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  1. Hi Tarathiel! That's great to hear, will hopefully have something ready in the next week!
  2. Hi Russ! Thank you so much for the offer! I will definitely ask if I get stuck and need your help!
  3. Hi Burdok! Yes I felt strongly about that as well. I'm going to organise some boat access which you could use, otherwise I could send a boat to fetch all your priests when it is up and running!
  4. Hi there Timowi! Thanks so much for responding! My plan is to have a building on deed that everyone has access to - apart from the rooms with a bed should those who wish to have access to one. I love the Oven/Forge/FSB/BSB/Mailbox idea, I can integrate that with the mutual building so that everyone can do as they please. As for the priesting area, I thought of making that just off-deed, this way people could come and go as they please and not require my perms. I'm intending to have it blocked off from mobs (gates etc). I can't summon yet, but I imagine once we have a few people together, we can sort that out! I will also sort out a functional boat access for those that want to move back and forth!
  5. Hi Brohzen! I'm keen to get it started! But even if others aren't I'd still be keen to join another group I'm situated at S15 on the in-game map, quite close to the water!
  6. Hi all Priesters! I wanted to have a quick check-in if anyone would be interested in having a sermon group in the South Western parts of Cadence. Of course all would be welcome, just from a logistical point of view, I thought I'd include that I have space on my deed that is not being used and thought it should be put to good use. I have a priest of my own, which is another incentive of my own to join a group, but I'm sure there may be some that could also benefit from being in such group. The area has not been built yet, but I do intend on having it set up in the near future. I will need some help setting it up - mainly the altars of each religion. What would be included? - access to numerous listeners should players be interested - a private room with a bed and large chest - opportunity to purchase personalised Channeling/Prayer affinity meals. What would be expected? - respect to those around you and the surrounding deed. If there are any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate. You're welcome to PM me here or contact Tevez in-game
  7. Just got my new corbita from Killjoy! Top, quick service - highly recommend
  8. carving knife blade, iron, ~81ql, 97coc - 1,5s file blade, iron, ~27ql, 93coc - 1,5s grooming brush, oakenwood, ~41ql, 95coc - 1,5s lump, iron, ~85ql, 85coc - 0,50s mortar and pestle, marble, ~14ql 86coc - 0,5s scissors, iron, ~24ql, 86coc - 0,50s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 98coc - 1,5s trowel blade, iron, ~1ql, 81woa - 0,50s Please mail to Tevez
  9. Hey Everyone! I've decided to put my deed up for sale. Reason? I don't know to be honest. I've spent some time away from Wurm but I've come back looking to start fresh and that always seems to come back to starting a new deed. What's on offer? Potential. If you're a fairly new member of the community looking for a deed which gives a multitude of options, Salford is perfect! If you're a more experienced member, the deed is perfect for project work. What is included? - fully-fledged kitchen with 4 ovens and an abundance of food. - armoursmith and blacksmith workshop to start grinding straight away. - newly-developed Inn, offering 3 beds and a great lookout onto the nearby lake. - several pens which house donkeys, bulls, sheep and horses. - a clay pit and two iron mines nearby + a massive forest for carpentry grinds. - a developing herb 'n spices garden. - a courier-casted Spirit Castle with : [14:18:13] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [97] - a small 44-tile farm, but expansion is easily possible. Location - south west side of the lake at s19 Cadence In summary, Salford offers great potential to all Wurmians. The deed is 21 x 18 tiles @ 1s per month - with great options for expanding. Roughly 50 days of Upkeep is still included. Price? I'm taking offers. I have a vague idea of what it's worth but it's not necessarily a money issue. Pictures : https://imgur.com/a/l4JEilM PM Tevez in game, or dm damothedoctor on forums. Happy Wurming!
  10. Awesome Awesome service by the good people at Vinland! Dropped off an order and received it the next day! Highly recommend !
  11. Hey! Can I have a stone chisel and trowel @ 85-89coc ? If you're up for a metal brush at that coc as well, I'd take that too! Please COD to Tevez if happy!
  12. I've downloaded and begun playing through the Steam client on the new servers and whenever I select the option to go to the Wurm Online Shop to buy premium, nothing happens. Frustrating. Help anyone?
  13. Rare carving knife to Damothedoctor 2s please