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  1. OMG Guys i thank to all of you, it works now!!! i simply changed the KDE Window Decorations to "Plastik" and it worked.. So many thanks!
  2. i can't even close it, i can only kill the java process to get rid of it. i tried both JRE comes with wurm's tar.gz and Gentoo's oracle-jre-bin package, they both do the same behaviour. also i can't launch the game because 'do you want to submit data' windows also behaves the same.
  3. Hi there! I'm having an issue with wurm installation on my Gentoo build. I used the tar.gz file to install wurm from the official website. The game is installed fine, but when i click the settings icon, an 'almost' invisible tiny window pops up, i can't resize it nor use it or close it. I can only kill the process to close it. This might be either related with my desktop behaviour (KDE) or the Java VM. I'm posting this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/qocvj1 this is how it looks. Thanks!
  4. Greetings! I am mayor of Ash Hideout. I wish my deed to be added on the community map. We are on 20x 12y by the coast. https://prnt.sc/qly8qo There you can see the area as red square. Thank you very much! Happy wurming
  5. Today I've just got this idea from nowhere, it's a simple decorative item with 'a candle on a skull' Made by attaching candle on a goblin skull.
  6. Hi i'm interested in joining you, my in-game name is Jung
  7. Hello fellow Indy players, i started wurm after a very long period. I'm currently freebie but might subscribe later. I'm looking for a village where i can train my skills and provide help if any needed. Thanks! I should be around N16 on Indy but i'm not so sure.