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  1. Dracaa Please get up with Xvbabyvx about your new edition to your herd
  2. Up For Auction is This Gorgeous Young Appaloosa Single Named Horse Name : Xena Color: Appaloosa Gender: Female Traits: 4 Draft = Strong Body Carry More than Average Strong Legs Easy on Gear Auction Doesn't Include Delivery. Server Location on Animal : Celebration Starting Bid :1Silver Bid Increments: 50copper Private Bids not accepted Sniper Protection: None
  3. Have been noticing Animals on Enchanted Grass even if Brushed and Not Hungry Staying diseased.( Celebration I do 1 animal per tile in cages on enchanted grass and remove the baby animal asap) On Kappa (Xanadu) Ratio 24 Had 20+ Horses/ Bison Dead ages between Young Foal to Mature on enchanted grass. Animals being brushed here also same issues Not becoming undieased even with several back to back grooming
  4. Private Message Being Sent
  5. I get there are always bugs with updates but perhaps some clarification on the new system might help to a lot of the older breeders like myself are going wtf.. I literally killed 98% of my last foals because they were garbage and you can ask anyone on celebration I don't kill horses I give them to new players.. make rift horse pens etc. But as for horses dying I had a bunch of horses and hellhorse all different ages from my breeder most of my breeders were cared for in would say a good 60% of my cared for dead.
  6. Accidently Sold my Halter Rope to the merchant when Trying to "Trade" merchant to place an item on the merchant because the halter rope was activated because I was leading 3 horses.. Half of the time the "sell" Option doesn't appear when I Right Click on my Merchant on Harmony. Normally it's only Look or Trade option. Even when I did the Support ticket The staff member had me go back to my merchant and "Right click" and read my options on the Merchant which was "look" "trade" (plus the icons like examine wurmpedia etc) But NO sell Option.. a Few seconds later I Done it again and the sell option appeared the 3rd time I right clicked on the Merchant. I'm not worried about the halter rope I already have a replacement. It's just that this option not appearing and causing items to accidently being sold can be problematic
  7. In The Game you can Transfer Ore from a Pile on the Ground /or in a cart or wagon Straight into a Smelter until the Smelter is Full. But if you Transfer from BSB or Crate into a Smelter you can only do such based on what you can only Physically Carry I think it would be beneficial for all players if we could just Simply Transfer ore from a BSB or Crate into a Smelter Just like you can from a pile. Even if it does the "timer" Like when you transfer from BSB to Crate and Vice versa.
  8. This Horse has the "notch" name in it which even if its not as rare as a single named animal they still don't happen as often as the other animals. "Notch""Rolf""Tich" are all named after people who helped make Wurm what it is today
  9. Up For Auction is a unique named horse Clipnotch is a Brown Male adoscelent Foal [23:42:28] A foal skips around here merrily. [23:42:28] He is extremely well nourished. [23:42:28] This creature could use some grooming. [23:42:28] Its colour is brown. Starting Bid : 5s Bid increments : 1s 1 Hr Snipe Protection Auction Ends