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  1. Shrimpiie did it I seen him do it. Thanks for fixing it so swiftly I am not libila in the flesh...
  2. I would say if the player willingly Signs out then it would count as a disembark or that up to the devs if they just continue when they sign back in due to some servers being SO huge. As for a Disconnect.. Server crash they would just continue on their route when reconnected ... As for Graphic glitches and lag.. it's a risk.. unfortunately that maybe someone else can come up with a way to help prevent
  3. Thank you for the information I am still.. a newer player and have never been to a PVP server
  4. Make it Possible to Auto-travel by way of the highway system. Basically Idea is for a player to be able to pay a minimal fee to travel on the highway system from Point A to Point B. The Traveling can be done by 1. Hitching a ride with a Wagoneer. Great for new players or player who may have died without a spawn location and had to respawn at a beginner deed. 2. Using your own Mount/Cart/ Wagon to Travel. Could Help with the dilemma of going to Events such as impalongs/ Holiday events or Slayings without a mount. This will help with the issue of people wanting to attend but not wanting to leave their mount/cart/wagon behind to be summoned. For Using your own Mount/ Cart /Wagon if more than 1 person is in vehicle then I'd suggest a Discount say a Large cart with 2 people going to say destination would 1.5c/1000pcs but would still have to be paid for by the commander of the vehicle. My suggestion would 1 copper per 1000 tiles of Travel with a minimum of 1 copper fee. But this fee will include Auto-travel to destination chose on the highway system. If you "disembark auto-travel" you still pay the fee. Auto-travel includes No attacks by aggressive creatures. On Pvp Servers it doesn't include no attacks from other players but would include no attacks from aggressive creatures not controlled by players. Player may Disembark auto-travel at any given time but in order to re-embark auto travel they must travel to the next waypoint and Pay for travel to their new destination. I also suggest that auto-travel speeds up travel on highway system by atleast 25% with Options to Pay a Larger travel Fee to make the Travel Faster. Like For Slayings, Events / Impalong traveling........ If its the wagoneer it can still take multiple passengers... who are going to same destination * Fees / Tiles /% are just a suggestion but was trying to keep things affordable for even the newest of players. The Fees/ Tiles Ratio may need to be Adjusted for Different Servers.. I was using Celebration as an idea when I did this and came up with an ideal fee.. But for Larger Servers like Indepence or Xanadu the it may need to be 2000+ /1copper
  5. Was requested by an official perseeeeen to add to list.. so it was added
  6. Description: Libila demands 15 of you to perform the Ritual of fog at the Strength Spear using a sheet. It is located in the center regions. What kind of Sheet?? Really Please fix to be more specific
  7. -Climbs up on her soapbox and gently leans on Neville- Oh No I Got this Bro The Game is only Freaking as expensive as you make it. I have only spent REAL $ in this game one time and it was last Christmas as a CHRISTMAS present to myself and that was so I didn't have to Botanize / Forage or WORK for my Premium for the month. You Can Enjoy this game by Free to Play if you attempt to. I have JUST BARELY hit my 1 year mark. and in a year i have spent less that $50USD I have only went maybe 2 days if that without Premium and it was because I wasn't playing those 2 days because I was out of town. There are people who Will Pay For SERVICES Such as: - Enchanting Grass - Priests services like casting - Smithy Services - Masonry= Make Bricks...... I'd suggest Slate.. Marble or just Stone bricks Pottery Bricks...(few buy these) Mortar <- OMG there ya go can't build a brick building without those Clay......... Go Dig you got a Freaking Shovel Right?? PLANKS and SHAFTS <- YES People BUY THESE 1k of Nails? Who cares about Quality? of freaking nails as long as it not like 1 QL Stop being Whiny Crybabies who just want everything handed to you... Find your Niche in the game or go play freaking something like Bubblepop or Farmville... We can understand if you dont' have the maturity to play a challenging game. I have SERIOUSLY known FREE TO PLAY players who have Worked their butts off to enjoy the game and SUPPORT themselve Relief and Put food on the table for their family because $20 USD = 3 Months of FOOD for 2 people where they live! Get OVER YOURSELF and Not being handed everything on a silver platter.. BTW There are VILLAGES who will let you Live in their Village just to have other people to Have fun and talk to There are people who will hire farmers to rake and plant so they can just harvest There are people who will hire you to build....... JUST USE your imagiination There is a Nche Find it
  8. Now offering 5 Speed Horses and hellhorse O-18/O-19 on Celebration Deed: Fortress of Death There is a Merchant with Keys : Morrigana Prices rage from 20 copper to 50copper for older colors of horses 1Silver50copper for new colors Hellhorses: 50copper Delivery Sometimes available but only to Coastlines ---------------------------------------------------