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  1. Greenish Combo[2] Can i get All the bodys Stren,Stam,Control.Body,and a mind speed . Bearclaws 17:11:37] <Bearclaws> [17:11:25] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about weapon smithing!
  2. Can i get a 90 coc carving knife steel and a file steel 90 coc Thanks Bearclaws No rush.
  3. This should be a no brainier like i dont get why it hasnt be done the frog sh@t green is a joke !! +1
  4. Can i get a small barrel of Black dye [9-9-9) Bearclaws
  5. wagon Skin's pls just solid colors would do. red blue black something more then what we have .. they been this way for 20 yrs time for a update ..
  6. bump someone who has it all setup and ready to go for me
  7. [22:04:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks alot everyone.
  8. Gatz Lethyria what id to cod this baby to ?
  9. Sniper protection on !