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  1. Appreciate all the replies in this thread. The tip regarding only the last plank in a big crafting project be cedar..I did know that, but had not thought of doing bigger things that way. Thanks. In regards to WHERE I am when this happens. For sure it happens 99% of the time in the newbie tree area. I hardly go there anymore, but sometimes I just want to nab a few trees in a hurry. In other locations, I have been within the limits of Havens Landing. Barely. I need to go somewhere else entirely and test this, then report back. Also, nerfs to cedar? Yes, we should get clarification on the state of cedar containers.
  2. Started playing about 3 weeks ago. Since the first (yes the VERY FIRST day) of playing, I have a TON of issues cutting down Cedar trees, and ONLY Cedar trees. I have tested and reproduced this problem under tons of different player and game conditions, including: 1. At Full Health and Nutrition (first day with freebie food) 2. While fasting 3. At night game time 4. During the day game time 5. Different places around Havens Landing, including the newbie tree area, the perimeter of Havens Landing, and out in the wild outside the town limits. 6. With no items in my inventory except for my equipped items and a hatchet. 7. With a normal amount of items under the 100 weight limit 8. Having items equaling more then the 100% weight limit 9. On the same tree 20 times 10. One time on 20 cedar trees 11. On cedar trees of ANY age 12. With any of the several tools that cut trees 13. Before and after cutting down other trees of different types 14. Just as I have signed into the game, or during the last hour after being in game for several hours. And probably more things I'm either not aware of, etc. Currently I am 20 Woodcutting and 30+ Carpentry. I have a level 50 hatchet with maybe level 12 skill, and STILL have the same problems since day 1. Problem Description - 9 times out of 10, if I try to cut down a Cedar Tree, I get this message: Your muscles weaken as you try to cut down the tree. You just can't bring yourself to do it. This problem is so bad that most of the time, I avoid cedar trees altogether unless I am making a container, at which point it takes me hours to find enough decent trees to make a cart. HOURS. Like an entire afternoon of mind numbing error messages again, again and again, with the rare chance to cut down one of these stupid trees, only to find it dropped a 1 QL felled tree. Readers: I have mentioned in this in other forum threads, in game chat, etc. Nobody else seems to have this problem, which is why I have finally put it here.
  3. Well, 2 days after being totally alarmed by my current food issues, I'm about to build 2 fenced in areas to prep for building my first teeny tiny house, and a pen for animals that I'm hoping to acquire soon. Food is still problematic at times, but once I can actually sleep for Sleep Bonus points (in my very own bed - very bad lock with the only public bed in Havens Landing.). I plan to save up some SB points for HFC skill. Hopefully, will have enough SB points by this weekend to really go full on with that skill
  4. Ayes, I do appreciate you posting this, if not for myself (90% of what you wrote I knew already at the time of my OP). Surely this will help someone else who had some of my concerns Also to anyone who has actually read this entire thread, I'm doing better. I have 1 cart now, am testing farming, have a bit of a "food routine" going. My hfc skill is still pretty low, but it's going, slowly up.
  5. Arg. Fighting skill. I been wondering about that. That is a good and practical tip, thanks! Also the error is that I am too "weak" to cut down a tree. However, I have confirmed that: It's only on ceder trees (all my crafting has been around ceder, just to keep things simple (plus I was making some chests). And it's not ALL ceder trees, which I confirmed a few minutes ago. In addition: Yes I know all about what woods do what perks. I know ceder is good for chests, and that willow is good for fishing poles, and oak is good for something else. I just was focusing on ceder since I was busy with the chest thing, to keep things simple in my inventory. My main carpentry level is now like..7? Heh. Going to test out a bow sometime in the next couple of days, and will be making oak arrow shafts, assuming my spot for oak trees is not a popular one.
  6. I'd like to point out that I was vastly mis-informed regarding the affects of a low health bar. And due to an actual "you can't do that action" message I am getting in the game, I thought my ability to do things (craft, harvest, forage, walk, attack) was dwindling down over time. That is not the case. Now, one can attribute my "newness" for this personal alarm. Having said this, I'm pissed that I basically wasted the last 4 days. I should have been on the forums asking these questions on day 2. Ah well, live and learn.
  7. Me bad about making that statement about Casseroles. I most certainly have been cooking incorrectly, at least part of the time. For sure, I have used both mushroom and berries in the same meal. However, I've realized (thank you to the post replies that pushed me to log into the game today and test a couple of things), that things are not as dire as I thought. For one thing, I'm getting a random, weird error message when I try to cut down trees. This error made me believe that my ability to do things (craft, attack, walk) was dwindling over time. Several folks were kind enough to point out that is in fact, not going to happen. Sure, health regen is going to suck for a few days, but I can deal with that, I think. WTB cotton and cover herbs, heh. And yes, I agree that 72 hours is enough time to get "set up". 24, not at all. I'm talking brand new players here, not alt's. I've played other games where the FIRST character on an account gets all sorts of newbie perks to help them get acclimated.
