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  1. Affinity Pizza & filler Pizza service

    I would 100% recommend this service. Great communication, fast delivery on a large order and price didn't kill the bank. Very yummy pizzas. Everything worked out perfectly. Thanks ^.^ Ill be ordering again soon
  2. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools only (coc, woa, botd)

    Sad face. Nah thanks tho, I was hoping for a rare ^.^
  3. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools only (coc, woa, botd)

    Please Cod to Glory, thanks - 87,85ql rare hatchet, iron - 99botd // 5s
  4. The Zen Den - Coc Skiller Shop *SALE*

    Great service +1
  5. Please cod to Glory Rare green foresters wool hat (1.5s) QL 41.40 potion of woodcutting (2s) thank you
  6. The Zen Den - Coc Skiller Shop *SALE*

    Please Cod the following items to Glory Iron Hatchet 83 Coc Quality 1.00 -25c Iron Small Anvil 80 Coc Quality 14.90 -25c Med Rug 84 Coc Quality 5.84 - 25c Iron Pickaxe 82 Coc Quality 1.00- 25c Oak Grooming Brush 82 coc Quality 22.49 - 25c Iron Shovel 83 Coc Quality 4.00 -25c Thank you
  7. WTS 80Ql Iron hatchets 20 copper each

    I have a pile of iron hatchets just sitting in a forge and would like to sell each for 20 copper. If you would like one please leave a note down below and Ill cod it to you when I return tonight Thank you