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  1. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    nice to hear about the compensation! tyvm, also to clarify, cause im new and maybe dumb question, but when will the sleep bonus be applied to our accounts? today the 21st? or on the 28th? cause you have two dates there and i was a tad bit confused and would like to use up my 2 hours of sleep bonus since it would be wasted otherwise if possible. regardless thanks devs! more sleep bonus is still better so i aint complaining
  2. btw, i can confirm my game is working 100% now. i think it was some weird compound issue with my drivers being out of date PLUS something with obs, because now that i have switched over to stream labs obs. instead of the regular OBS, and updated my drivers i havnt had the bug once. thank you very much leaving this for the future in case anyone comes across this same issue. its fixed now though for me.
  3. i want to apologize for being upset, it was very fustrating since i tried so many different things. and when i tried to update my drivers they "wrongly" said that they were already the latest version. i tried manually installing like you said and on the first try its working 100% like it never has before, at best before, it would half work, targeting walls and floors but hard to target objects. while its working 100% i dont want to close this ticket just yet please. please let me have 1 day to see if it remains working fully like it is. and i apologize about getting slightly annoyed. i love the game and its super fun it was just fustrating thank you samool and votip both
  4. btw, im currently trying to reinstall the game, and it keeps giving me errors saying it cant install certain files. im trying to reinstall it once more. but i removed the game and now i cant even reinstall it. i truely love the game but i literally cant play it. so if it keeps this up i would like to request a refund however.
  5. id like a refund if this continues, i spent roughly 10 hours trying to get this game to work in "tech support" on stream and off stream. with in game support and this ticket. i literally just spent another hour this morning JUST trying to fix java and reinstalling and iv tried literally dozens upon dozens upon dozens of fixes that myself, chat, in game support and devs, have all suggested. nothing is working. i spent roughly 42 dollars buying the 1 month premium, with 5 silver, cant even play. also i bought 6 silver twice i believe. this is beyond fustrating. if this cant be solved easily, which it clearly cant. i would like to request a refund. ty.
  6. the client still doenst work btw, didnt fix it
  7. iv already done that java thing like 2 days ago , didnt fix it. but to be safe i removed them both again, the preview client and the safe client. il let you know if that fixes the client startup icon issue. also i went into my device manager, i have the latest drivers for my graphics cards... i honestly dont know what the issue would be. you could say my graphics card is rather old, being a 750 ti but this isnt the most graphics intense game, also it runs every other game just fine. dont know why i get this targeting issue tho... it baffles me. iv tried everything.
  8. says "cannot determine a valid java home" each time i try each client. but iv reinstalled 64 bit java multiple times and reinstalled wurm multiple times. iv literally tried everything, i even made sure the java_home was correct and manually made it. im so lost
  9. its still broken, i have to redownload the clients each time i want to click play, i cant even use the client button, and my scale is 100%
  10. if i log out and restart the game, i have to take an hour or 2 of fiddling with stuff and eventually i can play but its fusterating, the in game support told me to make a post here with my console.log. so here i am. the problem is i would always either have no targeting, as in i cant target literally anything, or i could only target the ground, or id have some weird combination of, i can target objects but only super far away and through walls and houses and stuff. never up close. i tried disabling vbo and fbo and iv tried reinstalling java 64 bit, making sure theres no remnants of 32bit. iv reinstalled wurm countless times. not sure the problem. hope someone can help from the devs. tyvm.