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  1. I'll definitely cherish this impalong forever. Thank you to all the staff that made it happen, to all the visitors who fixed up gear and enchants, and to all the GMs that briefly visited to make things just a little more exciting~ I got a lot of screenshots while I was here, it was absolutely lovely every single day! Here's an album of just a few:
  2. Man I miss that guy. I hope he actually makes it as a volunteer again one of these days. I feel inclined to agree that Wurm was never made with maining a priest in mind, but it certainly feels as if priests were perhaps supposed to get their own sort of style of gameplay to compliment non-priests, rather than be directly removed from them. Like, I dunno, maybe being restricted from digging was only supposed to be a restriction until some sort of ritual system could be established. Consecrate a site for terraforming before digging it proper and freely, or something like that, ya know? In other words, I feel like priests are just supposed to have more steps to accomplish the same things, not be barred completely forever. I think I previously suggested some sort of system of sin and atonement, where you can totally go against a restriction as long as you later repent by doing something more agreeable, like planting more trees than you chopped as a Fo priest or such. Honestly, I don't think this will ever make it in either, but I only say that due to how the priest restrictions are actually programmed. As it is, it's just based on action type, and there's no separate action type for imp'ing a boat or a sword, so priests are just universally barred from any kind of imp'ing action until they are either separated finely or some other layer of checks is laid down.
  3. I say tea should provide a bonus affinity chance, to act as more of a focus on mental acuity than energy.
  4. Huh, you know, I didn't even think about the simpler crafts like toymaking and such, yeah that'd be pretty nice!
  5. Out of curiosity, what sort of imping would you want to be able to do as a Fo priest? Or at least, what do you feel would be fair?
  6. Here is a brief backstory. So, as someone who fervently refuses to play alts for reasons, I find myself at a crossroads regarding priest restrictions. Last year, when follower bonuses were added, I was expecting a trend to continue with that precedent: priests being allowed to pursue a select range of crafts. After all, if a follower of Libila is encouraged to work leather, why would a priest suddenly no longer be allowed to? Why would Magranon approve of forging the finest swords as a follower, but not as a devote priest? Etc. I fully expected this to be rectified in the near-future, knowing how awkward the current restriction system actually works based on action-type alone. As such, I decided to play a priest myself. I initially founded a no-alts settlement to moderate(and unexpected) success, with people to rely on for the things I was directly blocked from doing as a priest, and they in turn could also play priests and rely on others in the settlement for things. In fact, I specifically structured the rulings of the settlement to almost strictly serve priests to that end. Eventually, for failures on my part, and for things like Melody and Cadence quickly releasing, this settlement dissolved and people either quit or went their own ways. C'est la vie. Fast forwards several months later, I see there's another no-alts settlement booming and blooming. I join up of course, happy to once again have some semblance of what I previously got to be a part of; dozens of people helping each other out. Fast forward some months again, and it's now unfortunately mostly devoid of life. Worse still, priest restrictions over a year later are completely untouched, which I did not expect with the huge success the Steam launch seemingly had. Choices stand before me; bite the bullet and join any other settlement that condones alts making my miserable existence as a priest nonsensical to them, continue on my own being miserable by myself, abandon my faith entirely, or try and build up yet another no-alts settlement. As you'd expect, it's a conflicting choice. So, why did I even become a priest in the first place? Well, to sustain my settlement really. I figured the steadiest source of income would be selling enchanted equipment, which could be used to sustain upkeep and pay out peoples' premiums, which was another policy I established in favor of my no-alts settlement. Paying people to play with me, crazy right? I figured it was a pretty good incentive to get people to drop the very thought of alts and cultivate a better sense of community rather than what I perceived to be an inevitability; ignoring others in favor of alts. Now, on two counts, this has gone wrong. Two instances of a no-alts settlement, both seemingly failing. I can recognize that there is probably a reason this isn't working, at least in regards to priests. There may be a range of people like me who find themselves with similar problems; people they previously relied on now being gone. I certainly enjoyed the company of talent who's now gone. Perhaps this could be minimized if priests could at least be guaranteed a craft? But then, would I have come to rely on some people in the first place for those crafts, would we have made contact like we did? This starts to fall into a weird spot of becoming a study in human behavior, which I'm no expert on by any means. I