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  1. Personal Goals Shutdown

    This. I dont see where it should offend anyone to let someone who just started to have a chance at finishing it. Not like its hurting anyone.
  2. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I did a fair bit of fishing last night . The toon I used did have 90 fishing. I used a professional rod that was 69 ql and the steel reel was about 65. The heavy braided line was maybe in the 50s. I did get 94 ql twigs and I think 50ql steel hook. I used a 50 ql net to catch my bait in shallow water and would catch several fish each go. I think for a new person the fishing net alone could keep them fed. I went out in the boat and caught quite a bit of fish. I see several people here talk about the click and to be honest I didn't even pay attention to where I was clicking when it said I got a nibble. Not sure how much that matters. None of my stuff ever broke but I did repair the reel and hook as I was fishing. Some of the issues I had was the ql was way lower on average than the old system. I never caught a real hq fish. The ql was all over but mostly real low using fishing rods. The catfish I caught was a lot higher average than the old system though. The fishing net skill gain is beyond sucky. You can cast many many times and even catch lots of fish between skill ticks and that's on all 3 toons with 1 , 60 , 90 skill. After catching 21 fish and many many casts on deeper water for clams my 1 skill toon had 2.13 fishing. Using the fishing net in deeper water would bring in clams. When you open the clam you get things like large nails, bone fishing hook sometimes seafood meat. This seems silly unless its some kind of treasure system where you will eventually get something good then it makes sense. Even got a rare clam but the toon I caught/opened it on only had 1 fishing skill so found nothing inside. Getting clams were pretty rare. I never caught a fish in the deeper water with the net. The ql of the fish from the nets were more in line with skill. You could see the different averages on all 3 toons was about 20-30 ql below skill. Getting fish above 80 ql was pretty rare on my 90 toon but I think it was pretty close to the old fishing system. I did like the fact that as far as you can highlight a tile you can cast the net on it. No too far away messages to worry about. To me it seemed like skill gain wasn't great on spear fishing either. Flies were easy to get but I never found any wurms. bait fish was easy also. Fish bits from fileting was kinda common. I think the fishing lines should maybe be impable. Making braided line you will start with a 98 ql string and by the time you go back and forth between cloth tailoring and rope making the ql flies down. I am guessing having 90 in each skill will help mitigate that but I am betting you would still have to spam lots to get a handful of hq strings. Today I tried with a creation ql basic pole and line. I used a twig for a float and a wooden hook. First cast was with a fly as bait. but doesnt look like you really need bait using just a basic setup. It is very brutal on creation ql hooks and even decent ql floats. I think some frustration comes from wanting to fish but you see all this gear and you feel overwhelmed because there is so much to make and you just want to go right out and do it. I have decided to put fishing on hold until they tweak it and I can take my time to make all the gear and then i can just fish leisurely.
  3. Transmutation Calc

    This seems to be broken atm.
  4. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I like the level of complication to fishing we now have but I think they should throw the old method of fishing back into the game for the people who want fish but do not want to jump through the hoops. Just limit the type of fish the old way can catch.
  5. [Fixed] Climbing bug

