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  1. @SilberryI dont think this would be good idea as its quite possible to live without deed with just premium. And i dont believe subs are reason for lower number of players ( got to remember there were much less players, 200-300 for few years same time online before steam release and it was enough to pay wurm for it to survive).
  2. You have alot to learn still. They could follow Journal and those who try wurm propably knows they are about to enter sandbox. Its good its like that, turns away alot of griefers and impatient persons. And its good Wurm doesnt have so much people like some games. I feel like after few thousand players same time online would be enough but 10 000 same time online would be propably way too much same time online. That would be nice addition but nothing that would make you instead do those. Just so its more like direction giving method for new players to get into game better. But that system would take good long time to implement propably and i would rather they would use that time to more wurm-like things.
  3. Oh you handsome, we need to create statue of you!
  4. Would be a good idea what LionIX said. For temporary solution would be that phobia mode changes everything until there is time to make pick and choose list. Could easily toggle it on when you are planning to go outside of homedeed.
  5. It might be something added by mod
  6. I think you should do search with "You finish your prayer to" instead that way you filter out the ones that never got finished. Just to make sure your data is more accurate.
  7. You can drag and drop example large crate group next to small crate group in your wagon/cart.
  8. Difference is that burn is instant but with first aid you have time to realize it. Best safety net is to create inventory group called healing, that forces you to activate right item for first aid whenever you need it.
  9. While improve a weapon to 50 works with tool which is one of these
  10. I feel like its not that easy as ppl think. Its not like they do this to make few ppl sad who feels this problem is highest and should be highest priority. There is reason for these always. For the time being if the chance of making just 5speed horses with high AH is lower than with 50AH, just make more breeding partners and slaughter bad ones at good age and they still give you leather, nat sub and food items.
  11. Thank you alot Enki for being there for us Wurmlings!

  12. Are you asking them to change the update from beta to non beta? if so cant you just forget that its "beta" and live with it?
  13. 3rd person view

    Its couple threads below your thread, you would had seen it if you had looked before posting
  14. bath

    Huge tub is the best container to store saddles
  15. dragging straight from ground with the ctrl doesnt need any windows open either.
  16. Maybe to show them you could make it work in WU first?
  17. Thanks alot Wurm staff. There are us too who like it but often those who like something doesnt express it in any form.
  18. I feel more pleasant as a long time player.
  19. Gives those rare veins chance to be sold once again
  20. I like it. Thanks for long predicted change!
  21. Would need to be quite fast to beat hunting by just running forward killing everything anyway. Hermits do need to do combat to cook for themselves. The skill is easy to build off and add to. Just add new kinds of discoverable creatures. Making new model, textures, sounds, behavior isnt easy or fast to add Otherwise better than current tracking. might work in xanadu size but smaller servers like in Inde i imagine its easier to just run the common route from home and hunt everything on that path
  22. Good idea but only if its toggleable or tied to noob buff. I Wouldnt want such beam to ruin good screenshots.
  23. I feel like imbue and rune change is good. Imagine doing the work to get skill very high and then others can get same stuff. its about time its changed. Would be fun to see poll how many like or dislike the change.