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  1. Rares, Wares, and junk

    Items sent out, picture updated. Thank you.
  2. Rares, Wares, and junk

    Sold items have been removed(rare LoA wagon and rare sailboat.) New rares added to rare list.
  3. Rares, Wares, and junk

    I did send out the items. Did you maybe transfer servers around that time? otherwise I must've sent to the wrong person by mistake.
  4. Rares, Wares, and junk

    All items have been sent out, thank you. The rares screenshot has been updated.
  5. Rares, Wares, and junk

    Sent, thank you.
  6. Rares, Wares, and junk

    I'm looking to sell the following items. You can contact me ingame or over the forum, thanks for looking. Wares Sold out Rares Junk To be updated at a later date Trade-ins I'll accept the following items in place of silver. Sleep powder - 1s per(independence server)