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  1. slave work is only thing left for me ??? hahaha this game isnt that crowded to make slaves out of people, id rather dont play at all then be a slave. i have to pay 10 bucks per month for being a slave?? hahaha
  2. im looking for one one chaose only cos i like hardcore, but people been saing that pvp is not so good choice so i start to doubt
  3. i wasnt looking for pure russian blood ))) how many of russian speaking?
  4. нашел русскую деревню?
  5. you have russians?
  6. do u have more info? how many active players?
  7. hi, im looking for russian village on crowded pvp server. ( i think its chaose) im very new, so maybe need some guidence. if russian comunity is dead i will consider to join big dveloped kingdom of english speaking as my eng lvl isnt too bad, stricktly no slavery but healthy companionship, stupid conversations like "if you not gonna be our slave then why do we need you" will be ingnored. this also means mature people please. ищу русскую деревню на населенном пвп сервере. новичок может понадобиться помощь в игре.