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  1. Cod to Bearclaws Pls 50c Tools Pickaxe iron (3ql) WOA 85 Pickaxe iron (3ql) WOA 85 Pickaxe iron (69ql) COC 73 Pickaxe iron (46ql) COC 85 Saw iron (22ql) COC 89 Saw iron (49ql) COC85
  2. Can you guys pls pls turn up the spawn rate of mobs on Harmony with Halloween coming up this is a big thing for ppl who live on this server to ride out and see 3 or 4 mobs in a 4 hr ride around.
  3. Bearclaws Body Strength / Farming - Affinity single x2 1 2 Kg 40c 40c
  4. Not going to be on when this ends remember it has a Sniper protection 30 Min good luck !!
  5. WTA Rare Unfinished Large Cart [18:59:24] You see a cart under construction. Ql: 2.464947, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The cart needs 15 planks, 1 yoke, 1 shaft, and 3 small metal nails to be finished. Starting bid: 1s Minumum increase: 1s No reserve Buyout Nope Sniper protection 30 Min Pickup F15 Bear Harbour Harmony
  6. Sometimes i think is someone there at all reading Suggestions & Ideas ? I think if it takes 20 mins to add to the game why shouldn't it be done, take a day just to add a few small updates as this to the code would be cool.. Just like dying wagons +1