    yeah I couldn't climb up a 40 slope at all.
  6. Books and bookshelves

    I made the mistake of putting my journal on one for a couple of days and came back to find pages decayed. I was very sad because it reminded me of how my armor, bows and weapons decayed so much in their proper containers also.
  7. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    Yeah raising upkeep would cost the game to lose way more silver in my opinion. I know I would just let all my deeds go except for maybe one. What they would make off a increase on the one deed left would more than likely not cover the loss of what the other 3 earned them. Very likely I would start dropping premium on at least one toon to help cover deed cost. I cant see that being a win if other people start downsizing also. Introduce more cosmetic/decorative items into the cash shop and bring all that crap down to a reasonable price. They are virtual items that cost 0 for code club so anything they make is profit. I would bet that items like Wagoneer would make way more money priced at 3 silver than 12 silver from sheer qty bought. I have to say no to skill decay if it was implemented how it was in the past. If I remember right if you didn't use a skill for 2 weeks it took a .25 hit that really sucked if you were busy digging etc and didn't get around to doing blacksmithing. I was pretty sure it was bugged as there was times I got hit in less than 2 weeks and for amounts greater than .25. It also sucked to have to do something in each skill just so you wouldn't lose any. That was a chore all on its own. I might would be onboard with skill decay if not prem and logged off for 6 months but undecided. I still feel that account selling has had a negative impact on the Wurm market. In most games when someone stops playing so does their toon. This allows a new group of people to thrive in games marketplaces until eventually they stop play and other people step up to fill the void. A cycle of attrition. Most games eventually hit a critical point in their markets where it just goes stale and the game has to add new skills/items and or increase game caps. Account selling has just allowed us to reach that point a bit more quickly. I realize that undercutting is valid in a market system but I think people have taken it too far. Wurm has always had a staple of items that the price was always stable at. Dirt, bricks, mortar, clay, sleeping powder. New players could make a bit of coin on these bulk items or from selling their sleep powder. Watching the trade channel I have seen all these items go for 50% or more less than traditional standard prices. Some people say that all these people undercutting will eventually tire off providing this stuff for so little the prices will go back up. That might be partially true but there seems to be always someone willing to sell for even less. Once buyers get accustomed to paying low prices they refuse to pay more.Enchanted Items seem to sell for less than half of what they should and you cant even charge for the 90ql imp it seems to just be expected.
  8. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    Would it be possible to add in the future the ability to load a saved recipe back into the meal maker.
  9. [Resolved] Is Celebration down?

    Yeah its apparently down.
  10. Valrei International. 068

    Channeling, Soul Depth, Soul Strength, Religion and Praying should all be factors in a cast. We already have village teleport for new players so I see no need for a teleport spell. If you insist on adding it the cooldown should be super high like 2 weeks because making it a high favor spell is nothing when it takes all of 20 seconds to chop up 100 favor.
  11. Meal and Pizza generator

    Sigh, This kills over 33 meals for me. It wouldn't be so bad but I do 15 ingredients without any foraged or botanized items . Sometimes it generates what I want fast and other times lets say it can take a while. Checkbox for no foraged or botanized items would be awesome or they could put the value back to what it was.
  12. Ever since the Mac fix update I have been having issues with the launcher. The first time I had a issue I got a error that said something along the lines of couldn't draw pixel 1600 x 900 ….. Since I had a driver update available I went ahead and updated the driver. Worked fine. Next night I got the same issue. Reinstalled driver again and worked fine. Next night same thing. This time I manually downloaded my nvidia driver and cleared out the previous install completely. Once again worked fine. Now next night I go to run wurm this problem did not return but now I have a new one. I run the launcher and this is all it does. http://prntscr.com/jhyk3i Cannot maximize it and the launcher never comes up. Heck I even let it sit there a hour just out of curiosity to see if something was just moving slow. Have to end it in the taskmanager. This time since it didn't appear to be a video related issue and Java had been nagging at me to update I did and wurm worked fine once again. Then each night after that its turned into what do I have to do to make wurm work. Sometimes its clearing the cache and deleting Wurm java files, some times its been reinstalling java, and tonight it took clearing cache and updating my video driver. I eventually get it working but having to spend 30-40 minutes each time I want to run wurm it gets a bit frustrating. The crazy thing is I never shut down my computer and nothing changes. Im not even sure what triggers the issue, I almost never turn my pc off so its really always in the same state I logged off wurm. I had the issue crop up one night when trying to load a 3rd client it just sat there and as I logged off toons I got the same thing tying to log them back on but normally once it works it works fine until I haven't logged in for hours.
  13. Creature Movement Feedback

    I think the new system works real well with penned animals(horses and cows). There are some spots in the wild that still have issues but all in all i think it is much better now. Some individual types of mobs could use some slowing down. Sheep, deer, chickens and bison in particular seem to have ants in their pants and move way too much. I like that island btw. It gave me 3 points of weapon skill just the other day.
  14. Time to support one PVP server

    I don't think the cost of servers is even a issue so i cannot for the life of me see any reason of shutting them down. I almost even hesitate to say this i think there should even be a PVE side to epic also. More servers with more options gives more people with different playstyles choices. Hell maybe even a tiny server that players all have the same items/skills spawned on them that don't drop or take damage and have arena like combat for some fast pvp action. More choices is better. Now the one thing I don't want to see is anymore skill transfers like Epic. You pick your server and stick with it or have same skill gains as freedom. This whole thread is pretty much "Chaos -Daddy loves me more, Epic-No Daddy loves me more!!"