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  1. Do your java using garbage collector option enabled? This solve my problems.
  2. I'm know not client side mods for this function, but client side are neraly impossible... here are Sever Tweaks: and BlanceMod:
  3. Yeah! Karma! It's a great idea to allow configure a karma reward to server game master.
  4. Thanks for all who try to help. Problem is solved now.
  5. About reward: It's must be configurable by server admin. I'm think - better is guaranted result + random rare bonus. Maybe rolling about additional mushroom or acorn or sprout or rare coin. About skillgain: Yes. This is good idea. Woodcutiing, Digging & Body strength are right skills for bashing tree stump.
  6. And also when terraforming... And when sprout planted too... Hmm
  7. Oh, yess! And when dirt are packed and stump are disapeared reward must calculated too... This add some more complexity to make this mod.
  8. Do you like theese stumps on your server? There are really ugly landscape after massive lumberjack work. I'm think that small mod may help: bashing stump for reward What about 10 iron by defaullt? And an option to configure amount of reward.
  9. Please, anybody!
  10. And also one log:
  11. Random and frequent crashes of java client. Many logs with random errors. Solved, when changing LaunchConfig.ini Added an option for java XX:+UseG1GC Here are all my LaunchConfig.ini: [Runtime] OverrideDefaultJavaPath=true JavaPath=C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_201\bin\server [Memory] InitialHeap=1024m MaxHeapSize=4096m [VMParams] JvmParam0=-XX:+UseG1GC JvmParam1=-XX:+AggressiveOpts