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  1. Need to wait for Cartography and things to go live on the test servers before anyone can test them.
  2. Add scraps of hide and scale to treasure chests/archaeology caches, less hate towards hunters? Also, to Stanlee for trying to help.
  3. Still no Temple model.
  4. Grind Prayer to 70, feel sense of achievement. has Prayer reset to 30.
  5. While i mostly agree with what Dale has said, i have do have a question. What about the things left over from players who have been banned?
  6. While you are poking Archaeology please consider this.
  7. and give me back the 70 prayer that i grinded before becoming a champ.
  8. 1 affinity that went to Soul on my way to 70 prayer.
  9. Under 10ql make an offer Over 10ql ruby 5 silvers Over 10ql sapphire make an offer Over 10ql emerald 6 silvers Over 10ql opal 5 silvers Over 10ql diamond 5 silvers
  10. Has anyone finished "Hunting for Clues" and "Hunting for Treasure" in the journal and did you get anything or are they bugged?
  11. Sorry, I mean the reward from completing the journal.
  12. Is the Hunting for Treasure reward meant to be something that drops into inventory when claimed or is it something else?