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  1. I've found on my deed that larders do work for eating from if you add a lock and give the "everyone" permissios, but a better solution for all food would be nice to have
  2. Possibly related to the problems with locks on tents crossing servers and attempted fixes thereof?
  3. Is this required for all sacks that were recieved this year as I have the same problem as well? If so will a fix be released or is GM intervention the only way to fix it?
  4. Can't seem to find the post, but I think it was at the start of NFI that it was confirmed anything below 5% creation chance will show as 0%
  5. I would assume you have to grind out Arch to get fragments for them, assuming that is avaliable
  6. no change to the fact that veins are't all 100ql, basically this means that any vein under around 87ql is useless for 90+ ores now?
  7. Out of interest do you know if the tunnel would be close enough at that point to park a boat in local?
  8. I can confirm that we're seeing unusual respawn behaviour on Pristine as well. The desert near me was partially cleared and there are maybe a dozen mobs there now. however in a 4 tile cave near by there are a similar amount, so something seems a bit off there.
  9. I did a fair chunk of the last Mag on Pristine, even if I wasn't being praticularly efficient, and in the end it was about 130days since the previous. Given the changes, can you give us any insight to what you hope the time to charge them on smaller servers wil be after this change? even if just ballpark 8 weeks? 12 weeks?
  10. Because of the Effective Tool QL calculation [ql * (100-damage/100)] I believe minimum tool ql will be around 0.0001, in practice you probably won''t be able to hit that as it requires a 1ql tool with 99.99 damage so would be destroyed on use for anything that takes damage. It may have been placebo, but certainly it felt like Prospecting using Analyse from 85-90 using a 1ql pick with 10, 20 and eventually 30 damage seemed to increase skill gain rate.
  11. Wow, it's been a year already, doesn't seem that long This time I'll be coming in with 70 BS, will chip in with some Carp and LW to most likely to push those up over 70, if they're not there before hand
  12. I've been having an issue with the windowed client where the position of it will change on startup with it more often than not aligning it's self to the bottom of the screen so the bottom of the window ends up behind the taskbar. I've done some testing and something isn't quite right with window positioning, if it's a roughly equal distance from top and bottom of the screen it seems to restart fine, but if it's skewed towards one edge, it seems to render the window more aligned to the bottom of the screen. lazy fix, for me at least would be to align the window to top edge of screen, but if there is a way to fix alignment properly, that would be great too for reference, client when roughly where I want it restarting causes it to start here
  13. these were spwaned at the Impalong most got killed, but some wandered off and got lost
  14. I think that might be the boat in the bay near me, I'll be online a bit later, but if you want to look it's in the middle of the bay just through the Dragon Pass canal on the community map. Edit: Sorry, that one is named "Neodrach" I have definitely seen the name, I just can't recall where exactly I'm afraid.
  15. One of the Anacondas for a mission spawned in the water around U/V 8/9 on Pristine