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  1. As far as I'm aware, there's no longer a deed at the location of Devil's Harbor
  2. Yes, bring back the horned horses! They make great stew!
  3. I sacrificed a rare applewood log and did not get a refresh, it was a bit over 4kgs. I understand the reason why it might not be possible to sacrifice a rare log that has been used to reduce it's weight, but even though this log wasn't 24kgs, it's simply all I got from the tree.
  4. April 1st is ways off mate...
  5. I'm guessing they will probably be at least as hard to bash as regular tall stone walls.
  6. I have the personal goal "Receive a title from a king". I was given both office and a decorative title, but the goal did not complete. [17:34:32] You have graciously been appointed to Court Harlequin of Empire of Mol Rehan by Chief Emoo! [17:43:27] You have graciously been awarded the Western Flame of Empire of Mol Rehan by Chief Emoo!
  7. Wow, no one has bitched about bridges yet, and I'm on second page Nice new items Freedom will have a blast with these no doubt
  8. I had a stack of arrows in a barrel, one fo them was rare, making the stack colored blue as well. After I traded one of the arrows to a merchant, the stack remained blue whilst the rare item was no longer in there.