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  1. oh ok great then! at least we got that cleared up. But I agree that it'll cost a small fortune to buy if it ever drops, I don't know if they changed the drop rates since the changes to rift waves..
  2. Hi, So first I want to admit that I'm chasing a very specific recipe: the "pain au chocolat". As a french dude I would love to be able to bake those for everyone all the time. Right now after a lot of digging of old forum posts my understanding of rift recipes drop is as follow: Each recipe drops from a specific rift mob The recipes drop on the mob's body like trolls and goblins do The pain au chocolat recipe drops from one type of ogre (Can't confirm this info) The problems with the current system (if I am right about the above points) is that: You have to be aware that mobs can drop recipes in rift to make you want to open every body laying on the ground, players who don't know that are totally excluded from this reward. With the changes to rift waves we barely kill some of the harder enemies compared to earlier rifts (for exemple the ogres that I think drop the recipe I'm after) and we overall kill less mobs which makes for less recipe drop if droprate didn't change. With the intent to rework the rifts reward system I wanted to point out that this part of the rift rewards is interesting and unique to rift and it would be sad to not give it some love. I feel like having recipes drop on the ground is only rewarding to people who actively go after them and changing it to the halloween system would be a nice reward for those who focus on killing mobs which is what the rift is about. At the same time maybe it would be good to review the drop rates of those recipes as right now barely anyone even knows about those. All the informations above on how the recipes drop are only what I found about them online and may be totally wrong, I'm sorry if they are and would be very happy to correct them if you have better infos. I'm all ears if you guys have any other ideas or suggestions regarding that part of rifts!
  3. Timer's up! Grats Jelly for the fragment! and thank you everyone
  4. WTA rare statue of Eagle Fragment [1/93] A small fragment from a statue of eagle. You think you could recreate the statue of eagle if you had a bit more material. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting Bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour The auction will last 3 days
  5. Good for me! will set a timer
  6. I think it works when you are linked yeah
  7. Hello Cadence! It seems that Vynora is brimming with power and a RoS is due! I would really like to attend it for my journal so I'm here to suggest a date for it so people can prepare for it and attend it if they need it! I propose thursday the 15th of december, in the european night as to allow EU people to come and the Americans who can log during the day. The event will take place in Sonata Please tell me what you guys think about it! Thank you all, Noodle
  8. ewwh the 3am slaying! I wish you all a good slaying though!
  9. Closed

    Hi, I'm looking for a piece of white drake hide, a single piece of 0.01kg is enough. Paying 5s for it! Cod or message LittleNoodle, thank you!
  10. CoD LittleNoodle please and thank you ^^
  11. The true hero of this story