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  1. Now that we can make hay our grass tiles need to no longer go to short when new trees spawn on them. You have a patch set aside and trees spawn in making it short you cut tree down and another one may or may not spawn in before the grass grows.
  2. This would be a nice addition and the code is kinda already there. If memory serves me correct if there is a vein on a tunnel entrance when you mine it out the vein turns to rock as you cant mine out a entrance tile.
  3. After yesterdays update my chickens no longer ate from trough. Upon investigating I found that when i examined them it did not show the trough as a food source. I discovered the reason is because when you make a trough by default for permissions it comes with a lock. removing the lock allowed the chickens to eat again and upon examine showed it now as a food source. I don't know if this affects other animals as this was in my chicken pen but I would assume so. Need to allow animals to eat from a locked trough or remove them from adding a lock on creation.
  4. I have a trough in my chicken pen and last night they were eating from it. I decided to check out the examine animal to see what its eating from and nothing was listed under the chickens. I went and got a pet bowl and sure enough it showed on examine This creature is prioritizing eating out of a nearby pet bowl. After a bit of troubleshooting I determined the problem causing the chickens to not eat from the trough was because the trough by default on completion has a lock for permissions. Removed the lock and it shows up on animal examine again. I am guessing from todays patch on locked containers. You either need to make animals eat from locked troughs or eliminate locks on creation.
  5. I dont know about now but i know for a fact that marsh used to spread like a virus in a elementary school. On the old JK server before freedom i saw it take over a huge swatch of land about 100x50 tiles. On Indy at my dock area i was building it up from the ocean and forgot to sand it back and a few months later that crap almost took over my docks and i was back to making floor planks to get rid of it again.
  6. i did 64 tiles and the next day 15 went to dirt. Today the total is up to 26 dirt tiles. The status of them after 3 days is all over the place. Some almost dry and a few still are damp and the rest are all over in between those two. If it keeps this up there will be more dirt tiles by the time it dries.
  7. I had 3 of my saddled horses take off after unhitching just a bit ago. They were in their pen so luckily they didn't go far but i heard someone say theirs took off through walls too.
  8. Using same animals with the same gear before and after update. i was getting 22-23 kmh on my cart max before update. Now completely empty it does 18.00. With 3 empty crates , 6 empty cauldrons, full barrel of water it does 18.00. Improved the cart from 40 to 71 Ql no change still 18.00. Load the 3 crates full of dirt it drops to average 15.12. My wagon did 18-19 before update. I keep 10 empty crates, smelter and barrel of water in it. After update it does 17.28 so not a big change for the wagon. With those 10 crates full of dirt it drops to 14.39 It is currently 39ql. I havent bothered to imp it up to see if ql will make a difference. For the cart If we compare fully loaded speed before and after update we see a 7-8 Kmh change. For the wagon we see its ~4 to 5 kmh change. It does look like the wagon got a bit less of the nerf stick than the cart.
  9. I have this also but its on my low mem client and lower settings (just shows dirt and can still use rake or pitchfork on it) but my other toon with latest client and higher settings sees the hay piles. Not sure if its the client or i have a terrain setting turned down too low. Maybe I missed it but how many points do we get per 10 levels of AH or howerver now? When are we gonna see the low mem version for the new client?
  10. In my neck of the woods on celebration we used to have bison\unicorns and then none. Now unicorns are back but not bison. For a while we had lots of cows and sheep and now they are getting harder to find. I don't think the problem is with the amount of non aggro spawns because let me tell you everything gets killed and if that were the case some bison etc would eventually spawn in. I think the problem is they just are not spawning in period. It seems like some non aggro mobs get higher priority. I think the fix would be to allocate a percentage of the pool to each type of non aggro mob. This ensures something of each type will always spawn in somewhere on the server. Myself I will not say I will never breed cows, sheep and bison in the future to play around with the new traits but my preference is to just grab some replacements from the wild for the few of each i do keep for milk/wool. Even when hunting I have been known to groom, milk, shear before I kill em!!
  11. A dozen impalongs a year probably doesn't help the imping market.
  12. Would be nice if you got a nice drop down box and select the trait you want to remove good or bad with genesis. P.S. Once you do that please copy and paste that code to dispel thank you.
  13. AH has needed something for a long time so good job on working on it. The update from what i have read seems pretty good so far. I am reading this correctly that my horses will no probably not get the same speeds pulling a cart as they do now? Please tell me the traits are at least tailored so we don't see a resource trait like milking on animals that cant be or speed/draft traits on animals we cant ride/hitch.
  14. I would love to switch to it now rather than wait for the old UI to go away. I have been waiting for the low mem version since the new UI came out. While you can increase the font size in the old UI the new UI does a much better job when increasing UI text size. Looks way better.