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  1. https://prnt.sc/tbexf1 If you use IRC I have discovered the transparent gaps in the upper and lower chat tabs are distracting. I think opaque like the rest would be a better choice inside there.
  2. The past few days I had been playing with the font sizes on the old client. Getting older and it was either that or drag my monitor even closer as I have been having a hard time reading the game text the last few months. Even at 90 I have no issue reading the screen anymore but that scale adjusts everything and some of the windows could use their size adjusted down a bit more. Would be nice if each window would have its own font setting. Things like item/container inventories could all share the same font settings. For me Item/container , skill tracker and skill tab font could be adjusted down to a slightly smaller font to help reduce window footprint. while I am happy with chat, skill, combat, friends windows at its current size. I know for other people it might be different combinations . I would imagine it wouldn't be something added overnight but in the long term the more customizable the better. I kind of wish the new windows had a thicker solid bar all the way instead of the super thin one between the tabs on each end. Its a small hard target to grab in the middle. I think its become muscle memory to drag the windows around by grabbing them in the middle after all these years. It does not have to be a full bar just a little thicker. Like someone else mentioned ability to toggle the target windows graphics off would be nice also as it does suck up some real estate. I know for a lot of people it doesn't matter much because they started playing the game with default settings which was the ironwood skin. I used the old wurm default because for me Ironwood was just too clunky so this update is a big change for people like me since we wont have old skin option anymore to fall back on heh.
  3. I am pretty sure when they added the new cooking system(recipes)
  4. I just tried it in a forge and it still shows the visual heat indicator but I wont lie it is very small and hard to see. I did have to set my UI to 90 to negate the supersize that is going on in the UI.They should at least add the heat status on the mouseover popup. You also don't have to heat meals anymore for the nutrition.
  5. Can only lock or unlock the select bar on startup before you select anything.
  6. I have been having the same issue on Indy all day as well but not one problem on the other client on Celebration which is on the new site right? That lets me know the problem is somewhere after it splits across the ocean and one route goes to hetzner and the other to the new provider that has Celebration server. So the problem is somewhere over there.
  7. I cant see increasing boat decay rates. I have several boats off deed and I have to stay on top of them because they decay fast as hell. Most are at 50ql or above. I have seen one take as high as 20 damage in less than 2 weeks. The average is about 5% a week but it varies a lot. I know for a fact if they are not imped and repaired they wouldn't last 6 months much less a year. For off deed buildings I don't think the decay needs to be increased either. They need to look into why some buildings off deed take very little decay even after their owner has been logged off for 3 months and longer fix that first. If we ramp decay as a solution for those buildings then I can only imagine how sucky it will be for the ones that are actually working correctly. Myself I want to see less decay so maybe we can actually use things like weapon, shield, bow, armor, fishing pole racks. I don't know about the rest of you but it sucks having to imp your weapons up solely because you used the proper storage rack for them while in between use.
  8. I live on the east coast US and after the switch it was running great for me. I didn't really even have any right click or menu lag. But since that last restart the lag is so bad I makes me long for our old servers lag. Hope you guys get it right soon.
  9. Yeah I am not so much even talking about what people have even said about traders here in this thread. I myself have never approved of RMT and Traders. I have said many times how I feel RMT specifically account sales was bad for the game. I did eventually get a trader myself you know if they aren't gonna remove them I might as well take advantage of it also. Not that I can say I made a crap ton off it but it did pay itself off and made extra since I had it a while. Once again I am fine with trader changes also. I am just pointing out the fact that people complained hard about the traders taking money from the game then the first fix was to take some of the money away from the traders and add coins from hunting , foraging etc etc. This all comes from the same pool. Now the latest fix traders no longer pays out. Now all of the money in the pool goes out to hunting, foraging etc etc. So how has it changing the bottom line when it still all being handed out only the method has changed. While once again I am happy with new RMT changes they are just like 15 years too late being added. I just wanted to point it out since no one else will that all I have learned from the whole trader thing is passing out money to select people with traders hurts the bottom line but handing it out to everyone doesn't. logical right.
  10. If my memory serves me correctly there is a percentage of all money in the kings coffers that is removed from the game. The kings coffers silver comes from upkeep and I think the 10% taken from merchant sales. While a lot of people say that the traders money is free money it had to have been purchased at one point . Its more like recycled and 10% thrown out of the game each time its recycled back in the coffers because I would image a large amount of that trader money was added right back in to pay for that persons upkeep. What I find extremely humorous is the amount of people on here who are so worried about code club not making a profit because those traders were robbing Rolf blind and his kids was gonna have to go to school barefoot because he couldn't afford to buy them shoes. Yet no one complains or has 20 threads about token sales, money for foraging, killing, etc...……. Its the same damn money being freely given away and you don't even have to buy something expensive from the cash shop to get it. Given the amounts people have posted on here they get from their trader I myself have regularly made more than that just killing mobs. Its not uncommon to get a silver coin from hunting or foraging although 5 and 20 copper seems to be the most common for me but they add up fast. If trader money was sending Rolf to the poor house shouldn't this money being hemorrhaged out also be doing the same. Since no one complains about this it makes me doubt their concern over Code Club profits was the real issue regarding trader draining complaints.
  11. We don't need skill gain increase. Simpler fix give F2P a 50% reduction in skill gain and same result.
  12. Hypothetical. Slaying is held in local of a deed. Does this mean the players of said deed has to stop their gameplay and leave the area? Just asking cause this could possibly arise.
  13. From the sound of it having a trader for personal gain is gonna be pretty much gone. I am sure that percentage wont amount to much anyway. This means that the traders only function will pretty much be making money for Wurm Online from the sale of its items and maybe some random new person might trade for a item on it but ill bet the odds of that will be low. I think if a player paid all that money for a trader that's only use is to sell Wurms items at least let them move the damn thing. Its basically gonna be a decoration.
  14. I voted for Wurm but if Star Wars Galaxies was still around it would probably have gotten my vote.
  15. I will be staying on WO. I think they should stay separate forever. First thing we would lose is alts. losing alts also means a loss of revenue for Wurm. I know I would not play my toons one at a time so I would just drop to one and probably consolidate down to just one deed while I am at it. I agree that new players would want some nice fresh servers to play on. Lets keep in mind though that 6 months after the steam launch all those pristine untouched lands will be no more so the cycle will continue of people complaining about untouched lands. There is one complaint that I cant wrap my head around is the people who keep wanting to consolidate servers. Why would you want to live on top of each other. I have no desire to have a lot of people in my local listening to emotes all day. You know all you server consolidators can get together and just plop your deeds on top of each other now and get the same results.