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  1. *points at the deer in the picture* They think its bright too. Wont even look at the light
  2. Hmm with my specs should I go higher or lower than the settings in the OP? The last time I actually messed with the settings I went with lower settings. But that was on a much lower spec. PC. I tried wurm about a month ago but my ATI video card was ****. So I switched to Nvidia and another PC and now I would like to know about what settings would work best. CPU : AMD Phenom 9150e - Quad Core 1.8 ghz (I know... need to upgrade) Ram : 4GB (upgrading to 8) Video: Nvidia Geforce GT 520 (wont upgrade on this PC) Video Ram: 2GB Edit: I just logged on with default settings. I get 60fps out of town and about 35fps in Freedom Market.