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  1. Those who do rare spamming with f2p alts currently, if they would need to sub to continue that certainly would also bring more real money to wurm too if they wanted to continue doing it with alts. I dont have enough knowledge or experience with this whole thing but Davih does have and i would support this change.
  2. And when mouseovering the holes it shows wall behind them But i realised this is not bad bug it could be even left unfixed because now you can pave ground under them.
  3. Unbelievably fast

    I did last week test to find out if age has meaning but here is first results which might help. Its all done on flat surface. west to east and back (didnt look what wind direction was or what direction i was running for each speed value). Only differences these two horse have is one is cared, age (old and venerable) and PaintGolden has Spark and WildLei has lightning speed. Weird thing is that 2sp is faster than 3sp which is why im waiting for old horse to turn venerable to see if PaintGolden speed changes.
  4. In the section of Dye page ==Image== Example of Dyed items. [[File:Dyed.jpg|640px]] Its from 09:06, 9 November 2012. propably needs updated picture
  5. Hey! its 2021 let them be what they want
  6. Does it matter if old ones have wrong total trait points? Does that affect anything?
  7. Propably as long it takes. And propably we are getting free SB from this
  8. Huge Congratulations!
  9. actually that speed was with 9 large crates full of food items.
  10. Wagon was 37.39ql and 16.43dmg and speed was 14.39 After repair and nothing else changed Wagon is now 34.44ql and speed went to 13.67 Would expect speed to be lower with 16dmg as the effective quality of the wagon would be less than after repair right?
  11. @SilberryI dont think this would be good idea as its quite possible to live without deed with just premium. And i dont believe subs are reason for lower number of players ( got to remember there were much less players, 200-300 for few years same time online before steam release and it was enough to pay wurm for it to survive).
  12. You have alot to learn still. They could follow Journal and those who try wurm propably knows they are about to enter sandbox. Its good its like that, turns away alot of griefers and impatient persons. And its good Wurm doesnt have so much people like some games. I feel like after few thousand players same time online would be enough but 10 000 same time online would be propably way too much same time online. That would be nice addition but nothing that would make you instead do those. Just so its more like direction giving method for new players to get into game better. But that system would take good long time to implement propably and i would rather they would use that time to more wurm-like things.
  13. Oh you handsome, we need to create statue of you!
  14. Would be a good idea what LionIX said. For temporary solution would be that phobia mode changes everything until there is time to make pick and choose list. Could easily toggle it on when you are planning to go outside of homedeed.