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  1. Maybe up the horse spawn are would they take over like the donkeys did.like i haven't seen a horse in 6 mths.
  2. This would be a good way to get hota statue's in pvp be a nice treasure's.
  3. x2 Pickaxes iron 95+ coc x2 Hatchet iron 95+ coc 2x Shovel iron 95+ coc All Heads are 1ql Pls Bearclaws
  4. So you still think its right someone can build a wagon in 10mins and milk pve out of there coin you cant see nothing wrong with that Arch ?
  5. why cant the 621 pve members putting cash in this game should. Are have the right to try or is it the 25 members on pvp keeping wurm going because they can design a wagon?
  6. What you think i should isnt that hard to work out is it ? sell a fuky wagon for 50s if you want coin. TheTrickster
  7. What is it now max 25 members on pvp now ? around 621 on pve umm. lets see who should get special unique crafts " i know pve should " don't know who worked that one out and why.and they don't have to be kingdom wagons call them i don't know Alliance wagons maybe. hard one to work out maybe give it to the ppl who pay form wurm to run the 621 not the 25 members who makes them and takes 50s for them to put in there pvp deeds and don't put a coin back in to wurm sad if you ask me..
  8. shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 102coc - 4,0s shovel blade, iron, ~12ql, 91coc - 1,5s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 93coc - 1,5s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 94coc - 1,5s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 94coc - 1,5s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 95coc - 1,5s Cod : Bearclaws
  9. Thanks for all the hard work and update guys!!