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  1. How did you get the Battle camps to work? I cant seem to get mine to work.
  2. Yeah Ive not had issues with deeds over lapping water. Im just going to have to wipe and start from scratch to get what I want.
  3. You can create permanent villages as a Gm but this is not fixing anything. I've got several villages with # on them. none of which are linking to the spawn points on the drop down menu. The typical 3 plus the PMK are the only ones that are showing up in the drop down menu but then everyone is still getting spawned in the Mol Rehean city spawn location. There was something I had read in the past about if the server was ever set to home you have to wipe and start over to get the spawns to work again but this doesn't make sense to me if you set spawn points and they are listed in the zones database file this should work.
  4. The link to this mod has been 404'd for quite some time now.
  5. Can't, the link to the mod has been 404'd for months. I assumed it was a dead Mod. @Cyndargua was kind enough to up a new link to the mod for me.
  6. I can create focus zones but they will not show up in the list of spawnable locations after character creation.
  7. Im having this same issue with my server. My Step on teleports are breaking and crashing my server. If I recreate the mission it will work for an hour or so and then break again causing a server crash when used. Is there a way to fix this as using "Examine" on a portal just doesn't seem intuitive for new players. Id rather "Use" but for some silly reason that's not available on the portals with the mission ruler. Having players walk through them is much better and easier and I dont have to put up ugly signs at every portal that say Examine to use or create more missions that will tell players that they have to Examine it to use it.
  8. Is there a limit to the length of a road for the Highway Portals mod to work. I am on a 4k map and have settlements connected at each end of the map but they will not show up on the drop down menu. Other settlements closer to each other do show up however.
  9. Im new to server modifications so I apologize for any ignorance I may spew in the following paragraph. I am running an adventure server and I'm interested in adding more spawn points for new players. I believe that any Settlement With # in front of it should be listed in the drop down menu upon character kingdom selection. However the standard Kingdom spawn points are the only ones that are available to new players. The PMK option is available but its not spawning players to the token in the correct kingdom. New players are being spawned in the MR spawn point no matter what they choose. The server is not set to Home Server and ive got all the cords for each Kingdom set on the server config. The server was originally a Home server but after a group of players decided to create a PMK I switched it to multi kingdom and dont know if this is the cause for my headaches. I do not know where to find spawn cords in the server files to add more or adjust existing ones. Any ideas would be helpful.
  10. So Ive been having a heck of a time with the automated missions breaking my missions. So I went in and adjusted the mission ID to 1000000 But this seemed to make no difference. All new missions created are using the new ID and after some time in game the old Missions become detached from their triggers when the system creates new ones. Many of these missions are teleports, that when used after breaking crashes my server when ever someone needs to get to another city. I've looked through my logs and have no errors that would indicate whats going on. Any ideas?
  11. Is this Mod dead? The link to the mod on page 1 is 404'd.