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    I am having a problem using keys with locked containers. It's probably easiest to go straight to the example... -> I am on a PVE server where stealing is not allowed -> I have a deed with pickup permission turned OFF ... -> on it I have a building with may enter / pickup / load / unload permissions turned ON ... -> inside I have a crate rack secured to the ground and fitted with a small padlock ... If I manage the container (crate rack) and add a non-citizen player with may-open permission. He can open the container and transfer items out of it. Everything in that instance works as you would expect it to. However, If I DO NOT set the container permissions and give the player the key instead, he can only look inside the container, any attempt to remove an item gets a 'no stealing' notice. If that player uses the key to place items into the container .. he can remove only the items he placed inside. I did the same tests with a large chest as well and got the same results I also logged out the deed owner (owner of the items in the containers) to eliminate any proximity ownership. ---------- It would appear that the code for removing an item from a container is not doing a check for a matching key when evaluating permissions. From the wiki: "Keys are entirely optional, with the choice to create copies remaining for situations where you may not wish to use the permission system." When I read that it sounds like they 'may-open' permission and the use of a key should have the same functionality I would consider this a bug if the function of the key is supposed to be an alternative to setting permissions, and (in the case of the key) viewing without interacting seems to be a mostly useless function.