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  1. Very fast service and great person to get your stuff safely Imped !!!. Sending over a rare shovel like an imp to 90 ql and a 90 coc cast please ty
  2. The largest crab ofcoarse Jackel !!! Them crazy Huge crabs and there black shells !!! to bad we could not take them home lol
  3. Still searching for rare or better lion frag?
  4. Great work great prices , got two horses even from there stables to match a perfect set thanks Virus !
  5. I will be heading that way also and thanks Shimpiee for your devotion to this great event . Though your last will be my first time to visit your impolong . Though grand and have a very happy marriage !
  6. I would not say treasure chest should be needed. Though I think next what should happen is one have better rift locations. Two have ones that go of skill also. Then also make rifts accessible by tunneling or climbing. Though need to fix stam issue with weta wile climbing other wise it makes for a long boring fight. Other wise the system works for jackel. Though there still is room for improvement.
  7. I would like a meditation rug 90 ql creation also . Send to Darrellbeaugez , thanks
  8. Would love to have another realistic house added to the features , but allow it to use the this also motar or clay to bind the building together. Even if its like anarres said make it have something other then logs. Loves the idea of being able to spruce up but also it should also have the feature to have the color of wood used in logs like many other items.
  9. I agree fully we need to make rel slopping sands better. Unlike many other starting area's it needs love care and ability to make it look nicer for all . Have some nice redo instead of looking as if your going onto a lost old sever .
  10. I have had this happen also on random disconnects it make my glowing items go to warm. Then my none glowing ones like lamps and stuff go warm. This only happens on crashes it acts as if items are in forge but not.
  11. Well I think adding no emotes to eating because not everyone want's to here smacking when eating. Though its a good option not to always hear everything. Yet in taking away some sounds would not want to take away angry mob sounds at all. Though understands why they want to keep Wurm seeming like a real game verse other games. Yet it should be everyone's choice to listen to food or not to listen .
  12. Funniest change and day I had yesterday . So I decided to use my two yellow potions on Jackal and then went running around as a barrel at first though the prime smith was away. Then I used my next one and got to run around with a backpack on my feet and a large mallet on my feet as a goblin running away from home for 33 minutes. Was quite funny the little picture and the neat little things it got . Here you go for a good little giggle.
  13. Hello And welcome To the party called Jackal coalition [13:22:47] You have just received the title 'Renowned Platesmith'! [11:44:22] You have just received the title 'Smelter'!
  14. [13:22:47] Plate armour smithing increased by 0.0054 to 70.0053 on jackal !
  15. 70ql plate steel ready to fight clean of cast. Full sets for sale each set your choice of helm . Great Helm , open helm bassinet helm 70 ql steel plate imps also each .25 c per peace up to 70 70 ql sets going per set 4.0 s each with one free imp after and I may push higher if skill gets there.
  16. 10s starting bid increments 1s each buyout 17s privates allowed
  17. You know when you have a good night going along the woods when you find this .
  18. ty for building the boat and in the wood asked for !