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  1. Thank you @polarbear! Method #2 worked for me on Ubuntu MATE 22.04. Now I can play WO without booting into Windows.
  2. It's tricky because the company won't want to detract from WO revenue. They could perhaps release new content as DLC, but that would split the WU playerbase. Not a problem easily solved. A wurmian can dream...
  3. I made a tool for server admins that makes all cooking recipes known. Run the command with the path to "WurmServerLauncher/dist/recipes" as an argument. wu-recipe-unlocker.exe "PATH_TO_WURM_SERVER\dist\recipes" First the program will make a copy of your recipes in a folder called "recipes_backup". Then it will go through each file and set the recipe's "known" property to true. 💾 Download WU-Recipe-Unlocker Select your platform, Windows or Linux. There is also an archive of the default recipes already unlocked for you. 💚 Happy cooking!!
  4. The player count has already peaked. Adding yet another server is a mistake.
  5. Port Shibe [4536,2363] The deed has been there a couple years now I guess I should put it on the map. Ty for this wonderful resource. ❤️
  6. I would play with this option enabled if it were available as long as there would be a checkbox somewhere to disable it. As seen in this thread there are players who would not appreciate this addition.