guess it's at least maybe worth pointing out though that this probably is a behavioral issue more so than a gameplay issue, and priests are probably at least one of the stronger aspects tied to this. Okay, so, what should be done? Well the way I see it, being a priest bars you from things. And this sounds fine. Something for something. Perfectly agreeable. However, when those somethings are core aspects of the very nature of the game, like terraforming and improving items, suddenly it's more like you're trading one game for another. I, as a priest, unable to dig dirt and improve any kind of item at all, am effectively choosing to play a different game. Is this fair? Well, maybe. It could be argued that a choice as significant as that is something truly special. Then again, this is probably exactly why people just have priest alts. It seems silly to come to this and go "oh, yes, I totally don't want to dig and do any of this wide assortment of crafts, I definitely just wanted to be able to cast fancy magic instead". So, what I feel should be done is to allow priests more of the core features of the game. I'm not asking for restrictions to be lifted entirely. I, and I'm sure others would agree, want there to be restrictions still, but the restrictions as they have been just don't make sense. What exactly could be done about this should probably be part of a larger discussion, but at the very least as the title says, allowing priests to do what being a follower sets the precedent for is probably a perfectly acceptable start. Let me put it this way: I didn't become a priest so that I couldn't play the game, I became a priest so others could play the game for me, and so I could play a priest for them. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe, just maybe, there should be a little more crossover for the people getting the worse-side of the deal; priests. Maybe it's as simple as giving them a single craft. Maybe there's far more interesting measures to take. All I know is that trying to have others play the game for me, and me playing a priest for them, isn't really working, and maybe hasn't been working too well for others either. Maybe I'm a complete fool for consciously choosing to not do what a majority of people are already doing to get around this problem, for what is essentially just a personal theory into human behavior and better growth for the game in the long-term. Maybe my understanding of this and a few other problems Wurm faces are purely anecdotal and not really the case for the majority who don't find themselves caught in such existential-human-behavior-problems. There's a lot of maybes here. In short, please do something with priest restrictions. I know the exploration update is just around the corner, and I have high hopes that maybe fun priest times will come with that, but there's a real possibility that I am just a complete fool, so uhhh yeah, sorry if that's the case. Edit: Oh right, and just to be clear, these are the "follower crafts" I speak of: Vynora: +10% QL gain when improving wooden and clay items. Magranon: +10% QL gain when improving metallic items. Fo: +10% QL gain when improving cloth items. Libila: +10% QL gain when improving leather items. Thoughts and such worth putting at the top here:
  7. Oh please do tell! I've definitely heard of a single water sword before, but not how it happened.
  8. When the in-game year changed to 1000, the sky was covered in fiery auroras, so says people over the discord anyway. I never knew if it really happened but I had wondered about it for years ever since finding this obscure screenshot. Also makes sense as to why there's an official soundtrack titled "Sky on Fire". This was... 13 years ago? Definitely an old screenshot.
  9. Dwarf Fortress found itself with this exact solution; SoundSense. It's an identical idea too; it reads various logs to see what's happening and plays relevant audio files. The way it handles the actual audiofiles is that there's an "update soundpack" button that pulls from various free websources and any personally hosted custom content. Here's an example of slaughtering a creature, plus audio source. The source code is of course freely available so you can see where various sound files are actually pulled from, or you can probably just rework the whole thing to work with Wurm(I'm not sure what sort of license it's under). So, this is like a super viable and interesting idea. Assuming this got any kind of traction you could probably even convince the Wurm devs to let more happenings be loggable for something like this to better respond to.
  10. Rifts wreck the terrain at a particular location. Jackal had structure generation(technically this isn't a part of Rifts I guess), not that it was very complex. Rifts spawn mobs that (I think?) have higher complexity pathing and attack logic. Rifts spawn harvestable objects at the location. The only point at which this strays from any known mechanics would be the multipart boss, and even then we have animal hitching so we know it's possible to rig several separate creatures together in unison. Point is, i'm almost certain that everything here, short of the rewards of course, can recycle existing code and models. Then again, the rewards could also just recycle stuff, I mostly just sat here listing off stuff that sounded cool as heck. I'd be pretty disappointed if something exactly like this didn't introduce a dragonscale helm though. Or, maybe a dragon crown. Some dragon head-wear, damnit!
