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  1. The true hero of this story
  2. C 52c M 8c (already my bid) AB 32c AD 20c AE 35c AF 35c AJ 25c littlenoodle
  3. C 50c M 8c AB 30c AD 12c AE 17c AF 22c AJ 11c littlenoodle
  4. Hi! will take 10 80ql please! mail to Littlenoodle thx ♥
  5. C 7c M 5c AB 4c AD 7c AE 17c AF 17c AJ 6c thanks Caolon, you're doing good work here
  6. alright that's going to be a fun one! bid on: C H I M W X AA AB AD AE AF AG AJ character: Littlenoodle
  7. I didn't know I needed that until now, I need that! +1
  8. I agree that it doesn't make much sense, more wouldn't really work as well as regular stone, but it's wurm and we need the extra options. +1
  9. that's here to keep us busy between two messages in the chat. -1
  10. When you're slaying kyklops instead of streaming interesting shaft making.