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  1. the timer might be some kind of way to prevent some sort of griefing.
  2. i support for mission to end or make them also complete when tamed or killed.
  3. If devs think it wasnt meant to work that way then it was broken
  4. was just having entertainment here and joking. sorry, there is still some popcorn left to eat.
  5. But you can get every priest who has 100 preaching to convert you to get 20 faith, not far to pray to 30 faith from that
  6. sorry, forgot that. i guess learn to live with the changes then
  7. We lived with 200 players across 2 clusters and that was still pretty good amount.
  8. I guess we are not losing anything when they do quit. Wurm still has much more players than it had for many years before steam launch.
  9. The group that does chance often for the rites, you can start holding sermons now to get that 30 faith for the next rite, cant be that hard. Or just buy treasure maps to get sleep powders or buy sleep powders if Sleep bonus is that important
  10. They said this many times during the years. And still wurm is alive. i guess those who do say this might quit but the rest of us will stay
  11. GZ Richtje Good change for the religion!
  12. Noticed this when i was trying to enchant grass with character that is citizen but also has character specific role set to be able to do anything. While citizen role has everything ticked off it overrides the meditation abilities permission from character specific role (individual player). After putting citizen role to be able to use meditation abilities then i could enchant grass again. EDIT: Saw this [11:16:10] Use normal roles instead of the individual player option for your own settlement citizens. And looks like from citizens list can set what role overrides it so not a bug. can close this thread
  13. Guru King Slayer

    Thanks for the fish
  14. Thank you. can be closed then