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  1. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    shovel, BOTD82: 42c & 80QL 35c stone chisel, BOTD75: 22c & 80QL 35c hammer, BOTD81: 36c & 80QL 35c ~2s05c COD to ValiantNorth
  2. Note: We are still actively recruiting!
  3. Labor for Hire

    Hey Xandice you've got some great reviews, could you PM me I'd like to Hire you
  4. Absolutely thank you for coming down - check your PMs, I've sent you some more information.
  5. Welcome to Hillshire! RECRUITMENT: ACTIVELY RECRUITING ░░░ Active Township and Management ░░░ ░░░ Easy Access to Sea & Deep Land ░░░ ░░░ Activate Communities Near Us! ░░░ ░░░ Public Projects, Events & More! ░░░ ░░░ Avid Communication Between Management and Township ░░░ ░░░ Democratic/Electoral System Decides Councillors & Laws ░░░ ░░░ Community Job Boards and Public Procurement Boards ░░░ Hello there! Valiant here; acting High Councillor of Hillshire Village, we have a small deeded community along the Southeast coast of Independence (Near S-22 & S-23). Joining: Claiming a Plot: Who We Are: We are newly formed and are offering players various lots in our village (3x6, 3x3, 2x2), we're relatively small as it stands so if you're looking for a huge settlement or kingdom with lots of amenities we cannot offer the same level of amendments as other settlements but we can offer the ability to take part in a Town as it is being shaped and have a power position there within moving forward. We're planning to primarily be a Trading community with lots of internal activities, discussions, politics and game-play specific events for community members to take part in, our goal is expansion to other PvE servers and eventually a full-on maneuver into the PvP servers. We have very engaging and fun game-play systems for our villagers to take part in and a strong understanding about what makes a community great. Our villagers are also very active (daily). We're currently actively recruiting and our village leaders and members are always online on a daily basis as we are all active players, we procure most of our materials through our citizens whenever possible using in-game currency, this gives new players a chance to take part in our village's procurement process and have a chance at winning a contract which they can fulfill and make some Copper & Silver on the side!