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  1. Hello Need Caravel with +7% wind +5% vehicle speed rune. Is it possible ?
  2. Hey 81ql rare bucket, cedarwood - 98woa 96coc // 4s Need it. Pls, CoD to Cluir
  3. Hey:) Need 30xLarge Crates to Pristine i11 (SE corner of i11 on Pristine). is it possible ?
  4. Hey still need it ? I think that can help you.
  5. Hey Need plain leather set ql80 is it possible ? And need imp my rare med rug from 70ql to 90ql
  6. Antony, pls, let me know when u ll get it
  7. Hey Sickle,iron (coc94) horse shoe, iron (86w) horse shoe, iron (84w) CoD to Cluir, pls
  8. Hello WTB some merchant contracts. Pls, offer your price here/pm/ or in game to Cluir