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  1. I find it quite funny how some ppl dont read everything and then get wrong understanding how things are.
  2. Thank you everyone much. And thank you Akka the Host!
  3. How do you think Blizzard does this with wow. They ban anyone who traded anything with anyone? No. Do you think wurm is different and just bans all their customers. Snap out of your horror movie now.
  4. WO Steam Discussion

    True. I also buy one year always and log in whenever i feel like it. And Its working great for me. cost is not that much in the end (less than netflix for me)
  5. sometimes horse or/and vehicles fall to the first floor when disembarking on higher floors.
  6. Would love to see your deed stream around Inde 13-14 s-t
  7. Bar stools

    True. But because of the short stools my only visitor is Tyrion Lannister.
  8. Noticed there are no bar stool and these small stools are for milking cows and washing clothes. This bar obviously needs bar stools. Its good you would have barrel full of beer under your stool at this bar but its dangerous to drink too much. To prevent possible deaths and bar fights we need taller stools for bars and let the bartender hand out the drinks. Thank you for your time. -Ame The Retired viking, Lord of Vikingr Borg, Butcher of octopussies and The King of 3 cows.
  9. Cool Feature with toys would be that every character would have skill affinity buff like with foods but when watching someone else play with the toy. It would stack with food affinities and each character has different affinity from certain toy than other character has. The buff would be stronger depending how many players are nearby watching the show. The one who does the show his/hers skill contributes to the buff timer. Example each skill value of 1 gives 3minutes to the buff and each person watching would be 0.3% to the buff power like 10 ppl watching would be 3% skillgain buff. The one who does the show gets double the amount of everything. But only prem characters would contribute to the buff. This would bring new way for money to move around if someone would organise shows for money and someone could do it for free because he would get double the amount of the buff. Also it would give new purpose to get toy skills. Also all the numbers could be changed to better balanced they are just to show the idea. Im sorry if i couldnt write it more understandable.
  10. It would be for Plate armour smiths better to add new thing to reach like Damascus steel which you would be required to combine all the metals that you can mine from regular veins (Wogic = iron+tin+copper+zinc+gold+silver = Damascus steel). And remove Iron plate armours that just makes all the plate armour smiths that are out there think they had golden shower on them. But if not removing could be changed to bigger difference in DEF between steel and iron plate armours.
  11. +1 Iron plate is pissing on ppl who made the process of coal making and metallurgy.