" leather, "Glazing" pottery, might even lump "Salting" food in there. Should wear off after a bit and need to be redone. A "preserved" item decreases decay and also locks the QL so it cannot be improved until the preservation wears off, could still be decreased with repairing though. Maybe also have some sort of preservation remover, for instance an acid wash for metal items, to remove it in case you want to imp, but it comes at a cost of added decay so you have to repair and imp further in this case. Increased Preservation skill increases the amount of decay reduction.
  9. Cuddles, I really appreciate the work you did on this. I let it run all night with no characters logged in and no rock/sand was added. I then logged in a GM character and left it running a few hours this morning and still nothing was added. Looks like it worked perfectly!
  10. Thanks. I am going to run a test server all night and see how it goes. It shouldn't matter if no characters are logged in right? Just need the server running for the poller to do its thing?
  11. I created a map with specific ores in specific areas. This particular area only had iron. After 2 weeks of in-game time, this is what the tile poller has done with rocksalt and sandstone. Is it intended to spawn so much? Soon There won't be any rock left to mine.
  12. This seems a bit overboard. This is after 2 weeks in-game time. This area was spawned with only iron and look at how much rocksalt and sandstone has spawned. A few more weeks and I won't have any rock left.
  13. Load the map folder up and on the right you will see tabs for Terrain(1), Topo(2), Cave(3). If you hit 1, 2, or 3 it will take you to those views. There is also a 4... check the View menu up top and it should say at the bottom of the list Isometric 3D(4), I think this is what you are looking for.
  14. According to Oblivionreaver in my other post, it is the tile poller. I am trying to make a tool to "paint" ores in certain locations on the map instead of random, but having these spawn randomly defeats that idea and wreacks a custom map.