  11. The Wurm. Big Brown Giga-Dragon. So big you can't actually reach it, only its four legs. The Suggestion Description: My proposal is that a new unique creature be added, but one that involves a rather entertaining event-siege. This creature is above and beyond any unique before it, quite literally, and the event itself should provide a much better sense of progress compared to the standing-around nature of Rifts. A major goal with the design of this proposal was that a large portion of the content be able to be recycled from existing assets, such as code or models. A lot of this would likely use Rift-code, for example. I envision The Wurm as a multi-part and multi-phase boss. And when I say multi-part, I really mean multiple parts of the creature. Lore-wise I see it as a cataclysmic creature that can never be truly banished, that bestows life force upon world when slain, but strips the very ground it stands on of energy when alive. Destined to regularly walk upon the world without the Ageless to keep it sealed, it is up to us to strike it down until it can conjure itself into existence again. This is simply the natural cycle. Bit of backstory on this: I first heard rumor of The Wurm on Wurmpedia back in late-2012 or so. A man named Draulius slipped in a little something interesting on the Path of Insanity page; The moment I read that, I knew I wanted to pursue the Path of Insanity, just to get a chance to see something that might never have been seen otherwise. Alas, I never did get to see it in-game, and if this ever existed for even a moment in time, it was gone by the time models for dragons were remade. I had dug through the graphical assets to see if it maybe had a texture page, but couldn't find it anywhere. Now for whatever reason, even though the above image has been on the main web page since before even that Wurmpedia edit, I never made the connection that that was it. For many years, actually. It's silly, I know. These days, I can't help but feel that at some point in time this was an actual 3D model. The wings are uncanny like that. But, backstory aside, let me sum this post up for you! TL;DR: Huge emphasis on elemental threats and countering those same threats with an opposing elemental weakness, giving good reason to use flame aura, frostbrand, venom, and rotting touch over the more common bloodthirst and life transfer, plus other damage resistance enchantments. Singular stationary boss entity with multiple body parts that can attack individually and be killed separately. The initial fight; a PVE siege vs a crudely fortified pile of crater and ruin, with new yet somewhat familiar creatures holding the line. War machines now playing an important part in PVE, there's no way to win without them. Victory alters the world for everyone collectively, present or not. New application of a couple skills; stone cutting and forestry! Oooo~ To quote Starship Troopers; Would you like to know more? The Spawn Arena and New Creatures: Similar to a Rift, forwards notice is given to everyone ahead of time that it's about to happen. The world occasionally trembles, growing more and more violent with each passing day(New screen-shake option!). After a couple real days, a crater bursts out of the world at an unoccupied location; again similar to Rifts. The Wurm stands tall within the middle of this, visible no matter where you are in the world like a beacon, towering above all. I'd actually like this crater to be able to most commonly appear in/over water, either temporarily raising an island from the sea as a non-destructive stage, or creating a giant pseudo-bridge-like-structure to walk upon, but this might be very difficult to implement. The crater isn't actually a modification of the land(like a rod of eruption or whatever it was) but a series of structural objects like building walls that only appear to be part of the terrain. The Wurm stays stationary in the middle of the crater, meanwhile the rest of the crater is structured as a sprawling labyrinth inhabited by all manner of new dragon-esque creatures. (Edit: I completely forgot to cite this, but Jackal had structure generation. So, even if it seems like placing down buildings on-the-fly might require new code, it actually already exists, and can be recycled here just like Rift stuff! ) The new critters include things like: Dracogoblins; similar to normal goblins but with an altered appearance and imbued with a random type of elemental damage and resistance, matched with an opposing elemental weakness, capable of casting offensive elemental spells and support spells. Dragon Knights; similar treatment to Dracogoblins, these are trolls adorned with draconic weaponry(usually halberds and spears, sometimes axes, mauls, swords and shields) and armor enchanted with a random elemental damage type and matching resistance plus opposing weakness. Essentially the grunts of this event, they're tough and hit hard. Beargon; half bear, half dragon, completely awesome. It's pretty big, like the size of a normal dragon, and mostly element-immune. Meant to be a very tanky and threatening presence. Occasionally a Dragon Knight will ride these, making them a mounted threat! Cockatrice; the classic tiny terror, essentially just a micro-dragon-chicken-hybrid that can be surprisingly hard to hit, and very annoying if they swarm together. Despite their appearance they don't actually do any kind of elemental damage or attacks, they just bite and peck at you. Dracogoblins