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  1. I think it's more Gamechest telling Samool he has to do VR and not the devs deciding to it. The idea of VR was floated back when Budda was in charge and they knew it was a bad idea then, different era but still a bad idea without changing engines.
  2. Ccup, Tcup, Coffee pot, Tea pot, Coffee plant, Coffee cherry, Tea plant and a few other things.
  3. Updated Temple model when?
  4. Deliverance, released September 7 2011? Exodus, released September 15 2011? Epic cluster, released October 28 2011? Wild/Chaos connected to the rest of Freedom, December 19 2011? Any plans to celebrate 10 years for these?
  5. 7 valrei items rare fruit press oakenwood 7ql supreme stone shards 37ql Adamantine lumps 74ql, 57ql, 52ql and 40ql. all 0.10wgt Also want to trade fantastic horse burger and chips recipe for another fantastic recipe.
  6. We also intend to expand further on the construction features, adding both new building elements and decorative items and features. One of our desired features that we’ve been playing with are docks, which would allow you to create structures on water. On the decoration side, a popular suggestion (as well as something we want to see in the game) is hanging items on walls - we’ll be looking at how we can add that.
  7. No, not a merge to screw you over. I don't have an easy answer for the skills transfer because some players would feel hard done by whatever option was decided upon. As for gear and things, this is why I said connect the home servers to chaos. That way you still have anything that's not stuck on elevation.
  8. So those of you that still live on Epic don't want any merger with freedom? What then do envision happening with it? Up to a point I can understand some of the reluctance. Both sides have worked hard for their skills just on different mechanics. If not for a merge or some drastic change what hope is there that anything will improve for the Epic cluster?
  9. The devs have proven they are capable of doing some fancy things, and while they strive to add new content and update existing features there is one horse that has never received a proper burial. Epic. While I expect this post to be met with some ridicule and hatred, please take a few breaths after reading and gather your thoughts before commenting. The Epic cluster may once have been a thriving arena of PvP and the place to be to become a demigod but is now little more than a ghost. Nothing is gained by keeping it separated from the Southern Freedom Isles, also nothing is truly lost keeping it separated. It is high time the Elevation server was retired while Desertion, Serenity and Affliction (the “Home” servers) were migrated to connect to Chaos with the skill curve and other Epic mechanics removed. Skills-wise a snapshot would be taken like the previous Epic to Freedom skill transfer where players are left with x3 next to their skills. Travel to and from the “Home” servers would initially be restricted to using a portal like it currently is for NFI travelling to Defiance. Or if it was supported by the Devs then the “Home” servers would be reachable via sailing but only to/from Chaos. To reach the rest of the Southern Freedom Isles from a “Home” server a player would have to travel to Chaos first. If I have overlooked something simple please politely point it out and help improve upon this. Just to clarify I'm actually from SFI.
  10. If I've done it right there is an Oleanderwood sailboat(Gumbert Donation 1) at Friendship Bay. I also have a wagon(Gumbert Donation 2) that needs unloading from my knarr next to the sailboat. I think I have the permissions set for you to get it.
  11. Delete Elevation and the skill curve/gain. Bring Desertion, Serenity and Affliction over and connect them to Chaos.