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  1. Mining 99.709465 Digging 99.420810 Woodcutting 90.419876 Coal-making 70.403050 Masonry 87.609474 Blacksmithing 85.209366 Let Me Know what Mats You Need I Can Donate Some If Needed !!
  2. cheese drill, oakenwood, ~33ql, 96coc - 1,0s cheese drill, oakenwood, ~22ql, 98coc Cod to Bearclaws pls thanks.
  3. Could it be "Delivered" cost side deed on Harmony F15 if won ? 2s
  4. pickaxe head, iron, ~13ql, 101coc - 2,25s pickaxe head, iron, ~10ql, 102coc - 2,5s pickaxe head, iron, ~21ql, 103coc - 2,75s pickaxe head, iron, ~21ql, 103coc - 2,75s pickaxe head, steel, ~8ql, 100coc - 2,0s pickaxe head, steel, ~8ql, 101coc - 2,25s If you hit high coc on your next set down 105+ Im looking for 2x Bearclaws when you get time thanks buddy.
  5. wow 49k mobs and not one in the desert's eww
  6. Harmony Mob Spawning ??? big thing of my game play i like riding out everyday for a few hrs to kill some mobs they or getting so rare to find its like there not res pawing at all. Can someone pls have a look at the mob Spawning on Harmony this is like a bad joke. i ride for hours and see 2 mobs to kill. if this is the way it supposed to be just turn up the % so they spawn back faster if so .. Thanks.
  7. pickaxe head, iron, ~13ql, 105coc - 3,25s pickaxe head, iron, ~21ql, 106coc - 3,5s chisel blade, iron, ~21ql - 104coc - 3,0s Cod to Bearclaws Thanks