summon these! Hell Pig; a mutant-pig brimming with power. Engulfed in flame, crackling with ice, slick with acid, or spined and drooling with venom, this beast is essentially meant to be a very dangerous glass-cannon that causes pain if not dealt with quickly. Anything else fun you could think of? All of these essentially being some common monster or wildlife that's been warped. In actuality, this is so that new assets don't need to be made from scratch, but instead existing models can be morphed to reduce the time needed to create them. Economical! The Fight: The entire fight plays out as an offensive siege, building war machines like trebuchets and catapults and knocking holes through the labyrinth while moving forwards into it, fighting off the threats that retaliate within. Some of these threats, such as Dracogoblins, sit atop the crater-like structures out of reach from melee. This makes them vulnerable only to spells, bows, and ballista-fire(Or you can just catapult the whole wall down). When pushed through to the center, The Wurm now attacks. It is massive. The body is too high up to be damaged, but the legs standing upon the ground are vulnerable. Each leg is individually targetable, and has its own health pool, but cannot be damaged by normal attacks. Instead they can only be damaged by war machines, ballista and battering rams in particular, giving incentive to use them on Freedom. Until the legs are defeated, The Wurm attacks at range from high up with various constantly-changing elemental AoE effects(breath attacks, tail swipes, and throwing a bunch of people at once with wind gusts), encouraging spreading out and regularly switching legs, lest ye be nuked under its concentrated might! Once its legs are sufficiently damaged or crippled, it falls, clearing away most of the labyrinth it was standing above. The proper fight can now begin; Its head, each wing, and its tail are now targetable and damageable by normal attacks, and each attacks players separately. The wings will occasionally move to protect the head, the tail will occasionally stun en-mass, and the head will occasionally drench the area around itself in a chaotic mist of constantly-shifting elemental damage. Otherwise, the parts attack like normal; the tail bruising, wings cutting, and the head piercing and biting. The Wurm is of course stationary all this time, it's far too big and would probably take too much effort to program it and all its parts to actually move in tandem anywhere. It's meant to stand there and fall there, relying on its different body parts to attack at different angles from itself. The Rewards: Throughout the battles, priests are rewarded with small increases in faith similarly to how fighting skill is gained; doing damage and supporting allies. The gods watch from above with glee! Once concluded, with The Wurm slain(it evaporates on the spot leaving no corpse behind), the crater-structures now begin to decay within days and the world is blessed by its incarnated blood spilling forth, causing various effects to happen: The entire battlefield temporarily blooms into a beautiful flowery meadow(if this happened on-land). For a short time water collected from wells/fountains from the battlefield, or waterbodies within the battlefield(or the local area of sea if over the sea is possible) is temporarily transmuted into a new special type of water that can be collected; it restores thirst like normal but also restores stamina like alcohol! Decays and eventually turns into normal water after some time. All over the world random trees advance in growth and spread, crops immediately advance to ready-to-harvest or increase in yield otherwise, random non-reinforced cavetiles collapse and turn into an ore vein of some kind, tamed and branded creatures older than mature age are bumped down a stage(venerable horses become old for example), and other such world-wide benefits! Anything else you could think of? As for actual loot, The Wurm itself grants a golden-colored dragon scale to everyone in local(its earthen-brown now tarnished... in a weird way), and leaves behind large dragon eggs that can be harvested for their moonmetal shells and primordial fluids, similarly to how Rift materials are harvested; using forestry skill and a bucket(since harvesting fluid would be most similar to harvesting maple sap) and stonecutting skill with a chisel(for cracking away at the shell). The moonmetal explains itself(I dunno if it should be all of them at random, seryll, or an entirely new material?), the primordial fluids can be used for a couple things though: It decays quickly like food does, so it needs to be used within a short time. The first possible use is applying it to a creature(all of these effects combined unless stated otherwise): It reduces creature age down one stage but no lower than mature. The creature is instantly fed and fattened, and does not get hungry for some period of time. If it is a dominated monster, zombified creature, or tamed/charmed animal that naturally hunts; It is given an effect that makes it quickly regenerate health for a period of time. If it is a horse(or anything else with variations in the future), the user is prompted on whether they would like to spread it over the creature's coat/skin/whatever, if so they may choose a non-special color/variation or select an option that randomly changes the color/variation but has a chance to be any sort of faster/special color/variation too. If it is a female