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  1. Apparently, it is the frying pan that is preventing the use of strawberries. Just tried it with the pottery bowl and it worked. Have strawberries never worked with the frying pan? Or could something have gotten messed up between updating the game and learning how to add server side mods?
  2. Did something change with the usage of strawberries in the last few updates (since WU I used to be able to use strawberries as a fruit option in cooking meals. Now any time a strawberry is added the lore result says that the ingredients do not make anything.
  3. In Wurm Unlimited we cannot bind the same key to different actions without applying a modifier key. This makes sense and I do not wish to change it as a whole. However, I would like to be able to use the same key without modifiers when specific tools must be equipped in order to perform actions. Example of current scenario: Shovel + key = Dig Pickaxe + key + shift = Mine Rake + key + ctrl = Farm Example of requested scenario: Shovel + key = Dig Pickaxe + key = Mine Rake + key = Farm If possible, please make the tools become the modifier so that keys may be shared among the tools. Thank you. P.S. If there is a mod that is capable of doing this, please direct me to it.