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  1. Another happy customer, nice imbue and quality rune on my pickaxe
  2. Thank you for adding Paradiso, but it looks like you switched the y axes around Coords: 2648, -4184 (correct one) Coords: 2648, -4148 (this one was added on the map) Tnx in advance
  3. Can you add: Paradiso Coords: 2648, -4184 Mayor: Mornare Thank you.
  4. I would like to sell 3 rare items rare Large cart (i am situated a bit east of Linton) - 8s (Sold) rare File, iron - 3s rare Butchering knife, iron - 2.8s (Sold)
  5. Happy customer here, extremely quick cod
  6. Nice service, i have bought Warriorcopper and Westoak.