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  1. The building of Haven's Landing

    Thanks, everyone! Didn't mean to hi-jack the thread with my "personal" problems. But if I'm correct about the following, it might be worth changing as well for new players. I didn't experiment with it, but the default on the drop-down is "Start" (which starts out collapsed), which I assume is what sent me to The Howl. I could be wrong about that being the destination, but I don't remember having a choice--didn't even notice it was a drop-down. Send me back to "Start" seems logical.
  2. The building of Haven's Landing

    Total newbie here and I, too, was confused about "dirt" digging. Found a place in the training forest that was bare dirt and was able to dig there. But the real disappointment was after all the time figuring out how to make a small anvil and finally doing it, exploring around town I was killed by a Hell Hound (too encumbered to outrun it), and respawned in The Howl. Seriously doubt I'll be able to make it back to my corpse and get my stuff. That's a pretty heavy blow for someone just starting out.