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  1. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Sorry you "feel" that way. The institution as a whole (Game Managing!!! not Mastering, which is often the incorrect "Label" expressed) is designed in such a way as to try to avoid labelling and just make decisions. Albeit, some people have a hard time switching their mode of operation from a labelling mechanism to an assessment mechanism. The "institution as a whole", as you refer to it as, is a set of decision making algorithms, and if I understand correctly, what you are saying in your "example" is that you didn't like the outcome. So much so that you've labelled "the team" as "poor" and you "lost faith in it". "Bad" move, in my opinion. The individuals may be "kind, polite, understanding and generally fair" (or not) but in the end, they need to make a decision or a number of decisions, sometimes favourable and sometimes not, individually and as a group. In the end, those decisions are bounded by what Rolf and the Development Team allow or disallow and/or what the game dynamics allow or disallow and/or the community/players, as a whole, allows or disallows and/or the Game Manager Team allow or disallow. Enjoy!
  2. Increased Macro Questions?

    Sounds like you might be trying to make a point. I wasn't. It's called humor...but a legitimate player can get confused....
  3. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Sorry elentari, got to totally disagree with that blanket statement. There are people who are doing the GM job who "make a decision": They are neither good or bad GM's because of their decisions. We need to stop using the "good" and "bad" labels here! The person they help (or not) makes "a decision" to label them "good" or "bad" but the truth is you either like or dislike the outcome. A GM either: can get to your problem right away or not cannot or can help you choose not to or choose to help you choose to do it in the manner in which you'd like it to be done or choose not to. You may or may not like any one of those outcomes.... BUT labelling the GM's as "good" or "bad", regardless of the outcome, is A BAD DECISION!!! The alternative is? You don't get help or it takes a relatively long time to get help (from a busy or unavailable developer).
  4. Poll to gauge Player perception of the GM team

    Thank Fo! I'd really be perturbed if I saw all the event messages for all the stupid things I do!!!
  5. Increased Macro Questions?

    PS: Stork is the correct answer because stools have from 3 to as many legs as can fit which can be as many as 6 legs and occasionally more.
  6. Increased Macro Questions?

    Ha ha, soft macroing...ok? macroing [sic] is programming! It's trivial to provide randomization within scripts/macros to make it look like it's not a script. It's trivial to watch fatigue and adjust settings based upon higher things like fatique or Too low Stamina. It's trivial to answer the question(s). It's trivial to logout and back into the game. You'll never catch the great programmers only the sloppy or lazy ones. The one's who are in it to make RL $$$'s are unlikely to ever get caught. They're also most likely to not be enjoying the game
  7. What does your server mean to you?

    Yes! I'm going to "bump" a 3 1/2 year old post. I hope you don't mind Keenan. I found this to be an interesting collection of player's perspectives. The saying goes that "hindsight give us 20/20 vision" (or something similar)... A recurring theme back then was that people were searching for untouched territory on which to make their mark. I too had that desire, so off I went. I intentionally chose the newest server, Xanadu, which also happened to be the largest, after completing my tutorial lessons. After dying numerous times in various ways during my first week and resurrecting in several of the spawn towns, including Greymead, I noticed a pattern. The coastal areas seemed crowded in comparison and therefore, I ultimately chose the Greymead area. After several months learning things from a veteran player, I chose to venture off to find my own untouched area. I found what I thought was a relatively untouched spot and proceeded to create a deed the hard way. I've succeeded now but discovered the truth after playing now for 1 1/2 years. There really is no untouched space! That being said, my definition of relatively untouched would be walking (not riding anything), for at least 10 RL minutes (preferably 20) in most directions and not finding evidence that someone has been there already and done something to the landscape in some way. I would LOVE to see a new server/island/continent open up. That New Server would mean to me, "I finally have a real challenge of taming the wild! That's what "my server" would mean to me!!!
  8. W. S. A. Independence lag

    [08:49:28] 6 other players are online. You are on Xanadu (108 totally in Wurm). Why do some players want compensation? 90 - 99 % up time is enjoyable
  9. W. S. A. Independence lag

    I'm content that the servers are up again...why be greedy? *wink*
  10. W. S. A. Independence lag

    That point in most SysAdmin's lives when they wish they would have learned how to and implemented: remote shadowing and mirroring (saved my hide on more than one occasion) Pet