  8. LOL got it..Fence and locked gate. I can make those items. And yes, I am in Haven Landing. As I think it's called? And I did not do this through Steam, so to answer your question, WO.
  9. Thank you so much for that write-up! Yes, I wasted huge amounts of time messing with fishing, which I should have used for foraging. I also really like your notes about gardening. Can I start a garden without a deed, so long as I am with the Havens Landing perimeter? I've wanted to start a garden, but was unclear about the requirements. Also, I do not know how to answer your question, as I do not know what WO or WU means.
  10. I am a couple of days past the first 24 hours. And wow, I seem to be telling everyone that I'm an idiot. I have been foraging/harvesting/crafting/killing mobs for 3 days now. That part of the equation is understood. If ONLY that was the actual problem.
  11. 4 days in, yeah I know about foraging. I haven't actually eaten a pumpkin however. And casseroles, for your info, require meat, which brings me back to the issue with FINDING animals. However, it's clear I need to find some cotton, so that I can heal with damage I may incur from hunting animals, because health regen is going to suck.
  12. Hmmmm!. I wish I could take this to heart. I really do. Because without decent regeneration from even a half full food bar, it's really hard to craft and walk around fast. I can't cut down trees now (or at least some, getting conflicting results). I get a message about being weak. And I need to be able to attack animals for meat, once I find the damn things. And like my post says, finding meat is the other big issue. Maybe it's not clear where I am in the game, and perhaps I should have said that. Independence, new spawn area, Havens Landing. I will message you in game though, and thanks for the tip, though I dunno how useful it's going to be.
  13. I know about butchering already, and as my post clearly states, I don't know where the animals are. Newbie village. Ok, should I post in the Recruitment forum, or what?
  14. Update 3: I'm doing much better. Thanks to the awesome replies in this thread, the practical tips I got from some new friends in-game, and the latest help of some awesome food that shows me what I can look forward to around level 30 hfc. Update 2: I posted this main post, and a couple of others, an hour ago today. I've gotten some really practical, helpful responses. Thank you, folks, for taking the time! Also, health mechanics..gosh how confusing. So apparently, I am not a screwed as I thought. Rather then go into detail, I'm going to spend some time in game today and consider my ACTUAL options. Update: realized I should say my location. Not that I had a choice in the matter. Server: Independence. Area: Haven Landing. I am a BRAND new player, as of this last Friday (4/19). So far I am liking the game, but there are some glaring problems..... I've read tons of info on the Wiki, but apparently, the Guides area when it comes to health is really, really outdated. On other topics, the Wiki has been really great. 1. Can't survive on low level fish and low level garbage recipes. The harvesting time required for the massive quantity needed guarantees starvation within 1-2 days. 2. Actual meat (beef, fish (from fillets, not the early level fish), pork, seafood and chicken are required, and even that isn't enough, because the recipe levels are too low. 3. And on that note, where the hell are the animals? I've seen a wolf, a couple of spiders, and a cow. And a baby chicken. Most new players seem to be doing meat and pumpkins. WHERE IS THE MEAT coming from? 4. I have no idea what I should be doing first to combat this massive health issue. At this point, I can't cut down trees, or craft for longer then a minute or 2. 5. Sustainability might be improved by building a couple of fields and a home / bed to sleep in. But the mats required to do EVEN THAT is next to impossible. House require silver, which I don't have, and time to craft that I don't have because I am too busy trying to feed myself. Any advice for me? I want to like Wurm a LOT, but this newbie experience is pretty awful.
  15. I just started to play Wurm on Friday, 4/19, and gotta say that the food issue for brand new players to the game is seriously harsh. I get this is not an easy game, and I love the challenge of not being on a guided leash. I want to love Wurm, but right now, my first toon is parked in the new town, at 20% health, and she can't cook or harvest or cook obtainable foods to sustain her health meter. I created another character to focus on foraging and fishing, and that's not going be enough either. I've seen a bunch of posts in this thread that says cooking is actually not a solution for the early player. Well no kidding! You all seem to think that we can do something different to survive, but again, how is a 3 day old player going to know those things, because the Guides on the Wiki says Cooking is the way to go. Clearly, that is not true. The biggest problem RIGHT NOW is the lack of decent meat. Low level fishing is the only way to get decent quantities, and meals from those fish gives NEGLIGIBLE return. From what I have seen so far, I'd need like 300 fish and herbs and berries to get maybe, 30% health. The harvest time required would basically starve a new player. Since I am brand new to the game, I don't know where anything is. I don't know a good spot to get actual meat (beef, pork, chicken). I've seen 1 wolf, a couple of spiders, and a cow (which I killed). Surely, there are other animals around. Where the hell are they? It's looking like the ONLY way a newbie can survive is to have someone else GIVE them over Level 20 meals, until such time as they can cook their own level 20 meals. Tell me I am wrong. Options? If so, send em my way, please! I'm spinning my wheels and basically haven't accomplished anything yet.