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  1. Close

    Today we added an update to Treasure Hunting, DUSKombat, and were working on getting a CA Help channel setup for everyone! Also added: Affinity Orb - Grants the player a random affinity when consumed. Enchant Orb - Can be enchanted. Can be consumed to transfer the enchant to any item. Depth Drill - Drills a tile corner, revealing the amount of dirt until you hit rock. Beyond that, it can also locate nearby ores. Disintegration Rod - This rod removes the configured amount of hits from any vein (no ore is provided) or instantly destroys a cave wall (like the Disintegrate spell). Chaos Crystals - A volatile crystal that can be infused with items for a variety of outcomes. It can increase rarity, or destroy the item outright. Uses the "Artifacts" skill. Enchanters Crystals - This crystal can adjust the enchant properties of an item. Uses the "Artifacts" skill. Affinity Catcher - The Affinity Catcher can be used to "capture" and sell your affinities to other players or characters. You require a minimum of 3 total affinities in order to use an Affinity Catcher Arrow Packs - Craft 40 arrows and a quiver into an arrow pack. Improve the arrow pack, then unpack to receive a quiver with 40 arrows of the QL of the arrow pack. This also transfers any enchants from the Arrow Pack to all 40 arrows Eternal Orb - The purpose of this item is to allow players to move their runes, imbues, and enchants from one item to another. Forcing players to re-create their highly enchanted, runed, and imbued tools as a new material seems unjustified and un-fun. Thanks to all the people who have joined and keep coming with all of these awesome mods to make the gameplay more enjoyable.!
  2. I remember seeing a ship trader mod somewhere, but after searching the forums I cannot find it anywhere, could someone drop me a link please.. Also I'm seeking to create quests for my player base, does anyone know of a mod or set of mods that would be invaluable to this goal? Many thanks! T
  3. Curtains

    +1, I know some servers have this feature. But it would be awesome to have the code for all servers.
  4. Close

    We have a website up and running now! Located at A big thank you goes out to Terminal for helping in the sites development, and having patience with me and my host lol
  5. Close

    I'll get right on the building permissions and see what's bugging the mods lol, hope to have them corrected sometime today. Thanks for the positive review
  6. Close

    Tonight we've added more mods for your entertainment- Thanks goes out to other members of the Wurm Communities, and to our own player base for suggesting these mods, and helping in the process! Announcer Mod- Active now! Bulk Separated by QL -- Active! Betterdig-- Set to be on horses or in carts! SpellCraft-- Active MoveMod- Active
  7. Close

    Adjusted mod properties to 1 second, and unlimited praying and meditation. Also added mods today with suggestions from our current players : Announcer Mod- Server-wide player login announcement Better Digging by BDew: - Enables actions to be performed while mounting - Allows overriding amount of clay dug per action Action Timers Fix by BDew: Fixes action timers for things that ignore default action timer. Ash Produce by Ulvirala: Allows ash to instantly form in the container rather than using the clean action of the forge/kiln/smelter Fire Burn Time by Ulvirala: Allows users to check exact burn time remaining. Double Bulk Capacity by Ulvirala: Doubles small/large crate size to lessen constraints on building insane amounts of crates to match production due to increased action rates.
  8. Close

    Yea I'll check the mod properties, because I want prayer and Faith gain to be as easy as possible for the players
  9. Close

    Sorry for the late replies, it's custom map. 4096 map. Bag of holding yes lol. I'll get to work on the praying and faith gains this evening. Sorry I didn't know they weren't working. On the Discord we have had more mods suggested, and will be implementing them in this evening. The server is really coming along, and the player base is really making a great community!. Soon to open a website for the server. Thanks everyone for dropping by and either having a look, or deciding on the server as your new home. Were looking forward to many more in the future T
  10. Close Looking for a fresh start? Looking to make new friends? New to the game, and feel overwhelmed? Experienced players looking for a new exciting challenge? Frym could be just what your looking for! We opened our doors to the new exciting world of frym a few days ago, and already have received great players! We are looking for more to play and build along with us! Currently we offer these mods that help with game play. boatmod - can lead animals on water with a boat, and they will not drown. bounty mod - set higher bounties for mobs (good for gaining coin) cropmods- crops will not spoil, and harvesting is better dig like mining- dirt is placed on ground, if on foot, and in boat if on boat. increased merchant items portals! prospect mod sacrifice mod salve mod - shows how potent a healing cover is spell mod - unrestricts priests to be able to cast all spells and craft anything, and pray as often as they like. Ada and Glimer rods - can be bought at the trader Inbreed Warning Increase Merchant Items Infinity Wide Entry mines Meditate Mod More Craftables Move To Center No Build Limit! Simple Concrete Treasue Hunting! One Tile Mining! Please limit the size of deeds to 121x121 and max guards 25. Just a handful of what we thought would be fun to play with while in the game (if you think of any we might need, please private message me about them, and ill look into getting them into the game!) Currently have a discord server and a live map. Map dump is available here: size: 4096