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  1. Hey this is my list. Please send to NFI character name is UncleRust. Thank you very much! mallet, oakenwood, ~15ql, 84coc - 0,50s grooming brush, oakenwood, ~8ql, 85coc - 0,50s grooming brush, oakenwood, ~8ql, 85coc - 0,50s butchering knife blade, iron, ~21ql, 89coc - 0,5s wild cat pelt ~66ql, 80coc - FREE hatchet head, iron, ~20ql, 85coc - 0,50s horse shoe, iron, ~54ql, 79woa - 0,25s x4 pickaxe head, iron, ~20ql, 88coc - 0,50s rake blade, iron, ~31ql, 87coc - 0,50s rope tool, oakenwood, ~33ql, 89coc - 0,50s saddles, leather ~61ql, 85woa - 1,26s sickle blade, iron, ~12ql, 83coc - 0,50s trowel blade, iron, ~12ql, 92coc - 1,5s file blade, iron, ~27ql, 89coc - 0,50s carving knife blade, iron, ~27ql, 80coc - 0,5s scissors, iron, ~54ql, 87coc - 0,50s Made to order: saw blade 80+ coc Shovel blade 80+ coc whetstone 80+coc hammer 80+coc small anvil 80+coc large anvil 80+coc
  2. Thanks for the replies and feedback, I forgot about the rowboat requirements. In any case I think this idea is well worth exploring, as even making an alt and bringing him along in a rowboat to come back is still a silly unnecessary nuisance. I like the loading idea too, it may work better that way than a "tow" mechanic especially when crossing from one server to another and I had not considered that either. I Appreciate the feedback.
  3. I would like to see the ability to "tow" a raft, rowboat, or sailboat put in the game. Imagine I am selling a Knarr to someone on another server, upon arrival I will have 6 silver in my pocket and no way to get home unless I have an alt which must have subscription given the body control requirements of boats, use 1000 karma per sale, or bring a friend who would much rather do something else other than spend hours facilitating his friends business delivery. I would say this is a silly, unnecessary handicap on shipbuilders. We have a "lead" mechanic for animals, a "drag mechanic" for other things. This I think is reasonable and not game breaking, you could make it so the other ship must be empty if there are any concerns over that. Thank you! Edit: I think John's Idea of Loading, instead of or in addition to towing or leading is the best option. This would also make it easier to cross from one server to another with the second vessel.