creature; It will be given a temporary effect that prevents miscarriage for a large period of time. If it is pregnant, the baby's development is accelerated and the mother gives birth with no chance of miscarriage within 1 real-life hour, in addition to the miscarriage-prevention effect. If it is a male creature; It is given a temporary fertility effect that causes breeding with it to be more likely to pass on its traits/characteristics(champion for example), as well as making it extremely likely for there to be more than one offspring to develop(twins or even triplets being born). These effects wear off after some period of time or from a certain amount of breeding. The second possible use is as a cooking ingredient: Used in anything like salt, it gives the resulting recipe an effect identical to Oppulence while still being able to stack with the actual spell, causing it to be more filling and also have higher CCFP fill, and also increasing the resulting dish's weight by some predictable amount. Something that should only make a 2kg meal actually results in 4kg, for example. Magic! And it of course provides the same effect as salt. The third application is when mixed with source salt: It creates a potion of course! This stops the fluid's accelerated decay, but it can no longer be used for the above purposes. The potion can be applied to anything that Mend can be cast on. If it's a tool/weapon/armor; It is imbued to have negated or massively reduced enchantment drain(so the imbue fades over use, but the enchantment doesn't). If it's a material(like a log or lump), it doubles the weight but halves the quality. Of course everyone and their grandmother will use this to double their seryll, or whatever new material if any from the egg shells. Otherwise most of the loot would come from the draconic defenders: Beargons can be butchered for hides which create a unique type of leather or studded leather armor which provides very effective elemental resistances for future Wurm fights(essentially introducing different hide properties similar to different metal properties). Cockatrices can be butchered for draconic-feathers which can be used to create elemental arrows for bows. Draconic weapons dropped by Dragon Knights which are impressively powerful but decay quickly like shod clubs and take a lot of damage with use(can't be repaired or mended of course), and very robust yet brittle Draconic armor pieces(finally, dragonscale helms! ...if only for a short time...) that protect very well against very specific types of damage but leave you vulnerable to other kinds. Very small amounts of random-colored dragon scales from Dracogoblins. Elemental meat from the Hell Pigs which when eaten imbue you with a natural breath attack for a short time! And other such thematic things! Also, fun fact; there exists a texture in the files for golden-dragonscale armor. If you were curious what the golden-scales drop might look like when used to make armor: All in all, I hope this or something like it could be implemented in the future when the development roadmap starts touching on things like the unique rework and PVE-focused content.
  12. It'd be really nice having some kind of public settlement directory. This seems like a decent way to go about it for the least amount of effort and coding required, especially if it lists a few stats by default like citizen count and productivity bonuses. It'd also be really nice if there was some way to export a settlement screenshot along with this.
  13. I wouldn't be asking for further info if I didn't view a response as partially(or entirely) inconclusive on the subject. Surely you'd do the same? By nature of us not being omniscient, we can only inquire further. I don't expect anyone to reply completely concisely or address every possible angle I could examine on the subject matter. Though it's pretty cool when that actually does happen. This response is a lot more eloquent than your first one, thank you~ I suppose this means you, like some others, believe this to be an issue of human nature alone and not anything that can be resolved through game design. Which is understandable. Thanks for mentioning another game too. It's pretty handy being made aware of something else to examine like that.
  14. Technically this is a thing. The Marks Shop provides a meditation path change, but it's gated behind eight months of premium. But, I do feel like all meditation paths just need a rework to make them all equally as desirable/useful as path of love. I seem to recall this having been the case a couple years ago. It's why spell resistance became a thing, though maybe it was always a problem and that change just took a very long time. I also feel like, with spell resistance as it is, it probably wouldn't be too silly for everyone to be throwing spells around. If it was a little too much, favor regeneration could just be massively reduced during PVP, and crushing of gems could have a cooldown on it or maybe some sort of clumsiness debuff that makes chaining gem-crushing together have some sort of casting penalty. I can see something like that making spells in PVP a very tactical and mind-gamey kinda thing, it'd probably also encourage disengaging to get favor back which would theoretically be very risky but also beneficial for both sides of a fight since both would get the opportunity to recharge. What singular mechanic change do you think would have the biggest immediate impact in reducing need for alts?