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  1. We need many more gnomes! any hat or colour, any sort of funny little songs and little tricks, the more the ho ho ho merrier
  2. I love the idea of more decorative features. Better tables please! the wooden one is HUGE, can we have some tables that better fit in with tile sizes/chairs. Things you can hang on walls - YES looking forward to that! how about paintings! made with dyes perhaps? Soft furnishings...we have rugs and carpets, why not curtains we can weave? cushions? just would be great to furnish my house a bit more than i can currently. empty! Bookmaking with papyrus? that you can write in with reed pen? gift wrapping for presents. tablecloths. just some ideas creatures? catch a fish, make a fish bowl to put it in? ah we don't have glass.... parrots on perches? RED squirrels. peacocks would be great bring back the GNOME! In the meantime, it all sounds exciting, can't wait to see what new things come along.
  3. it seems text size can no longer be altered? I feel this is a bad thing. Friend of mine has sight issues and needs the chat box at least to be much bigger text.
  4. I am so fed up. How ridiculously bad this is. New players will just give up in fury. Old players, like me, who've sat here trying to get in for hours, having to give up and go to bed. I am not going to be impressed if I find all the best spots already deeded because I couldn't get in. and....who's going to give me these hours of my life back? I have a to stuff myself with apple crumble as a consolation prize. With ice cream!
  5. I've had offers for two charges, both at 150s. So if you're going to make me an offer please bear that in mind.
  6. I've had some interest but not accepted as yet. For the whole thing and a charge. I am curious as to whether people prefer this private method of sale or would prefer an auction? If you have any views on this please do let me know. It may be of interest to know that I am long-term member of Evening's alliance on Pristine - in case you want to check me out! I am not someone who posts on forums so you'll not find anything about me here.
  7. WTS Smoke from Sol Smoke from Sol A crystal vial containing the vicious fumes of Sol that twisted the demons and fuels their madness. It has 3 charges left Title: Occultist Spell: Disease Passives: 10% physical resistance | 10% poison weakness Looking to sell whole thing (3 charges) at around 420s. Please PM offers via forums.