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  1. I would love to switch to it now rather than wait for the old UI to go away. I have been waiting for the low mem version since the new UI came out. While you can increase the font size in the old UI the new UI does a much better job when increasing UI text size. Looks way better.
  2. i never argued the formula is correct or not as i stated in my post. i was just merely pointing out the fact its not a flat rate.
  3. Not disputing your calculations as i havent bothered to do any but Rare and Supremes do not add a flat bonus. It is dependent on the ql of the ore being mined. The higher the ql the less bonus you get
  4. My problem with the rune/imbue thing is once again you put something in the game that you should not have. leave it in the game for years so players get used to it, spend real money buying it. Make money selling it. Then one day you sound the trumpets and decree this stuff OP and it must be changed. I hope your not surprised a good bit of people are gonna be upset.
  5. I am all for it!! Who does not like standing around shooting fireworks off?
  6. I think they tweaked the drops down a lot. The were ok the first day but the second day after they tweaked them nothing.
  7. I remember the skill decay all too well. I surely do not miss it. Not long before they got rid of it i had a large digging project . i forgot to take the time and do the chore of getting a skill tick in all my skills that were high enough to be penalized. Was a pain in the butt. It was also buggy as the decay would keep going until it lowered it to 50 and was supposed to stop. One of the guys in the village had his taken down to the 30's when he stopped playing for a while. I am also pretty sure that it sometimes took skill away when it was not supposed too. So no I would rather not revisit the extra chore of maintaining skill again. Not to mention if its implemented and got a bug and did not work as expected and you lost a lot of skill they will never give it back to you. That was always the policy with bugs.
  8. Maybe just have it do a check on a item and if it has a both a gathering rune and a imbue it calculates the higher bonus of the two and uses that 1 but not both. No need to nerf the imbue.
  9. Lets see how steam is still doing in 6 months or a year. To all the people who want to shut down the old servers why do you care? Just play on the new ones and dont worry about us on the old ones. Think if they shut down everybody would just run right over to steam and join your little deeds? Lets see lose toons, deeds and all the stuff they have grinded / accumulated and paid for over the years (12 years for me) yeah they would never get another penny from me.
  10. I have this happen as well. It does not seem to happen on my client that is on low settings but i guess I will try and make a effort to pay attention today just to be sure. I may be getting so used to it i do not notice it as much on that one. The client it does happen on is not on max settings but med to high i guess. A good deal of the time this happens i can also hear one of the fans spin up inside. Pretty sure its the cpu fan from the sound of it and it only revs up for the duration of the client freeze. The rain in game used to cause it on my client then it went away once we got the new renderer but now it seems to be back and oddly i think it tends to happen more when it rains also now. I will try to stop being lazy and maybe play with some settings and see which one might make it go away.
  11. While making a basic fishing pole line and hook is no harder than the old system it does require bait and float. You can even get that easy by searching overaged bushes for twigs and forage for wheat and corn. You can use that to catch some smaller fish with a chance to catch larger ones . You can then use these smaller fish and cut them up to fish bits or use them as bait for larger ones. I have not done the fishing tutorial so i do not know how well basic fishing is explained. I guarantee the biggest reason most people hate the fishing system is its no longer que a bunch of actions and flip back to your other toon. I space out and forget to pay attention to the screen sometimes and it is aggravating but i love the new systems complexity. I think for a new person who is looking for food perhaps what we really need is a Crude net or fish trap. One that can be crafted from some branches. Real simple to make. This way they can catch the small fish and make casseroles or meals easily. Can catch plenty like that to feed yourself. I would even go so far as to allow some of the small fish to be filleted into smaller portions to even allow them to be able to use some of that catch to grind a little. Maybe add a more advanced trap made from shafts to even increase fish catch. If they do go back to a que and forget fishing then I propose they keep the current system and just remove the need to actually have to click to catch. the wiki has a chart that tells you everything so there is no mystery to it anymore. Just find the bait for the fish you want to catch and load your tackle box with a stockpile of those reels, lines, bait, floats. I mean at this point we are no longer talking about a newbie looking for survival food since that crude net, trap or basic fishing pole can take care of that. We are at the point of more established toons looking for fish to grind fishing, HFC skill or maybe just for fun. Most of these players should easily get any of the stuff at this point. I do get your point and I am a little conflicted because I do understand the issue but going back to the old system of using a pole that you can que and forget and catch every type of fish with no bait just does not seem right either.
  12. Yes he did mention but what i posted was a update during this wait put out on discord only. Kinda like this one when the servers started coming up. Discord ʀᴇᴛʀᴏɢʀᴀᴅᴇToday at 12:50 AM @everyone Thank you SO much for your patience, announcing Haven as our very own dedicated tutorial server! https://steamcommunity.com/games/1179680/announcements/detail/2736451422511030578 Just saying give a little love to the forums so we do not have to guess where we should go to be watching for a update on status. Discord? Twitter? Facebook?
  13. I am a bit bummed as i was imping away in a good groove and since have lost my motivation. I do realize stuff happens and I am ok with that and will wait until its up or just come back in the morning it is no big deal. However what does bother me a bit is when we are here on the forums waiting and other social media outlets are being progress updated. I just so happen to be on discord reading another games update and saw this flash by 44 minutes ago. Retrograde Hi Everyone, we're still working through the issues of throwing in a new server and this may mean an extended downtime, we will continue to work through it! Is it so hard to just post it here also? Copy Paste?
  14. Really got to fix the mouse press area on the toolbelt in small size. Its pretty much quicker finding the item in your inventory nested in 3 containers and activate it in the time you spend hitting the right little tiny spot on lower corner.
  15. I am a bit lost on the Longbow skin. Was it fixed to be a Longbow Skin now or a Medium Skin. I got mine but have not used it yet.